What Is Wallpics and How It Helps You to Fix Your Walls

Nowadays one can find myriad options of wall decors, such as mirrors, wall stickers, bookshelf and most of these promises to be the best. However, in reality, this is not true. Most of these are priced quite high and do not give you the look that you expect it to give. Furthermore, the chances of getting your walls damaged by these wall decors are quite high. Keeping this in mind an innovative and new type of wall décor has been introduced and this is known as Wallpics. It is something which can make your home look beautiful without creating any problem for you. Drive through the write-up and learn more about Wallpics and how it can fix your walls.

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Pop Art Print Trend In Women’s Fashion

Is fashion art? An answer to that eternal question was once offered by Pierre Bergé, who said: “fashion is not art, but it needs an artist to create it”. But that didn’t stop Miuccia Prada from collaborating with no less than eight illustrators to take inspiration from comics, nor Rei Kawakubo from applying paintings by Guiseppe Arcimboldo and multidimensional graffiti to her sculptural volumes. And as for Donatella Versace, she reprinted Andy Warhol works and pop art Vogue covers all over her outfits to give the 90s look a fantasy twist. In this article, I want to talk about pop art fashion influence on modern collections, you are about to see stunning prints and colors that can be worn in real life. Get inspired and see what's trending right now!

Pop Art Print Trend In Women's Fashion 2019

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Best Fashion Trends: Capes For Women

Is it too much to suggest that fashion's search for a retail panacea has led it to the most literal manifestation of a solution: superhero capes? Probably. But how else should one read the runes of the autumn/winter 2018 catwalks when there are capes everywhere you look? Milan and London offered numerous takes on the sleek silhouette, from opera-ready jacquard at Erdem, to body-swamping leather at Alberta Ferretti, with a load of leopard print (thank you, Dolce & Gabbana) in between. (Special mention must go, too, to the cape toppers at Fendi, little choux-like puffers that sat on top of regular camel coats.)

Best Fashion Trends: Capes For Women 2019

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How To Look Like A Real French Chic: Tucked In Hair

If you still wondering what to do with yourself in order to look like a real French girl, then I am here to share with you one trick that can make a real change to your look, yes, I am talking about tucking your hair. This trick is so French! The thing about looking like a French lady is not about what you wear, but more about how you wear it. So, I am here to show you how to put a very little effort in wearing your hair tucked in and make the maximum from such a simple look. Read on to find out more.

How To Look Like A Real French Chic: Tucked In Hair 2019

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Sandrine Philippe Spring-Summer Menswear Collection

Sandrine Philippe’s atelier collections look precious thanks for its unique fragility. This time we are about to see her new Spring collection entitled 'Urban Animus.' It's full of men's urban looks. There is kind of post-apocalyptic touch in almost every showcased outfit. It is a reference to the process of metamorphosis. The organic nature of the clothes reveals strange materials born of wild animals. The pieces make references to piles of debris, buried under the ashes. The animalistic spirit leaves its traces by creating a link to the past and destruction, thus allowing for a contemporary yet timeless wardrobe. The whole collection is completed by a new line of spacious bags.

Sandrine Philippe Spring-Summer Menswear Collection 2019

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Valentina Brugnatelli Spring-Summer Italian Jewelry

Italian jewelry fashion designer Valentina Brugnatelli presents her latest Spring-Summer collection of women's luxe jewelry. Looking through these images you automatically ask yourself if every showcased design has a soul. I am amazed by the beauty of these creations, every detail comes with a marvelous look. It feels,like every piece tells a story. Brugnatelli's clientèle is a free-spirited woman with a personality strong enough to wear whatever she feels like. She's comes with an individual personality that makes you love her from the very first sight.

Valentina Brugnatelli Spring-Summer Italian Jewelry 2019
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How To Dress Like A French Woman: Ines de la Fressange Paris х UNIQLO

This season Uniqlo has partnered up with French model-slash-designer Ines de la Fressange. The two have delivered capsule collections of affordable pieces inspired by the sophisticated femininity found in the influential works of motion picture directors François Truffaut​ and Jean-Luc Godard. I see beautiful Parisian charm and spirit. Ines de la Fressange is known not only for modeling and being muse for leading designer brands. She's also a successful business lady, designer and fashion icon. Ines has her own unique style and perfect taste in combining mannish and ladylike clothes. I love the way she manages easily pair everyday clothes by adding special Parisian chic that is so popular among fashionistas around the world.

How To Dress Like A French Woman: Ines de la Fressange Paris х UNIQLO 2019

Make a move around town wearing a stylish blazer atop your favorite snowflake patterned crewneck sweater and midi skirt. Complete the outfit by adding leather belt worn atop jacket.

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Ines de la Fressange Paris х UNIQLO Clothes For Fall-Winter

If you are looking for a chic Parisian style, then I highly recommend to take a look through this marvelous Autumn season collaboration of Ines de la Fressange Paris х UNIQLO. Here are gathered elegant Tomboy clothes, office friendly separates and cozy knitwear must-haves. Believe me, you can create great pairings with these elegant and refined garments. You are sure to be noticed in the streets. Every piece comes with interesting shape and texture. It looks simple, yet elegant. Ines de la Fressange Paris х UNIQLO collaboration offers functional silhouettes and color palette that makes any woman look and feel confident.

Ines de la Fressange Paris х UNIQLO Clothes For Fall-Winter 2019

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The Beauty Of Scarf by Grain de Brune

If you want to wear a beautiful art on your neck, then I highly recommend to take a look through Grain de Brune scarves. French brand is proud to share with us its iconic creations. Every single piece is like a sensitive scene of life that has its own story to tell. Squares and rectangles of organic cottons showcase Paris dreams of nature through colorful and pulsating patterns. Street art and idyllic life are infused with hypnotic scenes of handmade and computer-generated compositions.

The Beauty Of Scarf by Grain de Brune 2019

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