14th February Valentine’s Day Women Presents by UNOde50

Spanish brand UNOde50 presents gorgeous 14th February Valentine's Day women presents. Each item is a real piece of art. Here are shown ladies must-have designs, which are not only creative, but also unique and modern. You going to see here heart and key shape rings, stunning rings with shiny stones, plus qualitative bracelets and leather belts. All the presented items are great for special occasions and everyday wear, as you can wear them with smart-casual clothes and special evening gowns. Hope you will find here something chic for your girlfriend.

14th February Valentine's Day Women Presents by UNOde50 2019
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UNOde50 Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gifts For Couples

Please welcome this year Valentine's day jewelry gifts for couples made by Spanish brand UNOde50. Every piece is handmade. We see beautiful heart shaped key holders, leather bracelets, chain bracelets, stunning rings and many other gorgeous jewelry pieces to give your lovely half. I love wrap bracelets and those two watches, look very creative, somewhat reminds me of Dali art. Just imagine yourself and your boyfriend wearing one of these sweet creations, looks awesome and romantic.

UNOde50 Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gifts For Couples 2019
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UNOde50 Fall-Winter Men’s Jewelry Collection

UNOde50 offers stunning and masculine jewelery for this Autumn-Winter season. The men's line comes with great, modern essentials that feature exclusive designs and qualitative details. The Spanish brand offers hand made bracelets, rings, pendants, cufflinks, as well as watches and leather goods. You are about to see handcrafted creations that are not only beautiful but sophisticated. If you have beloved man, then I recommend you to take a closer look at these precious items and select the ones and only piece to make him a very special present.

UNOde50 Fall-Winter Men's Jewelry Collection 2019

The screw-nut shaped ring looks very masculine and timelessly cool.

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Creative Women’s Jewelry To Try On this Fall-Winter By UNOde50

I'd like to introduce to you this gorgeous Autumn-Winter season's collection made by renowned Spanish brand UNOde50. We see women's must-have designs that are not only creative, but also individual, creative and modern. I personally love the unique designs of the showcased jewelry. Women's collection includes 4 distinct lines, featuring intimacy, magic, forest and vastness styles. The forest line is inspired by nature, offering us shades of leaves and seeds. I love the transitional update that is seen in every piece. The vastness line features freezing silvery metal creations. The intimacy keeps it cool with key and hear shaped items. The magic includes northern light shades, offering us blue, green, grey and pink Swarovski crystals.

Creative Women's Jewelry To Try On this Fall-Winter By UNOde50 2019
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