Agnona Resort 2015

Please welcome the first resort 2014 season by Agnona brand. Label's creative director Stefano Pilati feminized masculine details. We see navy, black, white, dusted turquoise and light brown colors. The woman from Agnona pre-spring collection plays with masculine pieces and transforming business menswear into hers wardrobe. I personally feel that special and ambiguous spirit, which makes a strong impact on Agnona's essentials. What I love the most about this transitional collection, then it's the practicality of each look, which allows its wearer to feel comfort during her walking. We see lots of stripes, tailored separates, retro essentials and featherweight spring coats. I love that intelligent combination of oversized masculine and feminine clothes.

Agnona Resort 2015 (1)

Here we see a polka dot white blouse worn underneath oversized coat in navy with black patches and cuffed loose-fit tailored trousers.

Agnona Resort 2015 (2)

Cape-coat is worn atop white blouse in tiny little polka dots and tailored, pleated grey shorts.

Agnona Resort 2015 (3)

A sporty collarless jacket is worn atop striped top and styled with pleated, mannish trousers, high sole sandals and dusted white handbag.

Agnona Resort 2015 (4)

How about this night-out dress which is ideal for special occasion wear.

Agnona Resort 2015 (5)

Dusted turquoise wrap coat is worn with light brown pullover and tailored, pleated shorts in dark navy.

Agnona Resort 2015 (6)

Collarless turquoise blazer is styled with a striped top and wide leg trousers.

Agnona Resort 2015 (7)

Agnona Resort 2015 (8)

That's an ideal office style look, which is ideal for working hours.

Agnona Resort 2015 (9)

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