How To Wear Turtleneck Sweaters With Jeans

If you want to describe modern turtleneck, then the best description so far is: classic wardrobe staple for multiple outfits. Today I want to show you the best tips on how to wear turtleneck with jeans. You are going to see my favorite Polyvore sets, which feature this adorable, cozy top with a high neck, which is paired with cool skinnies, boyfriends, ripped and other jeans. The following turtlenecks come in various lengths, fits and fabrics (the ones feature heavy knits, while the others come in thinner fabrics), nonetheless, this top is versatile enough to wear throughout the chilly months. I think you all know, that staying warm is still a major factor to consider when putting together an outfit. It's very important to know possible ways of combining this daring sweater with your favorite jeans, creating a versatile modern day outfit, which is ideal for wearing in the streets as well as at work.

How To Wear Turtleneck Sweaters With Jeans 2019

That's the most simplest ways of wearing turtleneck with denim. We see grey, rib-knit option worn with skinnies, light grey suede, flat booties, wool fedora and white handbag.

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Top 15 Cute Christmas Sweaters for Women

If you want to impress everyone around you, then I recommend to try on one of the following cute Christmas sweaters for the upcoming Holidays. I think every girl, lady and woman wants to have some fun with her look, at least during the winter vacations. We all know what Christmas sweater is, it's usually a paisley printed piece, sometimes too much printed (looks ugly, but worth to try), however, it seems there is nothing more traditional than a nice, cozy top. I want to draw your attention to the following Top 15 cute sweaters for wearing through this December. You are going to see snowman knits, reindeer motifs, which are quite acceptable for winter season. Each of these crewnecks provide a fun and vibrant look. Sporting one of the following styles you will look cozy and festive. This collection of sweet jumpers will certainly keep your knitwear the right side of cool. Read on to see my favorite top picks.

Top 15 Cute Christmas Sweaters for Women 2019

Here we see a classic rib-knit red creation with white shirt collar. Try it on with a plaid mini skirt and dark red flat pumps.

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Trendy Women’s Fur Sweaters For Winter

Today's story is about women's trendy fur sweaters to wear this winter season. It's a perfect times of year to have some fun with cozy layers. There are so many options to try on, starting from faux fur, to raccoon, fox and rabbit. Speaking of styles, then I offer you to try on office ones which are comfortable enough for lunches, as well as casual ones which are glamorous enough for a night on the town, or laid back weekends. I personally like the warm designs which are versatile enough to be worn either with office trousers or jeans. Play up your wardrobe this season with these eight fashionable creations.

Trendy Women's Fur Sweaters For Winter 2019

Balmain khaki green raccoon long sleeve crewneck with tonal leather trim has curved hem and tonal stitching. Try it on paired with mini black leather skirt and cozy black tights.

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Best Ways To Wear Cowl Neck Sweaters

It's quite often I hear the phrase:"Are cowl neck sweaters in style this year?" in the last two months. Today, I've decided to answer this question: "Yes, they are in style and what is more important, they are timelessly trendy." I love autumn and winter time for the chance to wear cozy knits in the streets. That's a statement and cozy piece, which is ideal for long walks and comfy wear indoors by the fireplace. The cowl neck adds a fun detail to this knitwear, indeed, the flowy neckline looks comfy and sweet. It's an essential piece for any wardrobe look. The following Polyvore compilation consists of great styles to try on this year. As you can see there is a wide variety of colors and silhouettes. You can pair it either with jeans, leggings or casual chinos for a relaxed look. Or it can be styled with tweed or grey wool trousers/ skirts and dressy accessories for an office wear. All in all, the cowl necks are great additions to any ensemble.

Best Ways To Wear Cowl Neck Sweaters 2019

Here we see an elongated and printed version in pale blue color, which will ideally fit grey skirt and cuffed black wedge pumps.

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Must Have: Patchwork Sweaters For Women

I want you to take a look at these awesome women's must haves for this year, called patchwork sweaters. These luxurious designs are ideal for wearing with formal and smart-casual essentials. That's a real masterpiece, which features stunning details, colors and prints. If you are in love with elegance and simplicity, then these three must-haves are perfect items for you. Thanks to these trendy pullovers, you are going to look modern and really chic. Try to wear them with simple bottoms, like wide-leg pants, washed grey jeans or classic, tailored pants.

