ZAC Zac Posen Fall-Winter Contemporary and Sophisticated

If you want to keep it contemporary and sophisticated, then I recommend to take a look through this awesome Autumn-Winter season's collection made by ZAC Zac Posen. The Autumn season of Zac Posen's secondary line was inspired by the 1960's Space Age lens and unyielding femininity. You are going to see here circular proportions, modish silhouettes, sleek fabrics, abbreviated hemlines, as well as celestial inspired textures. Speaking of outerwear, then I feel kind of new looseness that makes each outfit look ideal. Fashion model Daiane Conterato looks awesome wearing these sporty and sophisticated outfits.

ZAC Zac Posen Fall-Winter Contemporary and Sophisticated 2019

Here we see ombré effect (from black to dark green) loose-fit coat worn atop turtleneck, paired with mini skirt and high knee black socks

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Best Looks From ZAC Zac Posen Pre-Fall Relaxed Looks

Please welcome ZAC Zac Posen line that consists of relaxed outfits. The Pre-Fall season collection was focused on outfits and layering. The second line is inspired by Latin American aesthetics and Frida Kahlo. We see classic, hourglass proportions that are glamorous and cool. I find these looks to be very versatile and comfortable, as you can try them on at work, as well as at cocktail parties. The relaxed proportions allow you to mix and match these clothes with your favorite existing wardrobe staples.

Best Looks From ZAC Zac Posen Pre-Fall Relaxed Looks 2019

The following chunky loose-fit sweater in green and blue is worn atop white shirt with embroidered collar. Try on this top with a relaxed, black leather skirt.

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ZAC Zac Posen Resort Sporty Elegance

ZAC Zac Posen delivers sporty elegance with youthful details in the latest Resort season's collection. It feels like sporty separates are back in town, though the active touches were drawn from tennis games. If we speak about color palette, then Posen used white, navy, royal blue, black and bright blue. While the silhouette is slim-fit and it's embellished with stretchy knits. Even the night out ensembles and glamorous evening wear have that elegant touch of sportiness. Love those graphic elements, which look bold, contemporary and of course, athletic. Those of you who want to make a real statement and have that special, modern edge flair will definitely evaluate these polished and elegant looks. All in all, collection looks easy and active.

ZAC Zac Posen Resort Sporty Elegance 2019

Tailored blazer-bomber in dark navy is paired with puddling floral maxi skirt.

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ZAC Zac Posen Fall-Winter Sensual and Fresh Looks

Let's observe ZAC Zac Posen Fall-Winter latest lookbook collection, which shows us an easy, sensual and fresh mood of a powerful woman, who is brave, bold and self-confident diva. That's a mix of 1970's disco and retro touches. You are about to see patent leather checked skirts, trench coats, fitted and short leather moto jackets, long and wide men's inspired pants, gorgeous pantsuits and other label's signature sophisticated looks. I love that light and ease feeling, which transmits elegance, grace and quietness. Love the effortlessness and sophistication which make these looks great and flawless. The evening line comes with luxe and rich fabrics, raw embroidering details, I would even say couture creations that are ready-to-be-worn. I think every lady will be intrigued by fabrics and these creative designs. Here you will find gorgeous red carpet gowns, special evening dresses.

ZAC Zac Posen Fall-Winter Sensual and Fresh Looks 2019
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Zac Posen Fall-Winter Special Occasions

Zac Posen’s approach to his Autumn-Winter collection's runway show was inspired by Charles James costume exhibit which took place in Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here are presented Posen's creations which were made with high attention on craft, construction, draping and pleating. Here are showcased seafoam-green gowns, blue mélange tweed day dresses, slate-blue gown with high neckline, timeless mélange tweed skirtsuits and double-face wool coats. American designer was also inspired by the classic 1950's and 1960's silhouettes. I love the way Posen uses those shapes, as we see amazing and chic mid-length skirts and gorgeous oversize sunglasses. All in all, Zac Posen's collection is grounded and perfect for special occasions and festive events.

Zac Posen Fall-Winter Special Occasions 2019
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Zac Posen Pre-Fall Sculpted Details

Elegance and Luxe at its max in Zac Posen's pre-Fall collection. So, for the next pre-season Zac Posen infused red-carpet gowns with sculpted details. The focus of the recent collection was aimed on cleaner shapes, while the evening creations still look gorgeous and voguish, look at those long black strapless gowns with full skirts and statement separates, I think every lady will be amazed when she will try them on, don't you think so? Or let's have a look at those white button-up shirts and slightly flared double-faced cashmere coats which are the best for glamour night outs. That's what I call couture which is easy to be worn. Love those evening column gowns in tropical wool, smart pantsuits and over-embroidered black organza dresses.

Zac Posen Pre-Fall Sculpted Details 2019
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Gorgeous Dresses in Zac Posen Spring-Summer Collection

Let's have a look at romantic silhouettes and masterpiece artwork designs which were showcased during New York Fashion Week, I am talking about Zac Posen latest spring-summer collection's runway show, which was all about demure silhouettes, impressionist artwork and femininity. New season comes with pleating, bouncy ruffles, silks and satin. You will find here "conceptual evening" looks which are "more sculptural." Models appeared in spectacular ball gowns, fishtail skirts, plissé dresses, strapless party dresses, pale pink sleeveless dresses in hand-plissé silk. Love the gowns with corsets and draping around the bodices. All in all, new season continues with romantic saga with a dose of sophistication, soft color palette and youthful touch.

Gorgeous Dresses in Zac Posen Spring-Summer Collection 2019
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ZAC Zac Posen Resort Flirty Tomboy Style

ZAC Zac Posen presents its pre-spring collection of women's transitional outfits, that remind me of flirty tomboy style, no wonder why Zac Posen was inspired by West London girls. Here are showcased metallic green motorcycle jacket, easy black and gray denim looks, A Prince of Wales coat, Prince of Wales check suitings,strapless dresses in green silk-back crepe, evening looks like delicate lace gown. It's kind of British haberdashery fabrics mixed with 1950's bombshell silhouettes. Menswear inspired fabrics was something new to ZAC collection.

ZAC Zac Posen Resort Flirty Tomboy Style 2019

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Z Spoke by Zac Posen Spring-Summer RTW

Theatrical Elegance. I’d like to share with you Zac Posen’s Z Spoke line Spring-Summer lookbook, which was unveiled during New York fashion week (NYFW). Collection features fashion model Coco Rocha. Take a look at these playful details, and a sense of youthful glamour. All looks are inspired by the Hollywood glamour. Coco donned long satin gowns, old-school glamour technicolor gowns, tailored jacquard skirt suits, flirty white frocks and pony-hair clutch bags. Overall, here are depicted affordable sportswear and looks that are ideal for the office work.

Z Spoke by Zac Posen Spring-Summer RTW 2019
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Evening Wear in Zac Posen Resort

Let the nature into streets. Zac Posen presents new Resort collection, where you will see gowns, suits and corsets for evening occasions. Designer looked at Antonio Lopez illustrations of bygone American couture for resort collection. The androgynous fashion model Erin O'Connor donned cashmere tees, sharply tailored jean jackets, strapless, halter and asymmetrical gowns, glamour tulle dresses, halter gowns, pencil skirts, washed organza blouses, pleated high-waisted pants, fish-tail skirts, tea-stained ivory skirt suits, bias-cut anemone-print chiffon dresses and 1940’s style tropical wool suitings. I love this collection’s fit and that special retro-modern look.

Evening Wear in Zac Posen Resort 2019
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