1920 Inspired Beachwear In Mulberry Resort 2016

Mulberry presented new seaside-inspired 2016 resort lineup of women's transitional clothes. Thanks to this lookbook we can refresh our fashion history memories about the late 1920's sport style garments. Looking through these outfits, I start to think of British coast striped beachwear. We see striped dresses what remind us of 20's style swimwear, practical suits (pantsuits and skirtsuits), relaxed fit frocks, roomy cotton shirts, mannish jackets, white trousers, sweaters and coats in blue-white hues. I felt in love with white abstract print, in which is quite hard to see hovering over the sea gulls. Speaking of color palette, then we see mostly navy and white shades. Everything looks simple, wearable and ideal for breezy walks. It looks like Mulberry team wants to take us back to the 1920- 1930's beach side, when the first sport style outfits started to appear in big fashion world. I am in love with the showcased relaxed elegance and nautical silhouettes.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (01)

A relaxed fit white pantsuit is worn with dark navy shirt in sea gulls abstract print. Love the lightweight big scarf.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (02)

We see another relaxed fit printed pantsuit styled with crispy white shirt. The look has a mannish touch.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (03)

Sleeveless maxi dress in sea gulls abstract print is an ideal choice for warm beach days.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (04)

Another great sea gulls printed design. We see a shirt-dress styled with squarish-bottom bucket tote and dark blue patent flat shoes.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (05)

Dark chambray pantsuit looks mannish thanks to the wide trousers. Love the striped shirt worn underneath.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (06)

The oversized shirt collar pullover is worn atop striped shirt what is paired with dark chambray shorts. Finish the look by adding brown big handbag and patent brown flat shoes.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (07)

White and dark-blue striped asymmetric sleeveless dress looks gorgeous.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (08)

We see dark blue cable knit sweater paired with maxi white skirt.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (09)

Dark blue belted robe jacket is styled with white shirt and slouchy white trousers.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (10)

Robe-like elongated beige white jacket is worn with white shirt and slouchy dark blue pleated trousers.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (11)

In love with this deck-chair-stripe abstract line print. We see a stunning printed cape-coat paired with matching print pants.

Mulberry Resort 2016 (12)

Gorgeous deck-chair-stripe abstract line print pantsuit comes with a slouchy look.

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