Slicked Back Buns & Shimmery Blue Shade Make Up in Tahir Sultan Spring-Summer 2015 Runway

During Tahir Sultan Spring-Summer 2015 runway show models appeared on the catwalk with shimmery blue shade eye make ups and fuchsia glossy lips. I personally find these beauty looks to be very glamour and Barbie girl inspired. The shimmery blue shade of the eye make up looks glamorous and very statement. This shimmering effect makes your look very unusual and special event appropriate. All models wear slicked back buns, which ideally suit oval and heart-shape faces. The skin looks soft and natural dark which is ideal for office style wear.

Slicked Back Buns & Shimmery Blue Shade Make Up in Tahir Sultan Spring-Summer 2015 Runway

The black-brown haired model wears a slicked back hair with a high bun. I love the shimmering look and the glossy fuchsia lips.

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Updo Hairstyles in Asudari Spring-Summer 2015 Runway

In today's post I want to draw your attention to this amazing Spring-Summer 2015 runway show from Asudari brand. The collection was presented this year during Fashion Forward event at Dubai. What really caught my eyes, then it's the beauty looks. You are going to see gorgeous make-ups, awesome hairstyles and beautifully colored lips. So, let's start from the hair. We see easy updos, which are extremely quick and easy to create (less than in 5 minutes). As you have already noticed, the hair is pulled up and it looks like an inside out pony tail bun. These buns are easy to do, just keep in mind, that you have to pin any loose strands up at the back of your head with bobby pins to fix the look. Next thing which I have noticed is the classic wingled eyeliner make up, which looks classic and commonly referred to as the 'cat eye.' This update gives you an extra clean and alluring look. So, what are we waiting for? Let's have a look at these beautiful looks:

Updo Hairstyles 2015

The black hair fashion model with an oval face shaep appears with an easy updo which reminds me of a ballerina bun. She has rounded eye brows, winged liner eye make up and gloassy fuchsia lips.

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Black Swan Inspired Make Up in Jean Louis Sabaji Spring-Summer 2015 Runway

Have you seen movie 'Black Swan', if yes, then you know what I am going to talk about. But before we see all the movie inspired make up looks, I want to draw your attention to the runway show, which featured this fabulous make-up look. Natalie Portman's Oscar-winning look was seen in the latest Jean Louis Sabaji Spring-Summer 2015 runway show, which was presented during Fashion Forward event at Dubai. Anyway, my mission for today is to introduce to you this runway's gorgeous feathers inspired beauty looks. The dramatic look comes with pale faces (heavy white powder) and haunting black eye make-up, which makes its wearer look terrifyingly beautiful. Here are some images from the show, which is an ideal inspiration for a perfect Halloween party.

Black Swan Make Up in Jean Louis Sabaji Spring-Summer 2015 Collection

The heartshape face model looks sophisticated with slicked back black hair, winter skin pale pink lips and awesome eyes.

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Pop Up Blue Eye Make Up In Taller Marmo Spring-Summer 2015 Runway

Dubai based womenswear brand Taller Marmo presented its Spring-Summer 2015 Runway during Fashion Forward event at Dubai. I'd like to share with you runway's beauty looks, which were original and dare to try. We see fashion models walking down the runway with slicked back and naturally messy haircuts and pop up rich blue eye make ups. What really caught my attention, then it's the yellow shaded eye brows, which make models look individual and unique. The overall face skin and the lips come in soft natural color. I hope these beauty styles will inspire you to make fabulous street looks.

Pop Up Blue Eye Make Up In Taller Marmo Spring-Summer 2015 Runway

The natural slicked back hair looks casual and practical. As you can see, theere is a chance to wear bangle earrings.

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Middle Part Wavy Locks & Blue Eyeliner in The Emperor 1688 Spring-Summer 2015 Runway

Today I'd like to bring to your attention my favorite beauty looks from The Emperor 1688 Spring-Summer 2015 latest runway show which was showcased at FashionForward event. The models walked down the runway with middle part wavy locks hairstyles, dewy skin, blue eyeliner make ups and naturally soft angled eyebrows. Each model looks classic and retro inspired to me. These beauty looks are ideal for those ladies who work in the offices or at the banks. If you ask me why, then the answer is: all the showcased looks are extremely versatile and ideal for work and after-work cocktail hours.

