How To Wear Ripped Jeans in Winter

We all want to look special, but during Winter time it's pretty hard to be done, as we got used to layering ourselves in different layers. But today's article is dedicated to ripped jeans and how to wear them in Winter. Jeans is a classic timeless piece that never goes out of style. It can be found in lots of great styles, starting from boyfriend to skinnies and flares. Anyway, I've got awesome outfit ideas with ripped jeans to share with you, all you need is to find the best look and give it a try this cold season.

How To Wear Ripped Jeans in Winter 2019

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These Are The Best Winter Moccasins For Ladies

There are so many ways how you can keep your feet warm in winter, as you can try on numerous combinations and tricks to feel comfortable. Today I want to show you some of the best winter moccasins for ladies to try on this year. Each of the showcased models looks very sweet and cute, not saying that each of these designs is a real savior during cold winter days. The following compilation consists of seven awesome styles that are ideal for wearing with your everyday clothes. All in all, there is nothing more comfortable than wearing a pair of women's warm moccasins.

These Are The Best Winter Moccasins For Ladies 2019
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How To Dress For The Cold: 20 Looks With Pictures

I'd like to share with you my new post called how to dress for the cold. I am going to give you my favorite 20 looks that feature Polyvore pictures. You are about to see awesome outfit ideas that are functional and timelessly fancy. Of course, cold weather pushes us wearing layered apparel, making us looking like Eskimos, but if you will think over your attire adding some clever moves, then I can assure, you will keep yourself in coziness without looking like a mummy. Keep your heads up, as we are going to see various outfits featuring denims, dresses, knits, deer prints, grunge touches, urban easy to wear pieces and many other voguish and feminine everyday wear looks. Here are presented comfortable and layer-friendly essentials that will get you through the coldest weather seasons. Read on to see simple but eye-catching outfit ideas:

How To Dress For The Cold: 20 Looks With Pictures 2019

That's an urban, cozy outfit that features cable knit cream white sweater, knitted beanie, straight worn-effect jeans, shearling jacket, mittens and flat booties.

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This Winter Must-Have Cover Up: Cape Coat

Today's story is this winter must-have cover up, what is called cape-coat. This cozy outerwear adds an extra effort to your body when you are out in the streets. This pretty layer is ideal for those women and ladies who wear pantsuits, as you can feel comfort while wearing this cozy tailored piece that covers your suit. But this jacket silhouette is not only easy to wear, but it's a fantastic layering piece that spices up any winter outfit. It seems to me that this timeless version will never go out of style. I see many designers who are taking back the cape coats on the winter outerwear scene. So, why don't you wrap yourself up in one of these gorgeous updates. Scroll down your mouse to see the best styles for this winter.

This Winter Must-Have Cover Up: Cape Coat 2019

Acne Studios Ezra short black version has a dramatic, avant garde look that is crafted in substantial twill and detailed with edgy batwing sleeves. The following design features snap epaulets and stand up collar.

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22 Winter Outfit Ideas For Women

In today's post I want to share with all of you my personal 22 winter layering and outfit ideas that every woman and lady should own. Once it getting cold, we automatically want to wrap up in cozy layers, hide our faces in warm cashmere and safely (immediately) get ourselves at work/school/office. The thing is that once you wrap yourself in those layers there is a chance that you won't look feminine enough to attract everyone around. Some may say: "I don't even give a thing!," but ladies, you know we are not monkeys and we are not living in the stone age anymore, that's why we have to think over our wardrobe before living the house. I firmly believe you have lots of wardrobe options for the cooler months, that's why I really hope that these outfit ideas will have you looking cute and cozy all this freezing season long. Go ahead and renew your look by viewing this awesome ideas to try on for this fall-winter season.

22 Winter Outfit Ideas For Women 2019

The following outfit features interesting pieces that include knitted beanie with fur pom pom (this year's must have), leather black trousers (I guess they are slim-fit), loose-fit camel hued V-neck sweater, retro inspired glossy black shoulder bag, rounded sunglasses in black lenses and frames, as well as leather dark camel booties with low heel.

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What shoes to wear with maxi dress in winter

If you ask yourself what shoes to wear with a maxi dress in winter, then you are on the right page, darling. Today I want to show you some gorgeous outfits featuring maxi dresses styled with eye-catching and functional footwear. Many women associate maxi ensembles with dressy and formal occasions, however it has become acceptable and stylish to wear maxi for casual occasions. Don't you agree that a long ensemble is elegant and comfy? The most important element in this clothing piece is the feet: what footwear you choose? I personally find ankle, knee-high, flat and heeled booties to be the most appropriate designs to fit your feet. The following looks feature practical and fashionable choices to pair your maxi in the winter. So what shoes go with a maxi dress?

What shoes to wear with maxi dress in winter 2019

Here we see a casual boho chic look, which includes brown leather jacket with awesome fur collar, maxi grey, sleeveless sweat-dress, vintage light brown bag and stunning cowboy inspired booties in sand brown.

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How To Wear Trousers In Fall Season

This time you are going to find out the best ways how to wear trousers in fall season. It looks like the off-duty tailoring trend rises up in fashion. We see lots of classic pants which are transformed into women's modern wardrobe looks. No matter if it's wide-leg, tapered, pencil, elevated joggers or brightly printed design, there will be lots of office and after hours appropriate looks to try on the upcoming months. There are ideal options for those ladies who want to feel relaxed in their daily lives, that's why you are going to see many casual and less professional looks. What I love about modern fashion, then it's the versatility and mannish touch, which allows you to mix-and-match different styles. All in all, the following Polyvore collection consist of various different style combinations to choose from.

How To Wear Trousers  In Fall Season 2019

Speaking of classic tailoring, then there are timeless, versatile and elegant options which are ideal for businesswomen. Here we see black, pleated version which are paired with a slim-fit blazer, black suede pumps and cool sunglasses.

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