Fall 2015 Skirt Trends

The Autumn 2015 is full of amazing trends. Today we are going to focus on ladies skirts. We still see a very strong 1970's influence, yet there are awesome modern twist going on around. This Winter 2015-2016 comes with front-buttoned skirts, A-lines, cool maxi designs, flared midi ones, knife-pleated skirts, tea-lengths, over-the-knee, high-waisted models, wrap and creative styles. I could continue counting this year's must-try styles, but I think we better take a look through them, so you can choose the one what for sure will suit you.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (1)

An Italian Theory keeps it flirty and sweet. We see a casual pink vest worn with simple white tee tucked in flared pink colored mini skirt.

Most of styles seem to be loose and retro inspired, but you can find fabulous looking bottoms what come in various creative cut-outs and colors. Personally, I love to see maxis in bright colors and embellishments. I am pretty much sure, this collection has some cool ideas for your college classes what have just started up again. Speaking of fabrics, then we see suede, leather, denim, corduroy, wool and cotton. All in all, be ready to keep things individual and voguish by choosing one of these skirts.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (2)

Looking for a sophisticated look? Try on J. Crew outfit, what consists of a cool grey colored tee embellished with golden feathers and grey colored maxi skirt.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (3)

Another stunning piece from J. Crew. We see a sequined maxi skirt with a side-slit worn with denim shirt-jacket cinched at the waist with a brown leather belt.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (4)

Brand Kolor offers a dark green colored knife-pleated midi skirt is worn with relaxed fit striped jacket.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (5)

If you want something sporty and party-appropriate, then I suggest you to try on this glamour outfit made by Markus Lupfer. We see a nice burgundy ribbed knit pom pom beanie, floral tee, high-neck long-sleeve top in dark blue and silvery shiny skirt worn with dark red sneakers.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (6)

That's a classy, retro looking outfit from Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (7)

Miguel Marinero keeps things creative. We see grey fur mini-skirt worn with V-neck grey pullover and long black leather gloves embellished with fur.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (8)

Mira Mikati is here with a fun and sporty looking skirt in black with bright patch prints.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (9)

Brand Novis keeps it bright and eye-catchy, offering us a high-waisted multi-colored midi skirt.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (10)

Rich violet midi skirt from Novis will for sure make you noticeable.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (11)

Modern classics from Opening Ceremony? Why not! We see a straight fit black skirt with front and back-side cuts.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (12)

Peter Jensen offers yellow, shiny mini skirt. Love the contemporary look.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (13)

Preen Line keeps it chic and modern. We see a casual looking dark blue jacket styled with maxi sequined skirt.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (14)

In love with maxi length? Try on this knife-pleated silver maxi skirt from Rebecca Taylor. Keep it chic and sophisticated by styling it with long navy colored coat.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (15)

Ankle-length floral print skirt from Red Valentino looks vintage.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (16)

I recommend to try on this classy looking Houndstooth printed skirt from Rike Feurstein.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (17)

This skirt from Roberto Verino looks both elegant and sophisticated.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (18)

A lightweight and high-waisted skirt from Ryota Shiga is a must-try one!

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (19)

Here we see a front-buttoned ankle-length skirt made by Sea.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (20)

Cream-white knife-pleated skirt from Tess Giberson looks ladylike and voguish. You can style it with knitwear layers if you want.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (21)

Bright and ladylike. Trina Turk is here with floral print straight-fit skirt and leopard print top.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (22)

Dark blue piece from Vanessa Bruno looks sophisticated.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (23)

We see Veronica Beard high-rise mini skirt in pinstripe. Try it on with white pullover, fur vest and ribbed knit white sweater.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (24)

Vika Gazinskaya keeps it simple and relaxed. We see a high-rise midi skirt in white with snow-flake prints.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (25)

Whole9Yards offering casual, country-style knee-length skirt in florals.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (26)

Another pretty piece from Whole9Yards. This time we see a mini pleated skirt.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (27)

The same designer brand offers retro inspired look. Relaxed and functional.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (28)

A.W.A.K.E. keeps it creative and modern.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (29)

Looking at this wrap style from A.W.A.K.E. I think of Jedi.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (30)

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada offers a shiny, glamour look. In love with this shiny maxi skirt.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (31)

A modern and sophisticated urban lady looks perfect in Bally essentials. In love with this grey wrap leather midi skirt.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (32)

Another midi, knife-pleated skirt from Band of Outsiders is here.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (33)

Cabra Montez keeps it sophisticated, yet simple. We see a black ankle-length skirt worn with grey colored top.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (34)

OMG! We see Elie Tahari bright blue high-rise skirt styled with high-neck black top and tailored black jacket.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (35)

Giu Giu is here with navy mini skirt. Try it on with V-neck knitted top and white tights.

Fall 2015 Skirt Trends (36)

Hien Le offers a relaxed blue colored midi skirt. Looks simple and versatile.

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