Yet Clothes “It Could Happen” February Mini Lookbook

Let's have a look at this February's mini lookbook named “It Could Happen” from Yet Clothes streetwear brand. Every shot was taken in NYC with cold and windy Harlem afternoon as the backdrop. The lookbook comes with striking series of photos shot by Asha Efia in b&w 35mm film. The street outfits come with microfleece ski hoods, awesome long sleeve T-shirts, denim baseball jerseys, cool sweatpants, beanies and bombers. I love the way Brooklyn-based fashion photographer Quinn Felipe sports all these street wear must-haves. What are your favorites from the entire collection, please comment.

Yet Clothes “It Could Happen” February Mini Lookbook 2019
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Martinez Lierah Winter Modern Essentials Campaign

Keep it rainy, dark and blue. I'd like to share with you the sophisticated winter season's campaign from Martinez Lierah. Brand's creators Daniel Lierah and Arturo Martinez offer us ready to wear modern essentials for those women who are in love with contemporary fashion and fashion-forward shapes. We see blue outerwear staples that are ideal for making a real statement at the office. Just imagine yourself wearing one of the following garments during your working hours, might be very unique and eye-catching. I love the way Lierah and Martinez experiment with fabrics and silhouettes making their garments look structured and fluid. Correct me if I am wrong, though each of their outfit looks like a real masterpiece, having architectural shapes and straight lines. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these blue must-haves.

Martinez Lierah Winter Modern Essentials Campaign 2019
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RARESOME “Strap Line” Handmade Bracelets For Winter

This time I want to share with you Korean label's Raresome handmade bracelets collection for winter season. The line is entitled "Strap Line." You are going to see original accessories that are ideal for wearing with casual and semi-formal outfits. What I do like about these pieces, then it's the quality and individuality that makes them unique and timelessly cool. Korean designer Sungkyu Han offers various braided bracelet styles in different color range, starting from turquoise, pale orange to brown, green and black. Hope you will like this collection the same as me.

RARESOME “Strap Line” Handmade Bracelets For Winter 2019
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RARESOME Winter Christmas Jewelry Edition

Hello Everyone! Today I want to share with you Korean designer brand Raresome winter Christmas jewelry edition. Label's designer SungKyu Han offers amazing limited edition creations which concept is modern and classy. I personally love the way SungKyu combined colors with emotional design (love the red and green color knits). Every piece looks great and ideal for teaming with your everyday looks. You are about to see three different bracelet designs made of qualitative wood and metal materials.

RARESOME Winter Christmas Jewelry Edition 2019
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RARESOME Winter “Classic Line” Handmade Bracelets

I have already shared with you Raresome Christmas line and now I want you to take a closer look at these gorgeous winter handmade "Classic Line" bracelets. Each design has an original look that is ideal for wearing at work, as well as formal events. Just imagine yourself wearing one of the following styles. I think you will automatically upgrade your look. We see timeless designs that are perfect for teaming with casual and cocktail attire. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these awesome pieces:

RARESOME Winter "Classic Line" Handmade Bracelets 2019

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Mö Globby Print Backpacks Winter

Hey there, dear readers! I want to share with you my favorite styled from the latest winter Mö label's collection of cool backpacks updated with globby print. This cold season comes with bright accessories, which are great for big notebooks, laptops, iPads, PC Tablets and many other creative things. Each design looks different, thanks to the original print. What I find really cool about these styles, then it's the versatility, which allows you to combine them with your favorite wardrobe looks, starting from formal to casual outfits. When I see these bags, I think about hipster subculture.

Mö Globby Print Backpacks Winter 2019

That's a nice rucksack called Azure.

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Great Bags and Accessories in Mö Winter Campaign

Spanish brand
 of modern and cool bags and accessories reveals its latest Mö winter campaign entitled "Mö <3 Paris". The label offers a great variety of stylish backpacks, which are ideal for styling with your everyday casuals. I personally love the way stylists mixed up the Parisienne spirit with grunge style. This winter is all about pretty Globby print and functional design. We see model Ingrid Lundgren who appears in the streets of Paris sporting casual separates with stunning bags.

Great Bags and Accessories in Mö Winter Campaign 2019

The floral elongated black shirt looks great with Mö creation. This backpack is ideal for all your everyday essentials, starting from make up products to books and notebooks.

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Sweet Pom Pom Hats To Try This Winter

You can always add a playful touch to your winter wardrobe by wearing one of the following sweet pom pom hats. These cute designs are ideal for girls and ladies who want to look great with their quirky layered look. I personally like to see girls wearing this headgear with polished outfits. Well, I don't know what style experts say about this headwear, but I highly recommend you to try it this year. Lots of women think that this hat is meant only for kids, but you all know, that the latest runway collections were full of this awesome pom pom. I tried to collect the best styles from wool to fur fabrics. As you can see, each piece comes in different shape and style, from classic to embellished and modified. So, get inspired and buy one of these must-have accessories, which will pop on your head this season!

Sweet Pom Pom Hats To Try This Winter 2019

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What Plaid Scarves Are In Style This Year

If you are looking for a cozy scarf, then let me share with you this awesome collection of plaid scarves what are in style this year. As you all know, scarf is an essential part of any wardrobe, it can serve as a great addition for underlining your uniqueness, as well as a great savior from cold winds and low temperatures to warm your neck. I have collected the most interesting designs, which are great for casual and special events. The plaid print makes you noticeable in the crowd, as well as it underlines your individuality. This season is best for wearing plaid scarves in red, blue, green, cream white and brown. Of course, everything depends on your overall look, I mean if you are dressed in muted colors, then you can always add voguish bright colors to underline your personality, while those outfits, which already come in bold hues, then of course it's better to use neutral color accessories on your neck. Anyway, these images will give you more ideas and inspiration:

What Plaid Scarves Are In Style This Year 2019

Marc By Marc Jacobs offers Toto style in Cambridge red multi colors. That's a vibrant piece in vibrant plaid weave, which is ideal for wearing with office looks.

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Fashion Trend: Berets For Women

Today I want to talk about this season hat fashion trends. I want to show you my favorite berets for women. If you want to achieve that special Parisian chic look, then I highly recommend to try on one of the following French berets. It's a universal option for any height and shape woman. You can wear it with casual or formal wear. It's no wonder why French women always look for new designs. I personally think that this hat is a perfect addition to any outfit. You can easily pair it with any outerwear. You can style it with ribbed knit sweaters and cocktail dresses for a glamorous and chic addition. No matter if it's one color, multicolored, or it comes in a basic design, it's totally a winter catch. The following collection features elegant muted colors, including black, dark grey, navy, as well as plaid monochrome ones, which are still graceful and elegant. I suggest you to invest this year in one of the following styles and wear it now and next winter season.

Fashion Trend: Berets For Women 2019

That's a functional Hat Attack wool design in black color. That's a perfect classic headgear, which fits to any ensemble.

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