16 Must-See Pieces From Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015

Marta Cucciniello reveals her "Broke Classics" Autumn 2015 season collection, where sports echoes married with the sophisticated luxury world, in contemporary folds for an enterprising woman and vital. This Winter 2015-2016 was inspired by contemporary artists like Chad Wys, Osman, Georges Mousee and Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt's, who twisted classic beauty notion to break boundaries, classical symmetries disproportioning them into new volumes and shapes.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (1)

That's a fabulous looking wrap sleeveless coat-dress in dark navy color with bright blue color detail.

Designer investigated the definition of classics, what does it mean and which characteristics must it have to be labeled as such. The starting point was beautifully crafted fabrics, Italian textile manufacturing traditions. The color palette includes the use of purple, blue and black. I love the way how designer's colors collision with each other. Cuccuniello offers new tartan prints. Every single piece is made in Italy.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (2)

This bright blue wrap short-sleeve dress is an ideal choice for Friday's working hours.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (3)

I am so in love with this look. It feels like I see a kind of classic modern office outfit. Fashion model appears in a wrap (kimono-like) blazer styled with tartan tailored ankle-length trousers.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (4)

Bright blue collarless zip-closure jacket ideally fits this tartan printed skirt. Complete the look by adding glossy black leather chunky boots.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (5)

We see a modern look blue T-shirt paired with high-rise dark navy knee-length pencil skirt, blue tights and high-sole black glossy loafers embellished with tassels.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (6)

Modern Parisian chic is here! Model appears in a blue A-line V-neck sleeveless top paired with matching color high-waisted pencil skirt. The outfit is completed thanks to burgundy colored beret:

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (7)

Black shortened bomber looks terrific and urban styled with tartan printed blue skirt.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (8)

Keep it dark and office inspired. We see a black V-neck long vest worn atop grey knitted turtleneck styled with cropped black pants.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (9)

Dark purple sweater looks comfy and cozy paired with tartan print blue skirt.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (10)

Purple colored tailored long-sleeve top is styled with color-blocking purple-blue pleated skirt. This one reminds me of modern classics.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (11)

The minimalistic look is in trend. We see a purple colored collarless long-sleeve regular-fit shift-dress.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (12)

A relaxed fit dark navy swearer embellished with blue geometric lines is styled with high-rise knee-length skirt in blue color.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (13)

Say hello to functional and eye-catchy ponchos! We see V-neck knitted midi length poncho in blue colored worn atop charcoal long-sleeve top tucked in tailored black-blue colored trousers.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (14)

Minimalistic vibes will always be in fashion. We see a black, long topper (I see kind of sporty touch) worn atop blue knitted top tucked in black slim-fit pants.

Marta Cucciniello Fall 2015 (16)

I already hear you screaming! Yep, This is a fabulous outfit for wearing at work. We see a peplum long-sleeve purple top paired with matching color pleated cropped trousers.

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