Women’s Clothing in Wackerhaus Fall-Winter Look Book

Relaxed Urban Girls. Danish designer Trine Wackerhausen presents his brand's WACKERHAUS latest Autumn-Winter collection of women's wear. The clothes are always influenced by art, colorful, innovative details. New collection is about relaxed silhouettes, feminine designs and constructed with innovative touch. Girl dons structured modish silhouettes. luxurious garments and sleek designs, which are crafted with careful attention to details. What I like the best in this effortlessly elegant collection is the wearability and multi-functional composition.

Women's Clothing in Wackerhaus Fall-Winter Look Book 2019

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Copenhagen Fashion Week: Wackerhaus spring-summer

Danish fashion label Wackerhaus was founded in 2003 by the young designer Trine Wackerhausen. Trine designs clothes that are wearable and practical with a strong feminine elegance. The Spring-Summer collection of Wackerhaus combines a sharp tailored silhouette with lightweight materials and carefully placed ruffles and quirky details. She delivered a clean cut and cohesive look, which expresses a certain masculinity and a fragile and feminine side of contemporary women's fashion. Her designs are delicate balance of playful extravaganza, soft femininity and strict simplicity with a classic statements.

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Wackerhaus spring-summer 2019

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