15:21 Accessories: Cork Wallet For Real Yuppies

Let's talk about cork! Not so long time ago I was contacted by Anders who is the creative director behind newly established Stockholm-based brand 15:21. The label offers cork made accessories for men and women. If you are a young gent or lady who is a real yuppie, then these pieces are your must-haves. I think every professional will fall in love with these custom made items. Indeed, brand is focused on providing fashion conscious individuals with natural accessories in minimalist design, made out of soft eco-friendly Portuguese cork. Here are presented delicious images of 15:21 cork wallet.

Cork Wallet For Real Yuppies By 15-21 (1)

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Ucon Acrobatics Bags & Wallets For Spring-Summer 2015

Today I want to share with you Ucon Acrobatics functional Spring-Summer 2015 accessories made both for women and men. You are going to see awesome bags and wallets made of bespoke fabrics with notable details. Each bag and wallet is like a masterpiece. Everything looks modern and extremely functional. I am pretty sure you will like these awesome creations. Anyway, let's have a detailed look:

Ucon Acrobatics Bags & Wallets For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

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Ucon Acrobatics Bags Collection 2015

Just before this Christmas Ucon Acrobatics has launched an awesome bags collection for 2015 year. Each creation is constructed from robust 16oz canvas and wool-felt fabric. The line is extended by two new backpacks, as well as new series of luxurious wallets that are crafted from premium leather. Looking through these images I can assure that each of these products is a high quality creation that looks and feels so must-have. I personally love the wallets and functional backpacks.

Ucon Acrobatics Bags Collection 2015 (1)

The canvas backpacks are multi functional as you can use them for different activities, starting from carrying all your essentials for work to picnic essentials.

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Top 10 Women’s Gifts For New Year 2015

Well, it's only one month before the New Year's Eve, right? I think you have to hurry up before midnight to buy your special woman an awesome gift. The thing is that every lady has her own wishes and you have to know, what she's thinking of. If it's a very first time when you celebrate New Year with your woman, then it can be so, that you still don't know her taste, what she likes, dislikes, right? So, my mission for today was to gather all universal gifts, products, accessories in one place, so you can look through and choose what might be in her interest. Let's have a detailed look at the following New Tear's awesome women gifts:


That's a chic piece from RABLABS . A photo frame in smoke shade made of a slice of polished agate.
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Women’s Gifts For Christmas 2014

If you are looking for the best gift ideas for a very special woman in your life then let me share with you this awesome compilation of cool must-haves for this Christmas. In this compilation I tried to gather the coolest things that will make your woman happy. All the following things are ideal for a grown up woman, so let's see this year's essentials. Look through these great gifts and tell me what's your favorite. I tried to search for universal products, so you don't have to think will these pieces will suit your special lady or not...what you have to do is just buy it. As you can see, each product comes with great details, that's why these presents will suit women from 25 to 50, or even older.

wallet from Jrme Dreyfuss

Here we see an awesome continental wallet from Jrme Dreyfuss in deep grey calf hair with black spots. This animal spot will underline your woman's uniqueness and individuality. That's a very special piece for your great love.
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ADAX Men’s Wallet “Sesto” For Fall-Winter 2014-2015

If you want a really practical and statement accessory, then you should check out Denmark brand ADAX, which offers qualitative and functional leather goods. In today's post I want to introduce to you men's Sesto series wallet from Adax. This piece is a functional one, which can keep all your important visit cards, cash, coins and credit cards in one place. The first thing, which I've noticed, is the quality of leather, it looks soft and durable at the same time. Next thing, which is important is the design, which allows you to carry it in your pocket, or in a suitcase.

DKK 249,00, SEK 329,00, NOK 329,00, EUR 34,90 (Color Category: Black)
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ADAX Men’s Wallet “Edinburgh” For Fall-Winter 2014-2015

This time I want to introduce to you another Adax wallet, which is called 'Edinburgh.' This functional accessory comes in several types, while each of them is made from the softest calf leather. All of them are spacious and well organized. There are just a few details which distinct them from the other ones, so they are easy to be recognized. There is a simple and functional classic style, which is made from soft calf leather. The design is very simple and it fits into the pants pocket. There is also a large version, which is very spacious. The other one is a small version, which is perfect for everyday use. I hope you will choose the best wallet for your everyday use among these ones.

DKK 349,00, SEK 449,00, NOK 449,00, EUR 49,90 (Color Category: Black)
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ADAX Men’s Wallet “Chicago” For Fall-Winter 2014-2015

If it happened so, that you are looking for a new wallet, then you should check out this awesome Adax men's wallet entitled "Chicago." This awesome business accessory is a real must have piece, as it's both practical and spacious. I love that nice and smooth surface and that one small silver logo on the front. As you can see, there is enough space for both cash and cards. It's a well organized piece, which is made of a nice leather with a bit of shine. It looks very simple and classic. Adax offers black and brown colors, while the design is either tall, classic, either elongated.

DKK 449,00, SEK 599,00, NOK 599,00, EUR 64,90 (Color Category: Black)

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ADAX Wallets For Autumn-Winter 2014-2015

If you have passion for quality then I advice you to meet ADAX brand, which offer high quality accessories both for men and women. Today, I want to share with you brand's wallets for the upcoming Fall-Winter season. As you can see, there are pretty spacious wallet pieces, which are both practical and fashionable. Each style has plenty of space for both your cards and cash. What I love the most about the presented items, then it's a well organized interior, so it is easy and quick for you to find everything you are looking for. I personally love the soft touch of the calf leather. Each product is made of high quality leather and there are interesting designs and colors you can choose from each.

DKK: 299,00 SEK: 399,00 NOK: 399,00 EUR: 44,90 (Color Code: Black)
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ADAX Men’s Wallet “KB3” For Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Hello there my dear readers. Today I want to share with you ADAX Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 season men's wallet KB3 model, which looks elegant, practical and functional. You can wear it for ages, as ADAX offers real durable pieces. I want you to take a closer look at this masculine must-have piece. Let's have a detailed look at these leather accessories, which have classic fold designs, internal card slots and cash areas.

DKK: 299,00 SEK: 399,00 NOK: 399,00 EUR: 44,90 (Color Code: Black)
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