11 Must-Try From Work To Special Party Looks In Alina Marti Fall 2015

I've got one word to describe Alina Marti Autumn 2015 collection: GORGEOUS! Indeed, every single outfit is a must-try. Paris based designer brand Alina Marti has that energy and passion, what makes it so special. I have gathered 11 looks what can be easily transformed from work to party outfit without any changes.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (1)

Alina Marti offers us elegant and refined clothes in minimalist lines made of high quality, selected fabrics. Personally, I love the way dresses, tops, trousers and skirts match designer's outerwear designs. Her clientèle is a businesswoman who is always wearing elegant and ladylike clothes. She is not following fashion trends, she makes them. I am so in love with brand's elegant and sculptural designs, where silhouettes are strong and confident and geometrically cut. The showcased looks are appropriate for work, formal meetings, specific evening events. If a classic skirt suit is not your style, then this chic, corporate-inspired lineup is a must-try. What you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (2)

This dark violet kimono-inspired belted coat with short sleeves looks awesome. Try it on atop your favorite long-sleeve semi-formal top paired with pencil skirt.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (3)

This sleeveless dark violet belted wrap coat looks original.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (4)

Tailored cream beige coat has a kind of sophisticated touch. Love it.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (5)

This black dress will ideally compliment your Friday's work hours.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (6)

We see black frock with blue sleeves. An ideal choice from Mondays to Friday's wearing.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (7)

Tailored black sleeveless V-neck frock, what will suit any blazer.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (8)

If you do like contemporary fashion, then this 1/2 sleeved dress with pleated skirt might be your favorite choice.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (9)

There is kind of retro touch in this V-neck sleeveless frock.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (10)

We see a V-neck black sleeveless top tucked in high-waisted pleated skirt.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (11)

This belted hooded jacket looks impressive and sophisticated. I love the way it's colored in dark blue and navy hues.

Alina Marti Fall 2015 (12)

An ideal look for office wear. A kimono inspired belted jacket styled with wide-leg trousers.

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