Maurice Lacroix 40th Anniversary Celebration

Let's have a celebration for Maurice Lacroix’s 40th anniversary. Saignelégier, Swiss Jura based Maurice Lacroix brand presents its provocative, playful and eclectic designs with high quality, reliability and unique authenticity. If you are in search of that very special piece, then let me share with you four bold mechanical and creative watches from Maurice Lacroix. You are about to see innovative designs that respect traditions of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and «passion for progress».

Maurice Lacroix 40th Anniversary Celebration 2019

Iconic. Masterpiece Square. The «Square Wheel», which garnered numerous distinctions, is no doubt the jewel in the crown. To some extent it perfectly symbolizes Maurice Lacroix, an icon of modern watchmaking.

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Super Hero Watches

When it feels like you are a superhero!? Inspired by Tom Cruise wearing the Maurice Lacroix Eliros watch in the latest Mission Impossible and from James Bond to Batman and Spiderman, I have gathered perfect watches that will match your personality and your favorite hero. Tell me what are your personal favorite watches?

Super Hero Watches 2019

Maurice Lacroix EL1087-SS002-110. Beautiful, stainless and masculine watches. For an elegant businessman who is always on the run. This design will ideally look with pantsuits and semi-formal attire.

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Wood Watches by JORD

Please welcome JORD watches! I have already shared with you my personal review on DOVER SERIES Zebrawood & Cream model (here is the link). Now it's time to show you other styles. First of all, the name of this brand comes from Swedish language, meaning earth, soil, land. Why? Well, I guess, it's all about our mother nature what gives birth to everything, including trees, from which these watches are made of.

Wood Watches by JORD 2019

JORD 94A Series Natura Green & Maple.

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UNKNOWN Spring-Summer Watches

Today's news is about minimalistic time piece brand named Unknown. We have chance to see its Spring-Summer season watches collection. The label was founded only last year in October, but it seems like it makes the big steps into the world of fashion accessories, by offering its clients minimalistic timepiece. The collection is available on and ASOS. All the inspiration is from art, fashion and vintage designs. I personally love the high quality of the components and its impeccable designs. Every style is sketched, designed and modified until it's just right.

UNKNOWN Spring-Summer Watches 2019
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Top 10 Women’s Gifts For New Year

Well, it's only one month before the New Year's Eve, right? I think you have to hurry up before midnight to buy your special woman an awesome gift. The thing is that every lady has her own wishes and you have to know, what she's thinking of. If it's a very first time when you celebrate New Year with your woman, then it can be so, that you still don't know her taste, what she likes, dislikes, right? So, my mission for today was to gather all universal gifts, products, accessories in one place, so you can look through and choose what might be in her interest. Let's have a detailed look at the following New Tear's awesome women gifts:

Top 10 Women's Gifts For New Year 2019

That's a chic piece from RABLABS . A photo frame in smoke shade made of a slice of polished agate.
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The iconic British watch and jewelery brand STORM celebrates its 25 anniversary this year. I have chance to bring you its stylish selection of watches for only £25 and a limited time only. All the presented designs look statement and elegant. We see four models, where two of them are made for women and the other ones are for men. Here are shown statement women's model called Kanti, which feature brand's signature enamel links and case in bright purple. If you are one of those women who wants herself something more subtle, then try on Astine design, which features high grade polished stainless steel links and an oversized dial embellished with crystals. If you are a man, then try on either Alvor watch, which features a minimalistic dial, date feature and STORM’s signature high grade stainless steel strap, or try on more sartorial gent's look, named Mazin (ultra slim case, strap and classic analogue dial). All the styles are priced at £25 exclusively to STORM stores (from October till the last watch is sold).

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Nooka Super Heroes Watches

I have great news for all trendsetters who love wearing bold and colorful accessories on their hands. Today I bring you Nooka Super Heroes watches collection which suits both men and women. New York based fashion brand Nooka, who is specialized in creating futuristic watches, presents its latest collaboration with renowned publishing house DC Comics. We see five new, different designs, which are dedicated to each one of Justice League team superheroes. All styles come with solid rubber strap in five different colors (blue, red, black, green and orange-yellow) and each dial contains the logo of superhero: Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. All these models can be bought online at for $ 150 each.

Nooka Super Heroes Watches 2019
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Karl Lagerfeld Watches For Fall-Winter

I want to introduce to you Karl Lagerfeld's new watches line, which consists of men's and women's designs. There is men's black classic model and three gorgeous options for women. The following Autumn-Winter season's collection looks very rich and sophisticated. I personally love men's black matte style made of stainless steel (this watches price is $295). The women's designs, include the ones made of pink gold (you can buy them for about $225), there is awesome Petite Stud design made from stainless steel in three different options: yellow, pink and black colors (the price is still unknown). While the price for Marais watches with a strict rectangular dial is $ 275. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at the following models:

Karl Lagerfeld Watches For Fall-Winter 2019
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Luxe Watches by Maurice Lacroix

If you want a real masterpiece on your arm, then I highly recommend you to take a look at the latest collection of luxe watches made by Maurice Lacroix. That's a luxe Swiss watches brand based in the Canton of Jura and headquartered in Zurich. What drives me crazy about these amazing masterpieces then it's the Swiss watchmaking art and high quality standards which are visible to the naked eye. I've never seen the combination of timeless look and contemporary design, which are mixed together with perfect details and eye-catching styles. Indeed, Maurice Lacroix team blends swiss watch craftsmanship with powerful and unique design. How about to imagine the unimaginable and try on one of these masterpieces:

Luxe Watches by Maurice Lacroix 2019

Masterpiece Gravity MP6118_PVB01_130 is a classical model, which key's element is the “glass-box” sapphire crystal. This model comes with a black leather strap.

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