All Black, All Sophisticated In Keta Gutmane Autumn-Winter 2015-2016

Are You Afraid of Darkness? I'd like to introduce to you this Fall 2015 collection from urban avant-garde womenswear designer brand Keta Gutmane. It's all black, edgy, sophisticated and ready to impress everyone around!

Keta Gutmane Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 (1)

The Winter 2015-2016 shields the subtle subconscious, lean feminine energy well in touch with its masculine counterpart. What is so special about this collection anyway? The brand's focus was set on producing conceptual, but wearable garments and I think Gutmane has managed creating such apparel. Personally, I love designer's emphasis on making sculptured silhouettes, what feature transformable details and layered touches.

Keta Gutmane Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 (2)

Keta Gutmane Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 (3)

Gutmane professionally unites classic unique tailoring with urban avant-garde aesthetic look, what is extremely wearable. Yes, it's black and sophisticated and ready to attract everyone's attention.

Photo: Martins Cirulis
Art direction: Marlo Saalmink
MUA: Aija Udentina
Shoes: INCH2

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