Alice Springs Jewelry Made From The Heart

Let me introduce to you Alice Springs. She is not an ordinary designer. She is the one who creates gorgeous and contemporary jewelry for those ladies who want to underline their uniqueness. It's not just geometric shaped and many different art formed jewelry. Every single piece ideally fits woman's body, complimenting her moves while she walks or poses. We see marvelous and individual designs that are inspired by the beauty and elegance found in nature and the human bodies’ geometry.

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I would say, it's a perfect piece of art, what look both great on woman or hanging on the wall. Springs creates more that just accessories. Every piece fulfills woman's wardrobe, no matter if it's casual or formal. She works with an array of carefully selected up-cycled and natural materials, allowing her to play around with original looks and ideas. I see bold creations made mostly of recycled Plexiglas, but you can see semi-precious stones, silver, gold, leather and wood in her works. I am so in love with her shapes and colors. Anyway, let's have a closer look to her versatile and unique creations.

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