Women’s Autumn-Winter Fashion Trends

We've already spoken about fashion trends that are going to be popular this Fall-Winter season, so let's continue our trip into second part of the trends that you need to know about.

Women's Autumn-Winter Fashion Trends 2019

The first fashion trend is called - beanies. This trend looks cute and wearable as well. As this item looks sporty, then you do not have to limit yourself with athletic style outfits. I love the way these beanies are worn in BCBG Max Azria fall-winter fashion runway show, where models appeared on the catwalk wearing classy and feminine dresses with matching heels, or classy pencil skirts, pant suits with those cool beanies. It means, you can wear those beanies with any outfit this fall season.

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Celebrity Style: Marilyn Monroe

Today's topic will be Marilyn Monroe style. I’ve always been admired by her style and looks; and it's no wonder, that this beauty girl is still a style icon. I think nobody figured out why she is still teaching us style lessons. Here I've collected some rare photos of Marilyn, where she appears in timeless dresses. It's no secret, that nowadays you can find many shops (online shops) where you can buy Monroe's style garments, I've print screened one of the shops, where you can style and buy Marilyn's vintage style clothing. It's so interesting to see her images and to observe the outfits in which she appeared at different events.

Celebrity Style: Marilyn Monroe 2019

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1930’s Style Classic Menswear inspired by “Great Gatsby” by Brooks Brothers

Menswear Classics. I think everyone is waiting for the Great Gatsby movie and you are not alone, who awaits for this. Brooks Brothers in a cooperation with GG's movie costume designer Catherine Martin have launched full limited edition menswear line based on this film. Collection fully reflects the spirit of the last century's 1930's ages. The main inspiration of this collection comes from "Great Gatsby" novel book by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald and of course the upcoming movie's costumes.

1930's Style Classic Menswear inspired by "Great Gatsby" by Brooks Brothers 2019

New collection will include so famous Jay Gatsby's pink suit, Nick Carraway's cardigans, jackets and many other things.

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Vintage Inspired Looks in Collette Dinnigan Spring-Summer Collection

Australia based designer Collette Dinnigan presents her spring-summer collection's lookbook, which comes with Dinnigan's signature lace, beading, peplums, pastels and floral prints. New collection is full of pretty and feminine silhouettes with amazing detailing. Here you will find watermelon-tinged T-shirt dresses, dark blue lace dresses with nude panels at the sides, black cocktail dresses, white and wistfully romantic dresses, beaded bustier dresses, Lilac with cappuccino underlay dresses, sleeveless tops and breezy tunics. I felt in love with one dress with a ring of tuck pleats around the waist.

Vintage Inspired Looks in Collette Dinnigan Spring-Summer Collection 2019
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Retro Style Evening Bags

This Summer Evening Finishing Touches. Lots of designers presented chic and elegant bags in their spring-summer collections: from the clutches in different fruit shapes and perfume bottles to leather rucksacks and hula hoop bags (here is the link to remind the shapes of the bags). Among creative shapes and variations there were retro style evening bags with clasps, long chains, luxurious embroidery, beads and fringe. Take a closer look at the Valentino clutch bag and Jimmy Choo bag, these accessories can be worn with silk evening dresses, beads, long gloves and hat-closh. Be retro this Spring season!

Retro Style Evening Bags 2019

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Banana Republic x Mad Men: Spring-Summer campaign

Mad Men Style. Banana Republic collaborated with Janie Bryant for their new spring-summer campaign which is dedicated to the American television drama series Mad Men (i think there is no doubt that this campaign is meant for the 6th episode of this American drama). Let's overview Banana Republic' latest collection, what do we have here... Fashion model Coco Rocha green looks, psychedelic print on green dresses, striped dresses for women and classic outfits for men.

Banana Republic x Mad Men: Spring-Summer campaign 2019
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1960s Style Inspired Beauty Looks

60's Beauty Tips. I've mentioned in my previous post, that 1960's style comes back in fashion. Today I am going to share with you my latest news, that 1960's inspires beauty looks. Many designers, fashionistas and bloggers get used to beehives, nude lips, bouffant hairstyles and havy eyes. Take a look at Marc Jacobs fashion shows, there you will find makeup and hairstyles that are inspired by the 1960's.

1960s Style Inspired Beauty Looks 2019
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1960s Style Clothing – Retro Looks For Women

It's time for 1960's Styles. This year retro style comes back in town, as many designers and fashion retailers pay attention to the styles of the past, offering beautiful and chic outfits. I think you all agree, if I say, that music, culture and fashion are all connected and linked together, that's why every move that comes from every corner inspires each other.The 1960's are the Golden Ages, that reflect freedom, vibration, speed and love. It happened so, that young people refused to look, think and act like their parents did. If we will transform only the past years, like 1960's style, then it will be boring and wrong. Fashion is like history or life, it doesn't stops and moves like a spiral, evolutioning and bringing only modernized things to life. The 1960's trademarks are: plastic jewelery, A-line dresses, bold geometric prints, bright colors, kitten heels and psychedelic prints.

1960s Style Clothing - Retro Looks For Women 2019

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Trendy Street Looks For Women: Retro Style

Retro Mix and Match. It's time for me to share with you some really bright ideas and fashion trend of style that can always be adopted by you, yes, we are going to talk about retro style. Please NOTE! this style has to match your personality, so if you are not feeling this way, please do not try this at home (joke). If you feel that this fashion style really suits you, why don't you try it. One thing is important, there is no rule or fashion points about what kind of outfit is on trend now, that's why it's up to you how and what will you style. What I love about retro style is that you can wear any dress that is vintage, yet you have to style fashionable accessories along retro inspired dresses, like the right pair of big sunglasses. If you are wearing polka dot skirts, pleated ones, or flared trousers then the right amount of bracelets and necklaces will suit just right!

Trendy Street Looks For Women: Retro Style 2019

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