Women’s Wool Coat Styles

The wool coat is an essential and must have outerwear. In today's post I want to share with you my favorite women's wool coat styles for the upcoming season. That's a cozy layer which keeps you warm in winter cold days and doesn't makes you sweat during warmer, sunny winter days. Speaking of colors, then I see that classic shades are in favor. Choosing the red or a burgundy colored version you will fresh up your face color, while the white color is really beautiful, but it's not practical at all (it collects dirts in a second). I personally advice you to try on bright colors, like pink, fuchsia, bright yellow and orange. Speaking of silhouettes, then it's a well known fact, that this year is all about tailored silhouettes, fit-and-flare shapes and wrap styles. You can embellish your stunning outerwear with original belts, scarves and other eye-catching accessories. I tried to gather only the best styles, that's why keep an eye on the following essentials.

Women’s Wool Coat Styles 2019

Love this Nicholas piece which comes in easy to wear and style silhouette. Love the red color and modern shape.

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Ways to Wear Wool Coats This Season

Cover up this winter with fashionable and stylish women’s wool coats. Today I am going to show you 100% wool material coats which are styled in many ways, starting from classic business looks to casual hipster and retro styles with extra warmth and comfort look. This kind of garment is thicker than most other outerwear designs, that's why be sure to be always in a cozy cover up during your street walks. These styles are perfect for layering over ensembles for parties and any other events. As you can see these coats come in all possible colors and styles, starting from classic red, black, white and blue to patterned and printed ones. I personally love the ones which are belted, as its wearer can show off her figure by tightly tying around the middle of the waist. The trick of wearing wool outer garment is to buy one size larger for your suits, dresses and other formal wear. If you ask me about the appropriate time of purchasing this outer garment, then it's better to do it in January (may be even later) because of the discounts and sales off. Anyway, let's have a look at the possible ways and designs of wearing this cozy cover up this year:

Ways to Wear Wool Coats This Season 2019

If you like wearing more casual styles, then you can always balance the look by wearing jeans and simple grey pullover with cool slip-ons and spacious tote.

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Basic Work Outfits for Office Wear

Let's have a look at black suit outfit ideas. It's a classic wardrobe essential and can be paired with crispy white shirt or colorful silk blouse. It's better to use it when you're have meetings or presentations. Some like a single button suit jackets, while the others who hace a smaller chests it's better to buy double-breasted jackets. If you want to safe money then why don't you buy pantsuit and skirt to mix your look sometimes.

Basic Work Outfits for Office Wear 2019
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Black Wool Coats For Men

Wearing black wool coat during winter time means you want to stay warm and elegant at the same time. Usually coats are long jackets; some of them reach your ankle. Men winter coats come in warm fabrics, like wool. Today, I’d like to share with you this lovely compilation of black wool coats for men, which I find very elegant and stylish.

Black Wool Coats For Men 2019

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Coats for Petite Women

Coats are considered to be a must have in cold winter days. This outerwear gives every woman an elegant, classy look. When it comes to petite women choose herself a coat, it comes to be so difficult and extremely hard to find the appropriate coat, that can flatter her inverted shape. When you've decided to buy a coat, my advice to you: choose simple fitted coat, for example single-breasted bright color slim coat, which adds your look a bit of length. Here below, you will find samples of modern and classy coats for petite women.

Coats for Petite Women 2019

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Wool military coat by Balmain

You're in the army now. If you like masculine silhouettes, then this tough-luxe aesthetic Balmain's army-green mid-weight wool military coat is the must-have winter piece for you. This coat has wide collar, long sleeves and buttoned cuffs. This sharply tailored coat is a smart investment for cold season. Buy it here.

Wool military coat by Balmain 2019

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