2013-2014 Plaid Trend: Tartan Clothes and Accessories

Today I am going to share with you this 2013-2014 season's plaid trend take on tartan pieces. Indeed, this granny style inspired trend looks modernized and cool with other stylish clothes. Let's have a closer look at how you can work plaid looks into your wardrobe.

Punk plaid comes with colorblocked hues, so you can wear electric color shirts, tops and button downs.

Tartan Clothes and Accessories

If you will pull on this hot and screaming top, then there is no doubt you will look amazing with any bottom wear, starting from skinnies to skirts. So keep it punkish and fresh styling colorblocked plaid shirt with leather leggings and cool masculine booties.

Equipment Signature Blouse Multi-Plaid Punk

Cool rompers look cool with tartan print, as it gives ultra punk-inspired touch. You can always pair it over fitted sweater for winter wear or you can give it an urban touch with chic turtleneck.

Rebel Romper

Tartan Accessories look great with monochrome outfits, so why don't you make our days brighter with cool accessories like tartan pocket handbags. Looks modern and classic at the same time.

Cambridge Satchel Company Tartan Pocket Leather Satchel

Some like to wear tartan outerwear, so why don't you take a look at this statement coat with plaid and leather accents and asymmetrical zip. Looks gorgeous and superb urban.

statement coat

It's a punk vibe, that's why try on punk rock skinny jeans which come in vibrant plaid. If you've decided to wear those skinnies, then my advice to you is to wear monochrome top, to calm down a bit that eye-catching bottom wear.

punk rock skinny jeans

Some ladies want to look chic and trendy even at their works, so why don't you buy the unexpected shape dress with tartan print which can be worn even at the office, it's really a great option for work.


The next piece is also good for work at the office, as this punk-modern tartan skirt is very practical piece. You can team those skirts with any chic top, starting from blouses to turtlenecks in various colors.

punk-modern tartan skirt

Some girls and women like to go classic punk, as they appear in classic silhouette tartan dresses which give a great edgy appearance.


Dark tartan tailored shirts look cool and chic, so why don't you wear structured skirts made of leather or tapered pants with moody tartan shirt for a professional apperance.

Debden tartan-print silk-chiffon top

Cozy Tartan Pieces are so must have this season, as you can team cozy mohair sweater with everything you want.

cozy mohair sweater

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