Abstract Map Inspired Prints In MSGM Resort 2016

Massimo Giorgetti behind MSGM experimented with the idea of reproducing cartography print in the latest resort 2016 collection. He focused on the macramé maps of New York, London and Milan cities from the sky view. Designer embroidered his interpretations on tops, outerwear and dresses. It wasn't the only inspiration for Giorgetti, as he also looked to the work of Brazilian landscape architect and artist Roberto Burle Marx (creating multicolor graphic prints). Personally, I love the way MSGM keeps its signature youthful vibe, offering us bright, free-and-easy, kicky-pant-loving template.

MSGM Resort 2016 (1)

We see fashion model who is clad in abstract map print straight fit coat styled with pleated shortened brown pants, high sole patent black leather loafers, white geometric shaped handbag. The look is completed with kind of special forces military black sunglasses.

MSGM Resort 2016 (3)

Camel brown wrap coat updated with dark blue belt is worn atop black dress with sky blue details.

MSGM Resort 2016 (4)

Dark blue alcantara shift dress with abstract print (reminds me of a kind bacteria print) is worn with white sandals.

MSGM Resort 2016 (5)

Alcantara dark blue top with "bacteria" print is styled with wrap camel brown pale yellow skirt. The look is completed with white geometric shaped bag and lace-up black sandals.

MSGM Resort 2016 (6)

The multi wavy print relaxed shaped top and skirt will ideally fit cocktail events.

MSGM Resort 2016 (7)

Floral black tank top looks perfect paired with salmon pink color skirt.

MSGM Resort 2016 (8)

MSGM Resort 2016 (9)

We see a black knitted sleeveless top with stripes worn with zig-zag black skirt.

MSGM Resort 2016 (10)

A burnt orange straight fit wrap coat is updated with dark blue belt. I am so in love with multi zig-zag printed ankle-length pants and high-sole black patent loafers.

MSGM Resort 2016 (11)

MSGM Resort 2016 (12)

MSGM Resort 2016 (13)

Cream beige colored coat looks awesome worn atop multi vertical and horizontal striped belted dress styled with cream beige ankle-length trousers.

MSGM Resort 2016 (14)

Baggy multi striped (white, grey, black, blue and green) coat is worn with black shortened trousers and high-sole black patent loafers.

MSGM Resort 2016 (15)

An abstract printed T-shirt looks awesome paired with multi-striped knee-length sirt.

MSGM Resort 2016 (16)

What is so special about this shift? It's straight fit and features wide vertical multi-colored stripes (black, blue, white and fuchsia).

MSGM Resort 2016 (17)

Pale grey blue coat with pale yellow belt is worn atop white pritned t-shirt styled with fuchsia below-the-knee trousers. The look is completed thanks to impressive special forces black sunglasses and high-sole black patent loafers.

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