Must Have: Patchwork Sweaters For Women 2019

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Women’s Mohair Sweaters For Fall-Winter

Let's say you want a cozy top which makes a statement, but you do not want something covered with bright embellishments (which look too cheap). My advice is simple, try a mohair sweater for this Autumn-Winter. It's an elegant piece which has a statement silhouette, laid-back and off-duty look. The following compilation includes my favorite ten models in trendy colors and prints. Every showcased top is warm, fun and extremely versatile. Some time ago, when our moms asked us to wear a sweater, we felt like: "Oh, my God! Don't wanna wear this uncomfy piece" (it was only because we didn't want to get poked and pricked by tiny fibers). In today's fashion, staying warm means something sweeter thanks to the adorable mohair sweaters. Each of these pieces makes you wanna wear it from day to night. These essentials will surely keep you warm and make you look fabulous. Check out these styles and grab your favorite one:

Women's Mohair Sweaters For Fall-Winter 2019

This Giada Forte brushed mohair knitwear in cioccolato color looks sweet enough for wearing with mustard formal trousers or faded skinny jeans.

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Uniqlo Cashmere Sweaters For Women

Uniqlo offers an everyday luxurious cashmere tops to try on this cold season. I'd like to share with you brand's soft, warm and smooth designs in a great variety of colors. These wardrobe essentials are great investments for chilly days of fall and winter season. The following collection includes women's cashmere deep v-neck styles, crew neck cardigans, turtlenecks, buttoned, crewnecks in bold and classic colors, including white, cream, grey, dark grey, black, fuchsia, red, pale yellow, pale blue, turquoise, rich blue, navy and purple. This collection of 100% cashmere is made entirely from the rare wool of cashmere goats. The extra fine fibers provide a smoothness, softness and beautiful coloring. These items are light and warm. So, I hope you will enjoy the comfort and style of these women's tops:

Uniqlo Cashmere Sweaters For Women 2019

Here we see female model wearing a red crewneck with indigo cuffed jeans and suede black loafers embellished with bows.

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Top 25 Women’s Turtleneck Sweaters For Winter

There are so many ways you can wear turtleneck this season. In today's post I want to show you my personal top 25 women's turtleneck sweaters to try on this winter. That's an amazing layering piece, which will add warmth and style to your overall look. There are no doubt in this must-have staple, as you can wear it different ways, starting from sporting it underneath pinafore style dresses to teaming with cigarette trousers, office skirts, maxi ones, as well as skinnies. This classic piece comes in countless styles, colors and shapes giving us amazing modern day wardrobe looks. That's a daring sweater for this year, as we see lots of business ladies donning this chunky, cable knit, ribbed, skin tight or slouchy design in the streets and work. I personally love this essential for the high neck which creates an illusion of a defined jawline and your face looking slimmer. All in all, let's have a stylish comeback of this slim-fitting piece. Check out the best ways to wear turtleneck:

Top 25 Women's Turtleneck Sweaters For Winter 2019
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Women’s Knit Sweaters

I love the fact, that today's fashion world offers wide range of loose-fit, oversized and baggy knitted sweaters and pullovers. I think everyone remembers herself wearing slouchy knits at school and feeling quite weird and misplaced. Thanks to the recent fashion updates, we have a great variety of awesome women's knits to buy this year. What I find really cool about modern trends, then it's the comfortability, which takes the first place. Let the garment be functional and warm you up. Of course, style matters, that's why designers offer us great looks, which can be styled with awesome outerwear garments, like oversize coats, biker essentials, trenches and elongated jackets. You can also try these garments to combine with jeans, leather pants and various skirts. Have you already bought yourself a brand new knitwear? If not, then I have a great compilation of trendy pieces to try on this year. The main styles for this year are: grunge, mannish touch (keep it boyfriend inspired), sports-chic, and some funny updates. The color palette includes navy, cream beige, black, grey, pale pink, burgundy and camouflage prints. All in all, I hope this collection will inspire you to make some purchases online:

Women's Knit Sweaters 2019

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Floral Print Knit Sweaters For Women

In today's post I want to show you my favorite floral print knit sweaters for women. I have found awesome styles which are warm enough to save you from chilly morning days. The following compilation is ideal for those ladies who want to look and feel sweet in their everyday life. The today's fashion brings lots of knitted garments, that's why if you have an old but qualitative floral knitwear, then I advice you to wear it with your lovely skinnies or boyfriends for casual days and pleated trousers or chinos tucked in short boots during the working week. The showcased styles come in loose-fit silhouettes, which make them look hipster-inspired and very easy-to-style. Just imagine yourself wearing the following, elongated piece with black leggings tucked in boots, looks awesome, isn't it? The last but not least thing which I wanted to mention regarding the following tops is the universality, which makes them so special: try them on dates, weekends and parties.

Floral Print Knit Sweaters For Women 2019

Floral navy cotton pullovers with loose round neck and long sleeves in roses flowers.

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