Elegant Wedding Updo HairStyle

Every bride wants to look ideal. I mean every detail has to be thought out, the dress, the shoes, the make up and of course- hairstyle. I am here to share with you this elegant wedding updo for long hair. You can do pretty much anything with your locks, but you have to decide which hairdo you want to try for your wedding. This one is not only elegant, but it's a perfect look for those ladies who love creative and unique updos. Best face shape for such look is square and oval faces.

Elegant Wedding Updo HairStyle 2019

If you love Grecian Goddesses, then this look will surely compliment you and your personality. I mean, it's a lovely choice for a bride, who likes shiny locks and intricate details. You can always accent the look by adding fresh flowers and beautiful lace detail.

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Updo hair style with loose curly back

If you are in search for something romantic and glamour, then go for this wavy voluminous updo with loose curly back. This hairdo is ideal for brides, prom ladies and special occasions, like operas and theater attendance. There is an Ancient Grecian touch in this updo that gives an awesome twist. I personally feel kind of glorious Greek goddess glance, which is not only creative, but timelessly classic. If you want to update it, then go for beautiful florals to pin them on the side of your head (purple florals look awesome with blond color).

Updo hair style with loose curly back 2019

I love the curled locks that bring body and volume to this lady's hair. You don't need to have long hair to try on this updo. The best face shape is square, triangular and round.

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Voguish curly updo hairstyle

Okay, girls, I've got something special for all of you tonight. I want to share with you this awesome curly updo hairstyle, which is an awesome look for various occasions, starting from prom nights to ball and red carpet events. Imagine, you have your evening dress/wedding gown, shoes and accessories, now it's an ideal time to choose your one and only hairstyle. If you have medium or long locks, then this concrete hairdo is a perfect choice. Another great news, this updo suits all hair types.

Voguish curly updo hairstyle 2019
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Braided twist updo for oval and round faces

If you love braids and updos, then why don't you unite them both for a one unique hairstyle. They are everywhere this season, whether it be fishtail, waterfall or three-strand braid. The great news is the versatile look of this style. It gives you an updated look. In today's post I want to draw your attention to this crown braided twist updo that looks perfect on oval and rounded face shapes. This classic milkmaid braid is positioned slightly farther back on the head, making you look voguish, ladylike and elegant. Thanks to these trendy looks you will easily change your ordinary upstyle into an extra trendy look. Give it a try for weddings, prom night parties and various cocktail events.

Braided twist updo for oval and round faces 2019
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Celebrity Classy Updo Hairstyles

Classy & Sassy. Here are shown some really impressive and chic celebrities classy updo hairstyles. One thing is for sure, if you are looking for hot party hairstyle, then one of these celebrities’ styles will make you diva of the night. Take a look at these gorgeous and timeless celebrities’ updos, which look formal and so classic. Such icons as Hayden Panettiere, Jennifer Morrison, Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen appear with loose side twists, sleek ballerina buns, brow skimming bangs and classic chignons...there is no doubt, they look expensive and chic.

Celebrity Classy Updo Hairstyles 2019
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