How To Make Lace Dress Look Great On You

Lace as we know it probably originated in the sixteenth century, although fine nets were swishing around for centuries before that. Needles or bobbins spun silky threads in dreamy colors for the adornment of modish outfits of the day. Ever since then, we’ve been looking for new ways to wear lace, and 2018 is no different. Lace dresses are often either conservative or coquettish, but these strike a lovely balance. Think Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (can’t you see her in the green one?), not the Queen Mother. Playful colors counter the naughtiness of the lace, creating a sexy attitude that’s anything but stodgy.

How To Make Lace Dress Look Great On You 2019

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Loriblu Bridal Shoes

If you want yourself something eye-catching and bright for your wedding, then you better go for Loriblu bridal shoes. In today's post I am going to share with you label's collection of beautiful Italy made shoes embellished with stones and Swarovski elements. Everything shines and glitters. We see modern ideas and beautiful designs that are not only luxurious but also extremely elegant. Every design expresses its own character, making you look simply fantastic. Love the quality and materials used. It's true to say that you are going to become the focal point and the distinctive style for everybody.

Loriblu Bridal Shoes 2019
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Botanical Garden: Floral Motifs In Jewelry Collections

There should be no worries regarding the upcoming fall season, as florals will always be with you. Today I bring you compilation of rose, carnation and four-leaf clover shaped jewelry pieces made by renowned masters of women's luxe decorative items. You can always extend the summer mood, by choosing one of these must-haves from the modern jewelry brand collections. Here below, we see ring and earrings made by Alexander Arne. Arne Rose collection comes with gorgeous rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. New designs come with encrusted colorless diamonds which lightening will never fade in the dim light of autumnal sun.

Botanical Garden: Floral Motifs In Jewelry Collections 2019
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Sati Bibo Women’s Bags For Summer

Please welcome this Summer season's cool, bright and chic Sati Bibò handbags and clutches, which are made exactly for those ladies, who want to show their personal style and uniqueness. Each piece is made in Italy. Each looks has a "base" which is made from top quality leathers, nylon canvas and magnets and is "covered" by high quality materials, including mink, fox, cashmere, mixed wools, silks, crystals, etc. You are about to view gorgeous models which include shopping bag sizes, buckets, clutches, wrist clutches and medium size shoppers. How about an awesome cover for your summer night outs, day wear walks and beach attendance?

Sati Bibo Women's Bags For Summer 2019
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Ida Sjöstedt Autumn-Winter Evening Gowns and Outerwear

Scandinavian fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt is a well known person for her evening and bridal gowns and outfits. It's no doubt, she is a prospect designer, with personal style and unique approach. The latest Fall-Winter collection's runway show which was presented during Stockholm Fashion Week consisted of feminine, full of prints, playful and elegant looks. The winter's line comes with ready to wear looks which styles combine with couture touches. I personally felt in love with those long evening gowns and outerwear pieces, including shearling collar navy peacoats and coats. All in all, the autumn's collection comes with designer's signature style of tasteful kitsch.

Ida Sjöstedt Autumn-Winter Evening Gowns and Outerwear 2019
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Chanel Fine Jewellery Bridal Collection: Engagement Rings

So, this day has finally came and soon you will marry the man of your dreams. That's why today I am going to share with all of you this season's best bridal engagement rings that are offered by Chanel Fine Jewellery collection. The brand comes up with outstanding and eye-catching rings that are designed with love and true romance so you don't have to worry about these precious jewelery quality and exclusive designs. If you will take a closer look at these diamond rings, then I believe, you will find all these designs truly romantic and unique, as all these styles are available in different designs and looks, so if you love gold, then you will find here golden rings, if you like silver, believe me, you will find plenty of beautiful silver rings. So, what are we waiting for, let's get inspired by these gorgeous and truly luxe jewelery.

Chanel Fine Jewellery Bridal Collection: Engagement Rings 2019

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Rajdeep Ranawat Bridal Couture Luxe Practicality

Indian fashion label Rajdeep Ranawat shares with us its Bridal Couture collection of women's bespoke and unique bridal gowns. Label's designer Rajdeep Ranawat always draws his inspiration from nature, that's why his haute couture luxury creations are always bright, unique and romantic. Each of Ranawat's collections are inspired by the Orient and the vintage feel. Here you will find embroidered, sequined and beaded gowns accessorized with shawls and head accessories. As you already noticed, here are showcased "art to wear" apparel, which incorporates elegance, practicality and luxe.

Rajdeep Ranawat Bridal Couture Luxe Practicality 2019

Rajdeep Ranawat Bridal Couture Luxe Practicality 2019

I personally like those original details, block prints and feminine silhouettes that are made thanks to the finest materials, beads, pearls and sequins. So, if you want to shine and glitter at your wedding day, then believe me, these flawless creations is what you really looking for.

Fashion East Fall-Winter Odd And Creepy

Please welcome Fashion East Fall-Winter runway show, which was odd and quite creepy for me. Label's designers Claire Barrow, Ryan Lo and Ashley Williams showcased three different ideas of femininity on the catwalk. I would not say, that these garments are practical and wearable, yet if you want to be in the center of attention, then why not. Here you will find fish purse, black leather bridal outfit, pussy-bow blouses in transparent fabrics, circle-skirted dévoré dresses and black leather evening coats. There were showcased menswear outfits, but very few, one of male models was wearing bowling ball in his hands.

Fashion East Fall-Winter Odd And Creepy 2019
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Viktor & Rolf Resort Oversized Preppy Looks

Viktor & Rolf presented oversize preppy looks in their latest resort collection's lookbook. Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren offer fresh, clean and youthful designs, featuring pleated skirts, Bermuda shorts, shrunken blazers, short dresses, snug little tailored jackets, knee-length shorts, crisp white cotton shirts, coats, miniskirts, silk organza dresses, zipper intarsia sweaters, here are presented even bridal looks (frilly dresses, sleeveless jumpsuits). Here you will see club stripes, Swiss florals and polka dots motifs, which underline girly and sensible touch. Indeed, I'd say it's kind of school girl inspired collection with minimal vibe, graphic lines and sculptural flounce.

Viktor & Rolf Resort Oversized Preppy Looks 2019
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Relaxed Elegance in Honor Resort Lookbook

Today I have some fresh news from Honor brand and it's new Resort collection. Label's designer Giovanna Randall was inspired by the 1990's long and drippy silhouettes and American Impressionist Paul Cornoyer's painting Madison Square After the Rain (a very beautiful painting by the way), which inspired her to use the color palette of white, black, golden-yellow, pink and blurred floral prints. Collection's shapes vary from evening to day with ultra-feminine silhouettes. Here are showcased neck-tied blouses, high-volume skirts below-the-knee pencil skirts, boxy blazers paired over a knee-length skirts, gowns with leather details at the bust. There were evening outfits that could be used as bridal dresses, including long white gowns with smocked chiffon capelet shoulders.

Relaxed Elegance in Honor Resort Lookbook 2019

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