Middle Part Wavy Locks & Blue Eyeliner Make Up 2015 - Beauty Looks

I wouldn't say that it's an ideal middle part style, though it's perfect for offices and daily wear. Here we see a long shaped face with wavy brown locks. The model looks fabulous with blue eyeliner, rounded, soft angled eyebrows, dewy skin and pale pink shade lips.

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Evening Make Up & Bouffant Updo Hair in Ceremony Spring-Summer 2015 Runway

The brand Ceremony showcased its Spring-Summer 2015 runway show during Fashion Forward event at Dubai. In today's post I am not going to observe the clothes, contrary, I will take a closer view at the beauty details. Models stepped out on the runway wearing bouffant updos and classic evening eye make up. What really caught my eyes, then it's the sophisticated, burgundy red lips color, which made girls look quite vamp inspired.

Evening Make Up & Updo Hairstyles 2015
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Side parted straight hair & black shadow make up in House of Ronald Spring-Summer 2015 Runway

House of Ronald revealed its Spring-Summer 2015 collection during Fashion Forward events which took place in Dubai. The outfits are structured, while the overall silhouette is 1970's alike. This season, British-Lebanese designer Ronald was inspired by nature, that's why we see models wearing such feminine, bold and airy make-ups and hairstyles. The nature elements transformed into sleek side parted straight hair, which looks long and casual, yet smooth and evening inspired (it's quick and easy to manage and style from home). I personally love the black shadow eye make-up, which is a light version of smoky eyes. Indeed, the eyes look very easy to be accomplished. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at the models.

Side parted straight hair & black shadow make up 2015  (1)

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Bun Updo Hairstyles & Smoky Eyes in Maral Spring-Summer 2015 Runway

I would like to bring to your attention this marvelous Spring-Summer 2015 runway show from a renowned label Maral. The collection was presented this year in Dubai, during Fashion Forward Event. We are going to observe models make-ups and hairstyles. Every female model who stepped out on the catwalk was wearing a bun updo with smoky eyes, contoured cheeks and pale peach lips. The following bun is quite a simple to do, and it has quite a versatile look. No matter where you are going to school, work, date, these buns are perfect, quick and simple to do. Models appear on the runway wearing black, smoky eye looks are ideal for fancy gala concerts, night clubs and cocktail parties. This kind of eye make-up is better for occasion reasons.

Bun Updo Hairstyles & Smoky Eyes 2015 Beauty Looks

The blond hair heart-shaped face model looks sweet wearing this retro style bun updo with black smoky eyes and pale peach lips.

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Creative Slicked Up Hair With Braids & Buns In Zareena Spring-Summer 2015 Runway

I'd like to present you Zareena spring-summer 2015 season's runway show which was presented at Fashion Fowrard Event at Dubai. The show featured models wearing creative slicked up hairstyles with braids and buns. Every single look is creative and extremely sophisticated. The style reminds me of a braided stand up ponytails. Every model appears on the catwalk in slightly bronzed and dewy skin with beautiful shades with no speck of shimmer. Most of models feature oval and long faces, where the eye make up comes with long eyeliners and natural, soft angled brows. The lips are colored in bronze hue, making each lady look extravagant and timelessly luxurious.

Slicked Up Hair With Braids & Buns In Zareena Spring-Summer 2015

Here we see a beautiful oval face shape model with soft angled eyebrows, long eyeliner, bronzed, dewy skin and bronzed lips.

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Best Looks From Tahir Sultan Spring-Summer 2015 Collection

Indo-Kuwaiti fashion designer, Tahir Sultan presented his new Spring-Summer 2015 collection, named "Infinite Days & Infinite Nights" at Dubai Fashion Forward show. The new season was inspired by designer's stay at the luxury W Hotel in the Maldives and the beauty of these islands. The collection was designed in collaboration with W Retreat & Spa, Maldives. The showcased looks feature vibrant shades and colors which are inspired by the coral reefs, white sand beaches and aquatic life of the Maldives. Models walked down the runway wearing elegant uniforms and tailored work attire. The color palette includes turquoise, amethyst, aqua, shades of indigo purple, electric blue and coral. I personally love the beauty of these 100% cotton uniforms, which have a comfortable and a stylish appearance.

Tahir Sultan Presented By W Retreat & Spa Maldives - Runway - Fashion Forward Dubai October 2014

That's a beautiful wrap, belted coat-dress in light grey and white checkered motif print.

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