Fashion Trend: Berets For Women

Today I want to talk about this season hat fashion trends. I want to show you my favorite berets for women. If you want to achieve that special Parisian chic look, then I highly recommend to try on one of the following French berets. It's a universal option for any height and shape woman. You can wear it with casual or formal wear. It's no wonder why French women always look for new designs. I personally think that this hat is a perfect addition to any outfit. You can easily pair it with any outerwear. You can style it with ribbed knit sweaters and cocktail dresses for a glamorous and chic addition. No matter if it's one color, multicolored, or it comes in a basic design, it's totally a winter catch. The following collection features elegant muted colors, including black, dark grey, navy, as well as plaid monochrome ones, which are still graceful and elegant. I suggest you to invest this year in one of the following styles and wear it now and next winter season.

Fashion Trend: Berets For Women 2019

That's a functional Hat Attack wool design in black color. That's a perfect classic headgear, which fits to any ensemble.

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Fedora Winter Hats For Women To Try This Year

If you ask me: 'Can I wear fedora hat in winter?', then my answer is yes, but you have to buy fall-winter appropriate ones, the ones which are made of cozy fabrics. In today's post I want to draw your attention to the best winter season fedora styles. It's a classic hat, which ideally fits any outfit, starting from classy urban to office outfits. As you can see, nowadays many brands offer stylish headwear pieces which can easily spice up any look. Here are presented cool designs with classic forms and charming details. Some of them are inspired by the Western cowboy styles, while others have that super classy gangs touch. The best thing about the following collection is the ideal shape, which fits to any body and face shape. I hope you will like these stylish wide brim creations the same as me:

Fedora Winter Hats For Women To Try This Year 2019

That's a wow effect style from Eugenia Kim. Here we see Georgina model in heather gray color. There is kind of menswear inspired touch in his fedora hat.

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Women’s Hats & Caps For This Season

Please welcome next year best women hats to try on. You are about to see fashionable designs in various shapes, colors and prints. This time designers offer us wide range of beanies, wide brim straw hats, baseball caps, head-scarves and many other stunning head accessories. It seems to me that headscarves and snapbacks are going to be in trend next year. Thanks to the creative head pieces you can make your look unique, accurate and daring. If you want to add a zest to your look, then I advice you to carefully look through the following images. It seems to me, that every daring girl and elegant lady will easily pick up themselves a stylish headwear accessory for the next year. All in all, it's time to experiment and try on different shapes and sizes.

Women's Hats & Caps For This Season 2019

That's a creative, timelessly chic wide-brim straw hat, which can go with anything, starting from formal to casual looks. Here we see a model wearing the straw design with a loose-fit coat worn atop tailored shirt and pleated pants.

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Trendy Women Hats For This Season

I am continuing to share with you top fashion trends for women and today's topic is women hats for this season. The headwear trend is one of the most important accessories in women's wardrobe, as it's the representative thing which makes the first impression by people looking at you (from head to toe), as well as it spices up any look for the colder season. So, the next year should be an experimenting season for you, as I am going to point out the main styles which are must-have to try on. You are going to see here perfect designs starting from casual, retro to the classic forms of hats. My personal favorites are classic ones, which are wonderful styles for those ladies who want to charm everyone around them. The following compilation features oversized bowler styles, Western Cowboy inspired, as well as cloche hats and fedoras. All in all, it's very important to try them on in real life, as you need to know the right size, the ideal color, shape and design. Hope this Polyvore collection will inspire you:

Trendy Women Hats For This Season 2019

Keep it cool and sophisticated by trying on a black fedora with red color top, mini black skirt and high-heeled booties and black handbag.

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WORLD Spring-Summer Women’s Headwear

New Zealand's leading luxury brand WORLD ( reveals its new Spring-Summer collection of women's headwear. I personally felt in love with new season's designs, as we see beautiful retro and hats, as well as sunhats, which are perfect for the beach and streets, urban style beanies, which come in various colors and prints. Another great thing is versatility, which makes them to be must-have pieces for the next warm season. You can easily style them with your daily clothes, as well as cocktail attire and formal basics. I think it's the right time to check out this amazing collection of women's headwear styles:

WORLD Spring-Summer Women's Headwear 2019

Here we see a wide brim blue fedora hat, which ca be worn with your daily and formal attire.

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Trendy Hats For Women

It's all about hat. In today's post you are about to see this season's trendy hats which are so must have for women this year. The Best Fashion Blog offers to observe some of the bright designs, which will underline your individuality this summer. The majority of the presented designs are made of straw and there is no surprise about it, as this material is lightweight, looks utilitarian and resort inspired. I have gathered classic straw material models which feature a neat ribbon and small brims, like the ones from Mulberry and Maison Michel.

Maison Michel:

Trendy Hats For Women 2019
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Women’s Head Accessories by Maison Michel

I'd like to share with you latest collection of women's head accessories from Maison Michel. Label's creative director Laetitia Crae presents capsule collection which is made exclusively for Podium Concept Store. Here you will find lots of interesting headpieces, starting from creative veils, floral bands to tweed caps, berets and hats. Each of the showcased accessories is hand made.

Women's Head Accessories by Maison Michel 2019
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New Trend: Canotier Hat

Hello my dear fashion girls, today's topic is about new trend which is known by everyone so far and it's canotier hat. This style of hat was brought in fashion by legendary Coco Chanel and it seems to me that this particular and stylish item is back in town. Do you remember how menswear style (pantsuit with shirt, shoes and especially canotier hat) was carried over to women's wardrobe? No? Me either. Anyway, it looks like Phoebe Philo carried this hat style into Celine woman. When I hear about canotier hat, then I imagine a self confident woman in loose fitted masculine vests, relaxed pants. I'd like to mention Philo's pre-Fall collection which features autumn coats, pantsuits and fur vests accessorzied with this beautiful canotier hat made of straw.

New Trend: Canotier Hat 2019

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Oversized Beanies For Women

Here below you will find a great compilation of Oversized women’s beanies Style Looks. The oversized beanies look great if you pair them with sleek, minimal cuts and light, delicate fabrics. Indeed, they look playful and dramatic. Most of brands and designers offer knitted headwear designs, so you will look perfect in any case. I personally like teaming oversized beanies with sport style looks, like track pants and biker jacket, looks quite grunge to me.

Oversized Beanies For Women 2019

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Women’s Hats in Janessa Leone “Shadows” Lookbook

Today I am going to share with you amazing LA based hat brand called Janessa Leone and its brand new collection's lookbook. New season comes with handmade hats that are sharp, menswear inspired with feminine touch and in different styles and variations. There is a touch of nostalgia and vintage touch in every model that are presented here, take a look how beautifully these hats are portrayed. All in all, these creations for sure will be a part of your timeless looks.

Women's Hats in Janessa Leone “Shadows” Lookbook 2019
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