Must Have: Paula Mendoza Women’s Jewelry

Columbian designer Paula Mendoza is inspired by the interest in the history and mythology of ancient cultures. New collection from Paula Mendoza is a reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra. As you all know, snake is a reasonable symbol for Cleopatra (she always associates with them), as we see lots of movies and books where queen plays with them or wears snake inspired jewelry. Egyptian cobra considered to be symbol of power in the dynasties of pharaohs, while the last queen was killed by the snake's bite. So, the latest Paula Mendoza's jewelry collection reminds me of those "queen snakes," which are gathered together from different-sized balls. All the showcased pieces are massive, though each jewelry looks lightweight and easy-to wear and style.

Must Have: Paula Mendoza Women's Jewelry 2019

As you can see model appears wearing those snake-inspired jewelry pieces which are eye-catching and statement.

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Goldbarr Fall-Winter Creative and Vintage Women’s Jewelry

I am excited to share with you this amazing Autumn-Winter season's women jewelry collection by Goldbarr brand. We have chance to see label's newest addition with eclectic jewelry pieces. Label's designer Taryn was inspired by the art and cultures from her travels to China, India, The Middle East and all over Europe, that's why we see traditional, cultural and free spirited designs in heavy metals. So, if you are a free spirited person who loves traveling around the world and wears creative, vintage style clothes and accessories, then this collection is made exactly for you. Prices range from $78 for metal fringe earrings to $198 for their largest statement necklace.

Goldbarr Fall-Winter Creative and Vintage Women's Jewelry 2019

Abu Dhabi Necklace

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Women’s Jewelry “All is Known” Collection From Brooke Persich

Australian designer and director living in New York Brooke Persich reveals her latest jewelry collection entitled "All is Known." Persich specializes in striking and unique women's accessories and jewelry, which looks individual and statement. She uses antique metals and semi-precious gemstones to make these precious designs. Persich started to make pieces for herself, but after a great interest from friends and boutiques she decided to turn her love of crystals and antique jewelry into a namesake label. What I love in these images, where model Ashleigh D’Mello poses in darken studio wearing awesome rings, then it's that individuality, spirituality and sophisticated spirit.

Women's Jewelry "All is Known" Collection From Brooke Persich 2019

Each ring is a masterpiece and makes us wanna buy it!

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Nakamol Women’s Luxe Jewelry Collection

Hey there dear fashionistas, today I want to share with you this trendy collection of women's jewelry from Nakamol label. All accessories are designed in Chicago and handcrafted by a community of underprivileged artisans in designer Nakamol Sussman's native Thailand. Chicago based designer Sussman offers timeless and modern pieces in a wild diverse assortment, including spanning drop earrings, bold necklaces, wrap bracelets constructed of luxe materials (silks, leather, natural stones, freshwater pearls) and colored in vibrant hues. Look at this great attention to quality and details. I love each one of these exclusive and innovative styles.

Nakamol Women's Luxe Jewelry Collection 2019

Love these double triangle earrings.

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Tatty Devine Autumn-Winter Women’s Jewelry

Independent British fashion brand Tatty Devine reveals its Fall-Winter season's women accessories collection, which consists of original jewelry in standout designs. Label's designers Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden offer fun, artsy, fashionable and sweet pieces. The showcased collection consists of handmade, original designs, which are colorful, confident and extremely fashionable. These British design jewelry pieces are renowned globally, so, if you want to express yourself in a unique and original way, then these awesome creations are meant for you.

Tatty Devine Autumn-Winter Women's Jewelry 2019

Flower earrings.

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Aurelie Bidermann Fall-Winter Women’s Jewelry

Aurélie Bidermann creates women's jewelry which is a real must-have for any lady. Today I want to share with you hers latest Fall-Winter season's collection, which includes creative designs of beautiful cuffs, statement rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. All these statement pieces are meant for versatile occasions, starting from work to an everyday wear. Love the bohemian and glamour vibes which appear in these awesome creations. Her designer brand is known worldwide and it's no surprise why these luxe pieces attracted designers like Proenza Schouler and Jason Wu, as well as celebrities, including Sofia Coppola, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé. Here are presented branches, leaves, knits (braided), keys inspired rings, bracelets and necklaces. All in all, if you want timeless classics, then these unique and precious creations are meant for you.

Aurelie Bidermann Fall-Winter Women's Jewelry 2019
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River Island Autumn-Winter Women’s Jewelry

I think it's the right time to discover River Island Autumn-Winter women's jewelry line which consists of awesome and stunning evening earrings, neckpieces and rings. That's an extensive collection which for sure will update any outfit. Thanks to the opulent look you will make your work outfit look more elegant and versatile. The line consists of chunky necklaces, pretty earrings and eye-catching shiny details. All the presented pieces have kind of bohemian touch of the 1970's. Once you try on one of these luxurious pieces, you never take off it.

River Island Autumn-Winter Women's Jewelry 2019
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Women’s Jewelry by Wilhelmina Garcia

In today's post I want to share with you my favorite jewelry collection made by talented designer brand Wilhelmina Garcia. This jewelry brand offers handcrafted creations made in unexpected designs, where every piece looks timeless and iconic. Every piece is designed and produced in Barcelona (Spain) in-house at the studio. All collections are inspired by European iconography, different circumstances and romantic designs. All the showcased pieces are made for those people who seek for something special and unique.

Women's Jewelry by Wilhelmina Garcia  2019

Here we see bone and bird daw rings in gold and silver, as well as bird scull necklace.

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Beaufille Spring-Summer Jewelry Collection

Please welcome Canadian womenswear and accessories brand Beaufille spring-summer season's of eye-catching jewelry collection. The label was founded by two sisters Chloe and Parris Gordon. Each of the presented pieces reflects a sophisticated tough girl's style, who loves to wear and combine masculine and feminine elements. The brand's inspiration comes from French culture, art and history. Love the way Chloe and Parris combine their ideas, like the inspiration from historic events and style mixed with a modern approach. So, let's take a closer view at the Summer collection jewelry and accessories.

Beaufille Spring-Summer Jewelry Collection 2019

That's a beautiful medieval like neck piece with a double ring set.

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Maria Nilsdotter Spring-Summer Women’s Jewelry Review

Today I want to share with all of you this pretty and opulent women's jewelry collection from Maria Nilsdotter. Designer opened her first flagship store at Sturegatan 6 in Stockholm in 2013, a small boutique and studio where fine jewelry can be made upon request. I'd like to share with you hers Spring-Summer collection's lookbook, which consists of impressive and eye-catching designs. She describes her jewelry as wearable art with a playful touch. You are about to see symbolic figures, contrasted details and unexpected twists. I personally think of kind mysterious and dark fantasy world, when I see these masterpiece creations.

Maria Nilsdotter Spring-Summer Women's Jewelry Review 2019

A gorgeous head piece.

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