Industrial, Vintage and Scandinavian Style Furniture from Luku Home

I'd like to share with you this wonderful range of industrial, vintage and Scandinavian style furniture from family-run, boutique interiors store Luku Home. You are going to see both classic and contemporary creations starting from Moroccan inspired side tables and Scandinavian wooden dining chairs to soft furnishings.

Industrial, Vintage and Scandinavian Style Furniture from Luku Home 2019

Tribeca Coffee Table has a unique, industrial style. Table has an oxidized zinc top and weathered metal legs. An ideal addition to guest room interior.

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Women’s Retro Coats

Coat is the ultimate finishing touch to any outfit. In today's article I have a perfect collection of women's retro coats to wear this year. Every model looks stunning and perfect for wearing in the streets and special occasions. Many brands offering us elegant cover-ups in bright and darken colors, various prints and patterns. Every piece gives a retro modern vibe to your style. We see beautiful outerwear designs what look stunning with heels, trousers and dresses. You are going to see pretty creations from the likes of Emporio Armani, Gucci, J. W. Anderson, Lemaire, Giulietta, Missoni, Miu Miu, Moschino, Paule Ka, Paul & Joe, Red Valentino, Thakoon and many others. I am pretty sure, this compilation will make you wanna buy new coat.

Women's Retro Coats 2019
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Retro Inspired Dresses For Summer

If you are looking for something original and timelessly cool to wear this summer, then you better take a look at these retro inspired dresses. I want to share with you an undeniably voguish Polyvore sets collection, consisting of this summer shopping wishlist must-haves. You are going to see here gorgeous summer easy to wear dresses what can be styled with your favorite slippers, ballerinas, sandals or loafers. These ensembles are light enough to keep you cool, while still looking stylish. Anyway, here is a little vintage inspired nostalgic summer wardrobe inspiration, hope you’ll find something that catches your eye.

Retro Inspired Dresses For Summer 2019

This one reminds me of a nun frock. Try it on with black glossy leather flat shoes and heart-shaped clutch.

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Vintage Inspired Pink Ensembles For Girls by Star 51

Luxury British brand Star 51 brings an awesome collection of girls vintage inspired pink dresses. Thanks to the sweet pink shade of these designs, we feel the successful combination of innocence and fashion. I think every little girl dream to be a pink princess. You are going to see beautiful creations with a mix of flowers, rhinestones, buttons, layers and lace. Every design is made of light weight and soft fabrics. Each piece is perfect for occasion wear.

Vintage Inspired Pink Ensembles For Girls by Star 51 2019

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Women’s Retro Hairstyles Are In Style

If you do like retro style, then why don't you try on one of these women's retro hairstyles for this year? You are going to see refined elegance, glamour touches and details, as well as head accessories and amazing make-ups. Every single shot shows us the beauty of old times. You have chance to witness the relive of glorious days by viewing some of the best polished hairstyles. I am pretty sure, you gonna be surprised by the variety of looks, but do not be scared, as the key to success with so many styles is the fixed and controlled curls and rolls, massive volume, confident look and polished finish. Why don't you choose one of these sweet updates and add red lips with stunning cat-eye sunglasses for a beach or street walk around town. If you are ready, then let's take a close-up to these images:

Women's Retro Hairstyles Are In Style 2019

That's a simple bob with light blue headband with white polka dots. Make it sweet with a classic make-up, pearl earrings and necklace. It's a vintage look with a touch of pin-up.

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Bob With Retro Wavy Sides & Straight Bangs For A Long Face

Have a look at this sweet, retro inspired bob with wavy curled sides and front heavy bang. I personally like the break up messy side curls of this hairstyle. If you want yourself something special for your long waited prom night or cocktail party, then this retro bob is what you really need. I love the way this fabulous fringe draws direct attention to eyes. The best face shape so far is round, oval, heart and square. So, if you are looking for a new and fabulous hairdo, then go for this eye-catching style.

Bob With Retro Wavy Sides & Straight Bangs For A Long Face 2019
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Women’s Rockabilly Hairstyles (Pictures)

This time I want to draw your attention to women's rockabilly hairstyles to try on this year. I've got some of the best pictures to share with you. As you all know, rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music and it seems to me, this year is a comeback of this look. You can try on these great coiffures at weddings, proms, various parties and summer nights. Why do I love this look? For its refined elegance, youthful touch and glamorous details which make it very special. The following collection consists of amazing retro updates with massive volumes, controlled curls and polished finishes. Hope you will like this compilation the same as me:

Women's Rockabilly Hairstyles (Pictures) 2019

Keep attention to this front bun with slicked locks. It's an ideal look for those ladies who wish to try on something glamour for their cocktail parties and special evenings.

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Victorian Era Inspired Hairstyles

How about making something cool and chic for your very special party? I want to draw your attention to some of the best Victorian era inspired hairstyles to try on this year. Of course, lots of them look weird, avant-garde, but most of them are creative and different making you look voguish and timelessly chic. I really felt in love with all these glamorous and elegant 1800's inspired ideas. There is kind of gothic touch that are ideal for making you look dressy and voguish. Most of the presented looks come with long hair and curly locks. I love the way updos “frame” the face, while the rest hair styled on the front and the curls make a stunning shape on the back of the head.

Victorian Era Inspired Hairstyles 2019

The following compilation includes pretty styles with braids, messy hair, updos and curls. Plus, we see lots of beautiful embellishments, like florals, fruits and berries. I’ve rounded up an array of different Victorian hairstyles to show you only the best looks to try on this year.

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Beehive & Bouffant Hairstyles Are In Style

If you want something creative, eye-catching and bold, then why don't you try one of these towering hairstyles. Today, I am sharing with you beehive and bouffant updos which can be worn at various occasions during the whole year. Can't say why, but once I take a look at one of the following looks, I start thinking of Marge Simpson (maybe I am in love with this blue hair lady!?). Anyway, we are here to see feminine and somewhat retro inspired looks with soft and tonal make-ups. Each one of the presented updates is great for date nights and evening events. My personal favorite is the bouffant which features super voluminous look and has that special 1960's glamour touch. In this post you are going to find best looks and new ideas on how to wear and look confident with this major vintage inspired hairdo in modern days life.

Beehive & Bouffant Hairstyles Are In Style 2019

It's a very, very big beehive updo, which is an ideal look for special parties, prom nights and formal occasions.

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Pin Up Hairstyles Are In Style

There are lots of awesome ways to get a pin up look, but the easiest way is to try on a great pin up hairstyle for this year. I am going to share with you some of the best looks which are not only retro and glamour inspired, but also very fancy and elegant. It's fair to say, each one of the presented looks will never go out of style. You are going to see combed waves, baby bangs, smooth upswept rolls, curls, gorgeous victory rolls, rolled bangs, sweet bobs, etc. Plus, they look gorgeous with every hair type and color. The following tips and ideas are going to change your evening look once and for all. Need some inspiration?

Pin Up Hairstyles Are In Style 2019

If you really want something special and divine, then go for Victory rolls, which looks very vintage and polished. It looks great on oval, square and round face shapes.

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