1970’s Inspired Outfits In MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 Collection

If you are looking for vintage clothing then I highly recommend to take a look through MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 season collection that was inspired by two dance movements from the 1970's: British “Northern Soul Movement” and the “American Disco Scene”, especially the dancers from the legendary TV show: “Soultrain.” The overlapping point of both scenes was soul music.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (1)

Model appears in a double-breasted chambray suit jacket styled with a pretty pale blue shirt.

These movements have risen again in colorful and loose outfits. You are about to see wide trousers, overalls, loose dresses, full circle skirts, sporty tanktops, straight cut coats and typical slipovers with knitted cuffs. The color palette comes with classic shades, including white, beige, blue, yellow, mustard and olive. What is the most important thing when you are dancing? The flexibility is a big issue, that's why we see wide cuts, as well as elastic and soft clothes made of flowing fabrics. I am so in love with specific textile prints that reminds me of broken checkered pattern. The denim fabric has been scanned and newly arranged.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (2)

Pale blue shirt is tucked in chambray blue pleated trousers. The outfit is completed thanks to dark brown leather loafers:

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (3)

Mustard color hooded coat looks amazing. Try it on wit hsnake-skin ankle-boots.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (4)

We see a pretty pastel blue shirt-dress with short sleeves. You can wear it to casual events and simple day walks on the town.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (5)

Draped charcoal belted coat will ideally compliment your favorite pastel green top.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (6)

The backside of this coat looks sophisticated. You can wear this outerwear from work to casual days walks on the town.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (7)

This belted shirt-dress in khaki olive smells 1970's inspired to me.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (8)

Cream-white overall-dress will ideally compliment your pastel blue T-shirt.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (9)

Pastel blue dress is an ideal garment to wear from Mondays to Sundays.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (10)

If you are looking for brightly printed outfit, then I recommend to try on this white-blue-navy flannel printed jumpsuit.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (11)

The jumpsuit can be covered by pastel blue jacket.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (12)

Geometric printed dress looks simple, but still eye-catchy.

Photographer: Irina Gavrich
Models: Mavie Hörbiger & Nina Regina Eidler
Hair & Make-Up: Desiree Schloffer

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