How To Style: Over-the-Knee Boots for Women

Let me share with an uber chic footwear trend which makes every man and girl stare at you. Yes, I am talking about over-the-knee boots for women. It's a well known fact, that many ladies and women still don't know how to integrate this look into daily wear. Indeed, even I, hearing a word over-the-knee boots imagine Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman." However, many stylists and brands offer us numerous ways of how to style these shoes in your daily life by combining this footwear with the right type of clothing, in other words, the best way is to balance the look. This guide shows us endless options with no limits. What you have to do is to keep in mind the following tips and buy yourself a similar look.

How To Style: Over-the-Knee Boots for Women 2018

This pretty, burnt orange shift dress looks great with suede shoes and vintage printed bag. That's a retro inspired wardrobe, which will ideally fit those ladies who love comfort and easy wearing.

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Top 25 Ankle Boots For Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Hello dear readers, today I bring you this awesome compilation of top-25 women's best ankle boots to try on during Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season. You are about to see relaxed and comfortable options for a downtown-cool vibe, as well as tough, classic moto styles which are ideal to team with skinnies or leather trousers, flared skirts or a cocktail dresses. Well, to be honest with you, there are so many styles, shapes, colors, heel heights to choose from that I simply loose my mind counting them. As the autumn approaches we have to think over our wardrobe looks to choose appropriate styles which will match our knits and cozy layers. We see animal prints, combat touches, dressy ones, embroidered, fringed, graphic, jeweled, patchwork, mannish, furry, sneaker inspired and many other perfect pieces. All the presented designs are ideal for day and night chilly days. You will find best styles which ideally match your personal tastes. Check out my Autumn guide for this season’s wear.

Top 25 Ankle Boots For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 2018

How about these Acne Studios Colt high burgundy rich leather shoes with covered outside zip and sculpted, stacked heel.

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Top 25 Women’s Tall Boots

Nothing prepares you for the cold season like a comfortable and stylish pair of boots. Today I want to share with you top 25 women's tall boots for this season. This design can look chic and attractive if you will wear them correctly. The following models will make your legs longer, when paired with skinny bottoms (skinny jeans or leggings) and loose-fit tops (knitted sweaters, oversize pullovers). Wear the shoes that fit properly, I mean no wide styles which are loose-fit or relaxed. As you can see, the following styles will fit any cool weather ensemble, no matter what kind of look you want to achieve. Everything depends on your personal taste, that's why I recommend you to think over your overall style by imagining the shoes combined with your wardrobe essentials. Most of the styles are ideal for workweek and professional attire, that's why these options are ideal for businesswomen and office ladies. Wear footwear with trousers and blouses to dresses and skirts. The best looks though can be created by creative mixing and matching. I tried to find only the best models to share with you, that's why I hope you will like this awesome compilation.

Top 25 Women's Tall Boots 2018

Here we see a suede upper with leather sole pair by Saint Laurent, which is embellished with silver-tone stud embellishments on shaft.

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Top 10 Ugg Short Boots For Women

This time I want to show you the best 10 ugg short boots for women to try on this season. Why do lots of ladies like wearing this boots design? First of all because of its comfort, warmth and versatility which allows you to mix and match this footwear with your various wardrobe looks. Another uniqueness of these shoes is the seasonless, as you can wear them during warm summer days and cold winter months. If the quality of sheepskin is good, then there will be the right thermo circulation. If you ask me with what to wear uggs, then the best solution is to try them with skinnies or wool dresses and heavy tights. Those of you who want to wear them with jeans or leggings, then my advice is to choose the skinny fit which already starts from the knee area, that will balance the look. Those women who want to wear them with knitted skirts or dresses, then my advice to try folk style ensembles. My personal favorite is to try them with elongated sweaters and pullovers. All in all, I think it's time to see the top 10 designs to try on this year:

Top 10 Ugg Short Boots For Women 2018

Luxe Collective angel short styles with sheepskin look awesome in brown color.

