1950’s & 1960’s Hair Styles For Women

It's been a long time since I last wrote about hairstyles. Today we are going to observe some of the best 1950's and 1960's inspired looks for women to try on this year. If you want to be center of everyone's attention, then I highly recommend to take a closer look at these pretty awesome hairstyles, like Hollywood glamour star used to wear. Let's get glam and add some curls, waves and updos. Some stylists say that exactly the hair adds major sophistication which is so important for the first glance. Make your hair look vintage and glamorous. It looks like retro look is coming back, as we see lots of celebrities and actresses wearing the same giant curls and wavy locks what were worn in past 5 decades. Anyway, let's find out below how you too can create the same style:

1950's & 1960's Hair Styles For Women 2019

Slightly undone glamour waves look very attractive. You just have to use your fingers to make it perfect. The front side of this style looks wavy, while the back of the hair is gathered.

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Retro Clothing Fall-Winter in Elle Poland

Hey, retro fashion makes a comeback. The latest Elle Poland November issue features a "Retro mania" editorial, where fashion model Marta Dyks is wearing sweet fall-winter looks captured by Paul Farrell. We see here the influence of the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, which appear in eye-catching clothes and accessories. Each look combines of color blocking details, pretty colors, vintage accessories and funky pieces. I like seeing those retro touches which are modernized to fit the current street and lifestyle fashion and trends. Anyway, let's have a detailed view at these awesome looks and I will make a review of each Marta Dyks image.

Retro Clothing Fall-Winter in Elle Poland 2019

Here we see Martha looking vintage by wearing this plastic see through head scarf teamed with a wool slim-fit dress, which appears to be ideal for wearing at the office.

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Top 25 Vintage Dresses

How about wearing vintage style garment this season. Today I bring you my favorite Top 25 vintage dresses collection, which are ideal for those ladies who love wearing unique and bold looks. The following collection features statement jacquard, stained Glass, floral, paisley print ensembles. The thing is that modern fashion brings wide range of statement ensembles, which are not only unique, but also very personal. The vintage style refers to different ages, starting from medieval to the 1960's and 1970's year fashion. The following products classify with high quality fabrics, unique decors and handmade tailoring. The silhouette can vary, as they can have a skinny, bodycon, loose-fit, A-line fit. The length can be either mini or long. Anyway, it's time to look through these styles and choose your favorite piece:

Top 25 Vintage Dresses 2019

Navy polyester white collar 3/4 length sleeve shift comes in pretty florals. Try it on at school or weekends.

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MANGO Women’s Retro Sunglasses

Things get shady this season. I want you to take a look at these amazing women's retro sunglasses made by renowned brand MANGO. I think everyone loves classics, so there will be no wonder why we see so many cat-eye inspired styles, which come in oversize, round, wayfarer, clubmaster designs. The great thing about the following old school sunglasses is the versatile option which allows you to wear them with classic outfits, casual styles and workwear appropriate garments. The showcased vintage accessories are ideal for those women who want to try something already known, yet with genuine and ultra-modern touches. All in all, I think it's the right time to see all these awesome pieces in one post:

MANGO Women's Retro Sunglasses 2019
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Chanel Vintage Earrings

I have found a great collection of Chanel vintage earrings which are timelessly cool and eye-catching. The following compilation consists of great styles, which will definitely match any outfit, no matter if it's casual or formal look. Earrings are the most perfect accessories, which frame your face and make you look polished and make your overall look completed. In today's post I want to share with you the best ears jewelry which will bring some drama to your outfit. Here we see sparkling feminine designs, classically vintage updates and “extremely rare” vintage pieces, which are ideal for wearing with elegant work outfits. All in all, I hope this collection will inspire you:

Chanel Vintage Earrings 2019

The rope like embossing gives these chunky vintage Chanel earrings a nautical feel. I personally love these styles for a simple look.

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How to Wear Women’s Trench Coats

Stylish trench coats will never go out of style, as it's already a timeless wear, which underlines women's chicness and femininity. The following outerwear garment helps to create city chic looks. Lots of women have this light-weight outerwear in their closets, however, not all ladies can correctly style it with their daily basics. Today I want to show you best Polyvore tips on how to wear women's trenches. The modern city woman chooses elegance instead of bright trends, that's why it's okay to see classic outfitted women in the streets. There are light, loose-fit options for a laid-back wear. As you can see from the images below, this outerwear can be styled with casual chinos, jeans, formal skirts and trousers. In short, the traditional trench is not only basic wardrobe staple, but it's also a sophisticated item, which is perfect for various occasions.

How to Wear Women's Trench Coats 2019

Keep it elegant and modern by choosing the double-breasted, belted style, which is ideal for wearing with statement aviator sunglasses, white bag and peep-toe studded booties.

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Women’s Rockabilly & Swing Style

Hey everybody, Austin Powers comes back in town! Today I bring you an amazing women's rockabilly (which consists of rock and hillbilly (country music) words) and swing style clothing sets inspired by the early style of rock and roll music and 1950's and 60's looks. The "classic" rock and roll looks come with touches of pin up styles and vintage details. In recent years many girls and ladies started to appear in the streets wearing those amazing retro looks. That's why modern designers began offering us a wide variety of authentic and classic looks, which are sweet and incredibly versatile. The presented Polyvore collection consists of everyday essentials, as well as evening must-haves which are perfect for those women, who are confident and ready for new experimentations. So, please, browse below the best looks to try on this year.

Women's Rockabilly & Swing Style 2019

The polka dot gown is another great option for those ladies who want to look retro and eye-catching. I personally love these black, plastic optical cat-eye frames and pointed toe pumps. Update your look with white gloves and a sweet black bag.

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Levi’s Autumn-Winter Vintage Denim Collection

Levi’s shares its new Fall-Winter season's vintage denim collection, which is full of modern, practical and ready to wear staples. I personally love the vintage concept, which makes the following clothes so special. There is kind of 1970's touch with grunge details. We see models who are on their way to meet UFO. The southern country look comes with denim essentials, cowboy hats and perfect fit. We see denim vests, color-blocked jackets, bell bottom pants, lamb wool jackets., etc. Speaking of jeans, then there are light washed, acid wash, indigo styles and many more. The collection looks pretty solid, fun and wearable.

Levi’s Autumn-Winter Vintage Denim Collection 2019

Love the way guy is dressed: A light khaki jacket is worn atop basic tee and light washed jeans.

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A Part of the Rest Vintage Lookbook

Today I want to share with all of you this sweet and retro inspired collection from the brand named A Part of the Rest. This label loves vintage with a passion from 1990's to the antique boudoir, to worldly ethnic finds. I personally felt in love with red shirtdresses, wrapped ensembles, bright gowns and hippie inspired skirts. You are about to see modern and timeless eclectic wardrobe staples. The main inspiration comes from the trips around the USA and Brooklyn, NY. Each item will for sure refresh your favorite outfits and everyday style clothes.

A Part of the Rest Vintage Lookbook 2019

Sweet red shirtdress will look amazing as your everyday style.

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Retro Clothing in Van Bery Fall-Winter

Fashion designers Berivan Meyer and Marie Tournant behind Van Bery reveal their latest Autumn-Winter collection of women's retro inspired clothing sets. I personally love these feminine looks, which are vintage, pretty and timeless. We see girlish looks that are comfortable, easy to wear and have that special Parisian chic influence. For the next cold season Van Bery designers were inspired by the paintings of Tamara de Lempicka. Her works made the clothes look feminine, fresh and sophisticated, it feels like the paintings have moved into the real world, thanks to timeless and vibrant prints.

Retro Clothing in Van Bery Fall-Winter 2019
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