Emporio Armani Watches Collection for Women

Please welcome Emporio Armani watch collection for women. Yes, we all know, that in the upcoming years we will all have new kind of iWatch and other gadgets which will be worn on our hands, but before all these revolutionary items let's wear something classy and elegant like EA accessories. New women's collection of watches includes timeless style watches in amazing designs.

Emporio Armani Watches Collection for Women 2019

Here below you will see several styles which are unique and chic. There are colorful ones which combine silicon and stainless steel, there are stand-out casual watches and pyramid stone watches.
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Glam Rock Miami Watches

Let's take a look at the Glam Rock brand's latest collection of gorgeous watches. That's is a luxe brand which offers luxurious watches with quilted leather and laser cut out straps and various colors (brown, black, pastel tones, like pink, orange, mint, lilac and blue), while my favorite ones are glitzy gold variation with white and black check strap. The front side of watches is absolutely gorgeous and glamour, just take a closer look at the chronograph dials, large numbers, simply WOW. The start price of the watches is from $1000 and upwards and are available on the Glam Rock website.

Glam Rock Miami Watches 2019

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Awesome SWAROVSKI Watches for Women

Watches that Shine. When watches are not just an accessory element, then ladies, believe me you have to get the best ones. Today, I am going to share with you one of my favorite collections of SWAROVSKI watches for women. These styles are really chic, stunning and elegant, I've seen celebrities wearing these kind of watches. Once you put them on your hand, you become person of everyone's attention, why? Because of the different colorful and shining shades, and high quality.

Awesome SWAROVSKI Watches for Women 2019

If you are digital watches lover, then avoid buying some boring sporty watch, it's better to choose Swarovski unique digital watches, they look chic thanks to their unique bracelet design and crystal cover.

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DKNY Gold Watches for Women

Golden DKNY. Let me tell you about fashionable clothing and accessories label called DKNY. You all know, this label is highly prestigious and well known for its modern and urban looks. Today, I am going to share with you its watches collection. To stand out the crowd this season I advise you to choose DKNY gold watches.

DKNY Gold Watches for Women 2019

Gold accessories have always been fashionable and trendy, this season is no exception. If you want an outstanding accessory, then listen to my words, have yourself a cool watch. This time I made a nice compilation of different DKNY gold watches styles, starting from casual gold watches to dressy gold ones in different sizes, designs and styles.

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DKNY Silver Watches for Women

Popular and Glamour. Today's topic is about DKNY silver watches made specially for women. This label is well known for its cool, urban and chic accessories, especially women's watches. If you are fan of watches, then this post is meant for you. Silver is extremely versatile color, that color can match any women's outfit, that's why I've made a great compilation of silver watches. These silver watches by DKNY can be worn with casual and dressy garments, so you don't have to worry about what accessories to wear for different occasions and believe me, this colro will never go out of fashion. As you can see below, it's really great collection of DKNY women's silver watches, which comes in a wide array of sizes, styles and shapes.

DKNY Silver Watches for Women 2019

One of DKNY styles is my favorite one and its name is DKNY Street Smart watch, it has large size, silver metallic bracelet, round shape and pearl dial. This model style can be accessorized with crystal details all around the frame, looks edgy. If you want to look perfect and you are attending dressy occasion, then why don't you choose DKNY Chain bracelet watch in rectangular shape, with white dial, or DKNY Diamond watch with rectangular shape frame and shiny bracelet. What I love about DKNY watches is the ability to team them with any outfit you want.

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Dueber Pocket Watches for Women

Vintage Style Accessories. Today I'm going to share with you some really great watches compilation and it's pocket watches for women. These are my favorite ones, because of simplicity, vintage, uniqueness and convenience. Dueber offers a great assortment of pocket watches which come in different styles, designs and colors. Let me tell you about these Dueber watches main style categories: first one is an open face pocket watches; second one is called hunting case pocket watches and last one is called pocket watch domes.

Dueber Pocket Watches for Women 2019

My favorite model of pocket watches from Dueber is called Double Roller Railroad pocket watch, it looks versatile and believe me it will never go out of fashion. This watch is casual and very simple, it features white dial and gold stainless steel case; it also comes with silver color, all depends on your preferences. Another great model is called Dueber Antique Hunting Case pocket watch, which is made in silver and gold colors, has round shape, roman numbers and polished satin case. Final style that I find gorgeous, unique and edgy is called Dueber pocket watch domes. This watch features an open face pocket, comes in gold or silver, and they are placed in a glass display dome. Which one is your favorite.

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Fendi Jewelry Watches for Women

Women's Friend and Enemy- Time. Every woman loves watches, especially if it's jewelry watch. Jewelry watches are both elegant and suitable for all times. Today, I have a great compilation of Fendi's jewelry watches for women. Here you can find all that you need for your everyday elegant look. Every watches model comes with leather strap, buckle closure, stainless steel case- as you can see all models look charming and elegant.

Fendi Jewelry Watches for Women 2019

Every model is unique and comes with a great detailing. These watches are suitable for wearing all day long and night too. There are lots of different style variations, so if you love shiny objects and sparkling embellishments, then these jewelry watches are worth of your attention. Some models come with stainless steel round cases and stainless steel bracelets. What are you waiting for, just grab one of these.

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