Knee Length Trench Coats for Women

Let me tell you something about trench coats. In the 19th century Thomas Burberry focused in producing and developing outerwear and outdoor attire, he produced trench coats for cold weather, so that British and French soldiers could use it in any weather condition. Nowadays, military coats have been transformed into civil knee length trench coats, which are glamour and stylish at the same time and they look astonishing on women.

Knee Length Trench Coats for Women 2019

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Long Coats For Women

Women coats are heavy outerwear, which is worn during cold days. They give additional warmth and elegance. usually, coats are longer than jackets. Long coats give you formal look, so you can wear them at work, business meetings or for evening occasions. Coats come in different fabrics, like wool, leather, cotton. Long coats are available in many colors, black, green, blue and many more. Here, below, you will find interesting designs of long coats.

Long Coats For Women 2019

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Dolce and Gabbana Jackets For Women

In this thread I'd like to share with you some of the gorgeous and glamour Dolce and Gabbana jackets. Dolce & Gabbana's jackets are known for its femininity, bold colors and hot appeal. D&G mostly uses these colors: red, white, hot pink, ivory, beige, or mixed colors. What I like about D&G jackets is the fabric use, they mostly use satin, silk, wool, fur and leather in their models. In this compilation you'll find double breasted, single breasted or with zipper closure jackets. You can wear different type of bottom clothes: short skirts, leather pants, classic pants and even dresses.

Dolce and Gabbana Jackets For Women 2019

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Winter Down Coats for Women

During winter time all women are in search of a nice outerwear, which will cover them and save the warmth of body. Down coats is a smart choice, first of all down fabric saves warmth and gives extra protection, secondly these coats are so comfortable and easy to be washed. The only minus of down coats is that they do not save you when it rains. In this compilation I will show you some really good styles and shapes of down coats.

Winter Down Coats for Women 2019

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Wool Coats For Women

Winter is already knocking your's door. It's very important wearing cozy outerwear, it helps to stay warm during windy evenings. Coats- are long outerwear jackets, which give you extra warmth. Today I've collected some interesting designs of wool coats, which are available in different styles and shapes. What I like about wool is that this is natural fabric which saves warmth for a long time. Here you will find lots of variations of designs and colors.

Wool Coats For Women 2019

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Black Leather Coats For Women

Coats are perfect for winter time, this outerwear is longer than jackets and saves warmth of your body much longer. Nowadays, coats are offered in different fabrics, styles and colors. You can simply find an appropriate and suitable one for yourself. Today, leather coats are so popular, than never before. These coats come in different colors: black, white, red, brown and many more.

Black Leather Coats For Women 2019

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