Wood Watches by JORD

Please welcome JORD watches! I have already shared with you my personal review on DOVER SERIES Zebrawood & Cream model (here is the link). Now it's time to show you other styles. First of all, the name of this brand comes from Swedish language, meaning earth, soil, land. Why? Well, I guess, it's all about our mother nature what gives birth to everything, including trees, from which these watches are made of.

Wood Watches by JORD 2019

JORD 94A Series Natura Green & Maple.

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Springbreak Wood Watches Collection

Please welcome an edgy and bold watches collection from creative Springbreak Wood brand. The SPGBK Watches is the label which creates truly impressive and individual wear appropriate watches that are real must haves of today's hipster fashion trends. The collection is entitled "Blue Magic" and features high-fashion designs made of sustainable wood materials that are eco-friendly and unique. The showcased style features a deep blue face with gold trim through the watch, while there is another great style which is called The White Party 2.0 and it has a calming white face with hints of red. Each piece is super light weight and suits any wardrobe style.

Springbreak Wood Watches Collection 2019
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