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How To Wear Thigh-High Boots

It's very important to know how to wear and style thigh-high boots. In today's post we are going to observe best ways how to dress to impress. It's no secret that this kind of footwear attracts everyone's attention. The great thing about them is the edginess and versatility, which makes them so special and bold. It's a timeless trend that makes your look awesome and timelessly stylish. This design is available in different styles, starting from high heels which are elegant and ideal for casual and evening events, as well as low and no heel designs, which are meant for everyday wearing. Speaking of coats, then wearing a long trench lets you rock all possible mini length skirts which are ideal for sophisticate looking. If you go tight on the bottom, then it's better to let the tops looser. Anyway, the best option is to try light, summery dress with these awesome footwear. All in all, let's take a closer look at the best Polyvore ideas:

How To Wear Thigh-High Boots 2018

Keep it classic and work appropriate. Try on suede shoes with high-waisted burnt orange skirt, cropped sweater and slim-fit Houndstooth blazer.

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What Women’s Boots Are In Style

Let's talk about this season's must have boots styles for women. In today's post I am going to share with you my favorite footwear trends of the next year. I have an excellent Polyvore collection for you, which includes awesome designs, which are going to be in style all year around. The runway show inspired collection has plenty of easy to style pieces, which are shown with cool clothes. As you can see, there are awesome lace-up styles, which come in many design variations, including masculine touches and extremely feminine ones, which have skin-tight silhouettes. I personally love the above-the-knee styles, which have really tall and functional. The upcoming year comes with tall, wide, bright looks. That's why it's hard for me to say which ones are the best. What are your favorite styles for the next year?

What Women's Boots Are In Style 2018

Here we see studded, lace-up booties worn with Tomboy look, which includes a long T-shirt dress in black color, which is accessorized with circled sunglasses, burgundy leather side shoulder bag and fedora hat.

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How to Style: Women’s Boots with Jeans

Today I want to share with you some ideas of wearing jeans with boots. We are going to see awesome ways of combining your casual and semi-formal garments with your statement shoewear. There are numerous ways how you can style your bottom, while the simplest and chicest way is to tuck your jeans into your boots. When we wear jeans tucked in our shoes, then we have to be ready for showing off our pretty footwear, that's why it's very important to have eye-catching designs, like chunky moto boots, which will change the entire look and feel of the outfit. There are so many fabulous options of teaming denim pants with boots, that are simply countless, yet I want to show you my favorite Polyvore combinations which will make you look timelessly stylish and fashionable. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these awesome examples:

How to Style: Women's Boots with Jeans 2018

You can try on slim pants which are a bit relaxed and style them with cowboy shoes, while the top can consist of a simple white top and knitted poncho.

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Rain Footwear for Wet Weather

Is it raining? Yes, it is. Today, we are going to speak about fashionable and cool rain footwear which is so must have for wet weather. This season is all about outstanding designs, which are casual and glamour at the same time. I can not avoid this rainy theme, as the changes of seasons dictate its own weather and we have to wear practical clothes, which will save us from the wet weather, yet many designers and brands came together and thanks to modern technologies started offering cool and eye-catching practical and wearable garments.

Rain Footwear for Wet Weather 2018
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This Fall-Winter Best Boots For Women

Today we are going to speak about this fall-winter season's best boots for women which look hot, chic and tough at the same time. So, let's have a quick trip into the world of fashion boots. Many brands and designers offer us really impressive shapes, materials, textures, colors and designs with eye-catching heel heights.

This Fall-Winter Best Boots For Women 2018
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Gucci Women’s Boots and Booties Collection

Let's have a look at the Gucci's Autumn-Winter shoewear collection of boots and booties. This season comes with amazing designs and styles. Here below you will find suede booties with square buckle details, Gucci logos, with squared toes, high heel booties, jaguar print wedge booties with side zip closures, leather wedge booties, platform booties, booties with cylinder studs, python knee boots and many other eye-catching designs. I personally love those black high heel booties which can be teamed with completely any outfit from formal to casual and cocktail party. There are beautiful riding boots, lace up designs, cool boots and even shearling lined flat ones.

Gucci Women's Boots and Booties Collection 2018
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