Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015

Listen Up! Gingham is back. Today I bring to your attention my personal favorites from the fashion world. You are going to see awesome gingham apparel what is ideal for wearing next 2015 season. There are certain picnic hallmarks in the following combinations. Each of the showcased garments is sweet and preppy enough for creating a perfect look. I personally respect this print for staying in trend for already several years. I am excited to show you interesting styles that are perfect for office wear, business lunches, family dinners and dating. I've rounded up my beloved 15 looks, so please, have a look and choose the ones what you think are best to try on this year. Check out unique Polyvore sets to rock in upcoming warm months.

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (1)

The blue-white plaid shirt will always make you noticed. Try it on with pale pink aviator sunglasses, dark navy chinos shorts and light brown leather flip-flops. This button-down adds kind of unique country style, what makes you look special.

Here we see a pale-blue/white checked mini ensemble cinched at the waist that looks practical teamed with cool evening clutch and summery flat flip-flops:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (2)

If you want yourself a smart-casual update, then why don't you try on fuchsia/white checked shirt styled with black skinnies and leather flip-flops:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (3)

Those women who want to surprise everyone around then I suggest to go for this two-piece look that includes a black/white plaid top and yellow/white checked pencil skirt. To finish the look I advice you to combine black accessories- bag and cuffed sandals:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (4)

Keep it casual and bright. Why don't you try on fuchsia/white checkered shirt with turquoise mini sweatskirt and chic flip-flops:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (5)

If it's quite cold outside, or you are getting ready for a casual spring walk, then I advice you to try on blue/white gingham button-down with slim-fit jeans, turquoise rounded sunglasses, light grey down-vest and suede booties:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (6)

How about making a statement during your way at work? Here we see a red wide-brim hat, biker white vest, casual tee, high-waisted flared skirt in blue/white plaid and strappy high-heel sandals:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (7)

That's an elegant cocktail dress for wearing at special events and parties. We see a pretty ruffled dress with a mesh checked ruffled top and abstract floral print torso. Keep it sweet and elegant by adding pale pink pointed-toe pumps and straw pale pink clutch:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (8)

That's a casual Fridays work outfit. We see blue/white checkered shirt teamed with dark blue jeggings and pretty necklace:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (9)

How about punk rock touches in your laid-back outfit? Here we see skinny black/white flannel pants teamed with spaghetti strap black tank top, black leather jacket slingback booties, quilted clutch bag and awesome rounded sunglasses:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (10)

This dress is ideal for donning as a formal wear at the office. We see a short-sleeve light blue/white gingham shirt styled with black skirt in white polka dots:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (11)

Another casual essentials, what include black/white plaid button-down, skinny indigo jeans, cream white shopping bag and pretty flip-flops:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (12)

That's an eye-catching two-piece checkered dress where top comes in dark blue/white and skirt is colored in black/white. To finish the look I suggest you to add wedge sandals, statement sunglasses and navy leather clutch:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (13)

If you are going somewhere out of the town, then I suggest you to choose the following essentials, what include plaid shirt, navy quilted vest, regular fit jeans, high brown leather boots and red cap:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (14)

Keep it simple and minimal by wearing white/black leggings and white loose-fit pullover. I advice you to add black flat booties, black clutch and Clubmaster sunnies:

Awesome Gingham Apparel 2015 (15)

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