How To Dress For The Cold: 20 Looks With Pictures

I'd like to share with you my new post called how to dress for the cold. I am going to give you my favorite 20 looks that feature Polyvore pictures. You are about to see awesome outfit ideas that are functional and timelessly fancy. Of course, cold weather pushes us wearing layered apparel, making us looking like Eskimos, but if you will think over your attire adding some clever moves, then I can assure, you will keep yourself in coziness without looking like a mummy. Keep your heads up, as we are going to see various outfits featuring denims, dresses, knits, deer prints, grunge touches, urban easy to wear pieces and many other voguish and feminine everyday wear looks. Here are presented comfortable and layer-friendly essentials that will get you through the coldest weather seasons. Read on to see simple but eye-catching outfit ideas:

How To Dress For The Cold: 20 Looks With Pictures 2019

That's an urban, cozy outfit that features cable knit cream white sweater, knitted beanie, straight worn-effect jeans, shearling jacket, mittens and flat booties.

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What Clothing Looks Great On Bald Guys

In today's post I want to share with you useful information regarding clothing outfit which look great on bald guys. The great news is that the style rules are the same for bald guys as for anyone else. For most men, loosing hair is something depressive, as the fact that you are going to spend the rest of your life as a bald, makes you feel painfully. But, listen, that's not the end of the world, as there are great fashion tips for making you look statement and masculine. Dressing well is not that hard and you don't have to spend much money on expensive clothes either. Buy good quality, mid expense clothes. You will feel more confident and more attractive by wearing those clothes, which really make you fit and stylish.

What Clothing Looks Great On Bald Guys 2019

That's a nice set for you. Here we see a chambray shirt worn underneath green khaki field jacket with patch pockets and burgundy, cuffed chinos. You can finish the look by adding Clubmaster sunglasses, wrap scarf and Timberland boots.

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How to dress if Yellowstone supervolcano awakes

So, it finally happened! The supervolcano that lies beneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has finally awoken. The world has changed as we knew it. This explosion has effected all the nations on the planet Earth. The global climate has changed and you probably ask yourself: "What should I do now?" The first thing is to realize if you have enough food to eat.

How to dress if Yellowstone supervolcano awakes 2019
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Roland Mouret Spring-Summer Contemporary and Elegant

Hello there my dear The Best Fashion Blog readers, today I have great news for you, as we are about to review this contemporary and elegant womenswear Spring-Summer collection by Roland Mouret. This season's theme was inspired by the Palais Royal in Paris. You are about to see lots of graphics, fitted silhouettes and origami-like constructions. Models appeared on the runway wearing abstract pieces, folded-over skirts, precisely tailored separates, airy coats, draped skirt suits and dresses. If we speak about accessories line, then here you will find sheer gloves, striped bags, little clutch bags, black patent leather shoes and pointed ankle-wrapped flats. All in all, it's predominantly monochrome collection yet with lots of abstract patterns, geometrical lines and patches.

Roland Mouret Spring-Summer Contemporary and Elegant 2019
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Ski Resort Clothing for Women

Today we are going to observe this year's best ski resort clothing and accessories that will definitely look amazing on you. By the way I have collected beautiful collection of fur and knitwear designs that will keep you safe and warm during skiing or walking down the street of a ski town. Here are presented eye-catching Inès & Maréchal fur collars, DKNY puffy jackets, Illesteva sunglasses in leopard print frames, Dear Cashmere knitwear, Bogner fur boots, Woolrich parkas, Lacoste gloves and many more stylish pieces. The ski season is in a now in full swing. So, take your skis and snowboards and go to the mountains, but I think you should take some cozy clothes with you as well, right?

Ski Resort Clothing for Women 2019

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Top-25 School Wear Uniform Inspired Garments

Every autumn season we buy ourselves knitted jumpers, pleated skirts, loafers- in other words fall uniform. Remember our mamas preparing us for school days. I'd like to share with you some bright school uniform inspired garments and accessories compilation that will make you feel a bit of girlish and ready for school days.

Top-25 School Wear Uniform Inspired Garments 2019

The Best Fashion Blog has chosen top-25 school wear inspired pieces, so that you are ready for your classes. Here below you will find Marni bags, Prada shoes, Marc Jacobs dresses, 3.1 Phillip Lim knitted sweaters and many other things which can be bought online at different online shops.
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How To Style: Festival Fashion Tips

Love, Summer and Fun! It's summer outside and I think you all ready for flirty and chic outfits with cutoffs, lace and dazzling prints, like flowers and bold geometric prints. Today, I am going to share with you funky and festival outfits that will make your daily look amazing. I think all of you are ready to go out in some chic and long-waited festival outfits, combining together unexpected goodies. If you are still choosing the appropriate cool and oh-so-chic outfit, then here you will find festival fashion tips that will make you happy and stand out from the crowd.

How To Style: Festival Fashion Tips 2019
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Women’s Cardigans

Elegant Cover Up. It seems to me, that cardigans became essentials in real fashionista's wardrobe. This garment is elegant and comes in different style variations. There are many designs that can be choose by you, that's why my mission is to share with you possible style of cardigans that can be worn this season. This garment can be worn by men and women, as it's comfortable, beautiful and can be worn at any occasion.

Let's start from casual and elegant cardigan styles for this season. Cardigans can be worn at daytime as well as at night and evening events. Please note, that usually casual style cardigans are made from jersey rich colors, including orange, red, green and turquoise. If the cardigan comes with smart decorations, like buttons, ruffles, bows, paillettes and shiny materials then your cardigan can become part of your evening outfit's look.

Let's take a look at long cardigans of this season. It's a very popular design, as it comes in different styles, for instance: long knitted cardigans, that are worn with short dresses, swimsuits at the beach or mini shorts, or you can pair it with t-shirts and simple jeans. Knitted cardigans look like boho style to me.

Women's Cardigans 2019

So, you all know that knitted cardigans look a bit boho style, let's take a look at other combinations of styles, like suits with cardigans. If you complete your skirt suit or pantsuit look with cardigan, then you will look stylish and really modern. Please NOTE! if you are wearing cardigan with other outfits, then try to wear cardigans with flared skirts or mini shorts, you will look feminine and bold. If you will try ripped jeans with cardigan, then trust me, you will look modern and casual.

Women's Cardigans 2019

White Color Outfit Ideas for Spring-Summer

White Color Look. Today's topic is white color outfit ideas for this spring-summer season. White color is ladies basic color, that can be found in every lady's wardrobe. There is no surprise, that white color stays trendy every season. This spring and summer season white color outfits have been modernized and appeared in many catwalk fashion shows. There are some really gorgeous trends about this color, for instance there is a white shirt trend, that can be classy or sporty.

Take a look at this idea of your summer outfit. You can simply team t-shirt and mini skirt and believe me you will look sporty than never before.

White Color Outfit Ideas for Spring-Summer 2019

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