ADEAM Resort 2015

That's a second resort collection for ADEAM and it looks real awesome. In 2015 pre-season's collection we see ladylike silhouettes with bulky sleeves, interesting knitwear offerings, conceptual accents, modern details and sportier touches, which are inspired by Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi (Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection via Wikipedia). Brand's designer Hanako Maeda summarized his pre-spring collection as perfection and symmetry versus irregularity.

ADEAM Resort 2015 (1)

A semi-formal ensemble cinched at the waist features cocoon sleeves and asymmetric cut skirt.

Here we see an impressive loose fit shift dress:

ADEAM Resort 2015 (2)

A double breasted fitted at the waist and flared at the bottom belted coat looks sophisticated:

ADEAM Resort 2015 (3)

ADEAM Resort 2015 (4)

A tailored sleeveless double-breasted suit jacket is worn atop minimalist silvery turtleneck and styled with wide-leg pleated culottes.

Don't know if it's a one piece ensemble or fitted shift in asymmetrical cutout overlays:

ADEAM Resort 2015 (5)

ADEAM Resort 2015 (6)

Here we see black and white bulky jacket styled with oversize white sweater and asymmetric black skirt:

ADEAM Resort 2015 (7)

A white cropped cape is worn atop checked top and below the knee black skirt:

ADEAM Resort 2015 (8)

Two piece white cocktail dress (looks quite modern):

ADEAM Resort 2015 (9)

A long shift sleeveless neoprene-like dress flared at the bottom:

ADEAM Resort 2015 (10)

A white long coat is worn atop black outfit:

ADEAM Resort 2015 (11)

Another statement two-piece ensemble:

ADEAM Resort 2015 (12)

An oversize knitted sweater is paired with wide black skirt:

ADEAM Resort 2015 (13)

An oversize tee is paired with fitted pants:

ADEAM Resort 2015 (14)

ADEAM Resort 2015 (17)

Black leather trench in silver lining features bulky oversize sleeves.

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