ADAX Covers For Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Here are presented awesome ADAX mobile phone covers and Ipad/ Tablet covers. I love ADAX products. You may ask me why? First of all, for its quality and functionality and secondly, for its elegant look. In this post you are going to see amazing covers for your iPhones and Smartphones. Your phone is n essential part of our everyday lives (making calls, checking emails, fb, instagram, pinterest, etc.), that's why it should be protected in the best way. ADAX has a stunning selection of covers, which are elegant, functional and fashionable. The Ipad and Tablet covers are also protective and bring you functional designs which are ideal for work and study. I have added my favorite cover, but you can check a fine selection of simple and stylish designs on Adax page. Anyway, let's have a detailed view at these awesome pieces:

DKK: 599,00 SEK: 749,00 NOK: 749,00 EUR: 79,90 (Color Code: Grey)

That's my favorite iPad or tablet black leather cover, which is made of high quality leather with a nice structure. As you can see, it has a functional frame, small closing function on the front, which makes it look elegant.

DKK: 599,00 SEK: 749,00 NOK: 749,00 EUR: 79,90 (Color Code: Red)

DKK: 799,00 SEK: 999,00 NOK: 999,00 EUR 109,90 (Color Code: Brown)

Here we see a small mobile wallet which has a nice cognac color leather with gold-plated details and a buckle on the front. Love this soft calf leather. Just imagine your cellphone which will perfectly fit into the front pocket. It is made for an iPhone 5.

DKK: 599,00 SEK: 749,00 NOK: 479,00 EUR: 79,90 (Color Code: Black)

Black Adax Cormorano mobile wallet looks practical and perfect for cell phone, plus it has a space for cash and cards. The quality is black calf leather.

DKK: 649,00 SEK: 849,00 NOK: 849,00 EUR: 89,90 (Color Code: Brown)

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