2015 Fashion Trend: Berets For Women

Today I want to talk about this 2015 season hat fashion trends. I want to show you my favorite berets for women. If you want to achieve that special Parisian chic look, then I highly recommend to try on one of the following French berets. It's a universal option for any height and shape woman. You can wear it with casual or formal wear. It's no wonder why French women always look for new designs. I personally think that this hat is a perfect addition to any outfit. You can easily pair it with any outerwear. You can style it with ribbed knit sweaters and cocktail dresses for a glamorous and chic addition. No matter if it's one color, multicolored, or it comes in a basic design, it's totally a winter catch. The following collection features elegant muted colors, including black, dark grey, navy, as well as plaid monochrome ones, which are still graceful and elegant. I suggest you to invest this year in one of the following styles and wear it 2014 and next 2015 winter season.

2015 Berets For Women (1)

That's a functional Hat Attack wool design in black color. That's a perfect classic headgear, which fits to any ensemble.

2015 Berets For Women (2)

Kate Spade New York offers pretty update for Cosmic Glow allover sequin headwear, which comes in black color. The sequins and knit bow accents add that special festive and flirty touch.

2015 Berets For Women (3)

Kate Spade New York presents a Cosmic Glow allover sequin hat in pebble color. That's a pretty, slouchy knit headgear with allover sequins. Keep it simple and trendy by styling it with burgundy tops or crewnecks.

2015 Berets For Women (4)

Who said 'Meow'!? Eugenia Kim offers a cat-addicted cap named Caterina Velour. The following black beret comes with felt cat ears.

2015 Berets For Women (7)

Eugenia Kim offers navy, knitted metallic threads throughout model. This creation comes with dyed arctic fox fur pom pom. That's a cool, luxe addition to any look. Keep it smart-casual and wear it with navy knitted sweaters.

2015 Berets For Women (5)

That's one of my special ones. Here we see Eugenia Kim Coco black style with a cord accent in the center of the cap. I love the structured shape of this design. By the way, look at the total look, which includes pale blue mohair coat and leopard printed shirt.

2015 Berets For Women (6)

Keep it modern and eye-catching. Here we see Eugenia Kim Dorothy slouchy fit beret in black/cream plaids. You can wear this stylish cap with white, wrap, biker style coat.

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