Menswear Spring-Summer Jean Paul Gaultier

Casual School days. Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring-Summer men fashion show was saturated with of British discourse, formal etiquette, tropical and floral prints and navy style. There was a feel of youthful spirit and approach in simple pair of sneakers and Hawaiian prints. What I like the most in this collection are fitted ensembles, casual outing (like university jackets), leather biker jackets, evening jackets, loose-fitting trousers, classic varsity jackets, pin striped and checked suits and the naval sweaters that closed the show.

Menswear Spring-Summer Jean Paul Gaultier 2019

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Women urban style look from H&M

Today i would like to represent you one of my favorite looks and its urban style! Usually clothes of this style are worn in daily day life in big cities, when you taking a walk or going out with your friends. I prefer to wear university jackets. One of my favorite ones is from H&M. Here is shown the full look of my favorite style and all the accessories what go along with. All in all, these cool separates will for sure make you look differently in your daily life.

Women urban style look from H&M 2019

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Women sportswear fall-winter from Closed

For new season Fall- Winter Italian clothes brand Closed offers a wide range of casual sportswear in styled of 70ies. Here are photos taken from Closed lookbook for new decade. Two models Mona Lueders and William Eustace try on dark denims, stellar knits, university jackets, fur-garments in front of Marco Trunz camera. We hope these sporty garments will make you look special and sophisticated, as you can see how they make these models look differently. All in all, let some athletic touches in your daily wardrobe!

Women sportswear fall-winter from Closed 2019

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