1990’s Cyberpunk Style In Unsung Fall 2015

The design-duo Marco Storm Braskov and Rita Canto behind Copenhagen based brand Unsung presented their new Autumn 2015 season collection of men's and women's garments. This year's collection name is 'CRASH OVERRIDE' and it's inspired by the style and attitude of a young, sub cultural cyberpunk scene from the mid 1990’s.

Unsung Fall 2015

What really excited me, then it's the genderless vibe that is assembled in a new contemporary setting. I think designers have managed to capture and develop mid 1990's future cool youth idea. The silhouettes are innovative, while the lines are raw and clean. The showcased outfits will ideally fit modern men and women, who are in love with retro-futurist aesthetic. Personally, I love the way Unsung managed to create new textures through textile and fabrics manipulation and experimentation.

Unsung Fall 2015 (1)

This is a must-try elongated denim jacket in a relaxed fit.

Unsung Fall 2015 (2)

We see a stunning denim jacket worn atop tie-dye washed print tee tucked in relaxed-fit latex black pants.

Unsung Fall 2015 (3)

velvet black jacket with fur collar looks pretty awesome!

Unsung Fall 2015 (4)

Female model appears in tie-dye washed print long-sleeve top with furry cuffs worn underneath denim overalls.

Unsung Fall 2015 (5)

A relaxed fit grey tie-dye washed T-shirt will ideally suit your Lazy Sundays.

Unsung Fall 2015 (6)

OMG! This one is my favorite. We see a statement coat in black white tie-dye washed effect print.

Unsung Fall 2015 (7)

Unsung Fall 2015 (8)

Female model appears in a shiny matte silvery jacket with black fur collar styled with elongated dark blue denim skirt.

Unsung Fall 2015 (9)

Velvet black sweater looks ideal paired with regular fit jeans.

Unsung Fall 2015 (10)

This tie-dye printed coat will ideally fit your everyday essentials.

Unsung Fall 2015 (11)

Matte shiny silvery jacket looks perfect styled with tie-dye top and long denim dark-blue skirt.

Unsung Fall 2015 (12)

Denim overall dress is a perfect update for casual Fridays wear.

Unsung Fall 2015 (13)

Male model looks sophisticated wearing black velvet jacket and wide dark blue denim pants.

Unsung Fall 2015 (14)

This velvet black sweater looks relaxed and functional paired with relaxed-fit jeans.

Unsung Fall 2015 (15)

Yes, I have already mentioned this statement coat. Love it.

Unsung Fall 2015 (16)

An elongated denim topper is a must-try piece. Try it on with latex pants.

Unsung Fall 2015 (17)

Photographer: Thomas Olafsson
Models: Elizabeth Silke (Bornmodels)
Rasmus Stendorph (Diva Models)
MUA & Hair Stylist: Marie-Louise Ridderberg
Sculptures for set: Stukwerk

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