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Glamour Style has always played an important role in the world of fashion, elegance and luxe. Here are no rules, everyone chooses their own clothing style, yet it should be eye-catching and shiny. Today, I'd like to present you some hints that will help you to get some inspiration for this amazing dress code. If you don't want to spend so much money onto your style, but would like to have a shiny effect, then this info is specially made for you.

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Barbie Style. You haven't played enough with Barbies in your childhood, then it's time to become one of Barbie style icons in real life. Here are some hints and tips of Barbie fashion. These days lots of girls are falling in love with this trend, as they want to look like "real" barbies, well I personally find it a bit creepy, as I would never like to look like a doll, like a "real" doll. Yet you can always look like barbie, without much of transformations. One thing I know for sure from my past years, Barbie tought us to be feminine, that's why I've inspired by Barbie style and would like to share with you some of her fashion tips.

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Clothing style of Barbie

I think everyone's know the basic color of Barbie style, yes, it's pink color, that's why about 80% of your wardrobe clothes should have pink shade with different hue, from light, pastel pink to bright fuchsia. When you choose something to buy, then try to remember Barbie's looks, which kind of dresses and seprates did Barbie wear. I've collected some images of Barbie, so that you can understand how to style your clothes. Here below you will find some basic tips of how to dress like a real sweet girl. Note, that your outfits should be fitted and underline your figure. That's why it is very important to look slim and fitness. Anyway, if you have beautiful body, then you can wear whatever you want. As I already mentioned, here are shown different Barbie dolls that wear various dresses, shorts, skirts, jackets and blazers. As you already dig it, then you uderstand, that pink colour should be diluted with liliac, turquouise, lemon, warm-brown, corall and other.

A little bit about Valeria Lukyanova. She is 21 year old girl, who lives in Ukraine looks like a real Barbie doll and she's real creepy girl I must say, why? Look at these images below, she has turned herself into a living Barbie through plastic surgery and now it's a "real flu," which is spread around Odessa (Ukraine) to follow her appearance.

Valeria Lukyanova (1)

Valeria Lukyanova (2)

I must say this new "trend" is real dangerous and kills beauty standards. Why it's creepy, well one thing kills me for sure, as to maintain her figure she only eats honeydew, that's not right, and I hope you dig it my dear fashionistas.

There are some other Barbie style girls like Dakota Rose and Venus Palermo who become internet hits in the past year. As you can see this trend becomes popular even in Asia.

Dakota Rose

Venus Palermo

Any way, let's get back on track. Here below you will find some inspirational images of Barbie doll clothing. Images of dolls were taken from so if you like one of these cute dolls, you can always buy it online at this shop.

Barbie doll clothing (1)

Barbie doll clothing (1)

Barbie doll clothing (2)

Barbie doll clothing (2)

Barbie doll clothing (3)

Barbie doll clothing (4)

Barbie doll clothing (5)

As you already understood, Barbie style is the same as in real life, yet one thing is important to showcase your waist, as every outfit should be fitted and underline thin waist. There are different styles of clothing: you can be retro chic and appear in 1920's inspired looks, or vintage and pin up girl wearing Mad Men inspired cocktail dresses and everyday outfits or you can go grunge and 1990's inspired business ladies looks. It's up to you what to choose, yet remember not to go too crazy about your looking.

Barbie Girl Style Looks (1)

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Barbie Girl Style Looks (4)

Barbie Girl Style Looks (5)

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