Top 25 Women’s Turtleneck Sweaters For Winter

There are so many ways you can wear turtleneck this season. In today's post I want to show you my personal top 25 women's turtleneck sweaters to try on this winter. That's an amazing layering piece, which will add warmth and style to your overall look. There are no doubt in this must-have staple, as you can wear it different ways, starting from sporting it underneath pinafore style dresses to teaming with cigarette trousers, office skirts, maxi ones, as well as skinnies. This classic piece comes in countless styles, colors and shapes giving us amazing modern day wardrobe looks. That's a daring sweater for this year, as we see lots of business ladies donning this chunky, cable knit, ribbed, skin tight or slouchy design in the streets and work. I personally love this essential for the high neck which creates an illusion of a defined jawline and your face looking slimmer. All in all, let's have a stylish comeback of this slim-fitting piece. Check out the best ways to wear turtleneck:

Top 25 Women's Turtleneck Sweaters For Winter 2018
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Women’s Turtlenecks For Winter

Hi there fashion ladies, today I'd like to share with you stylish and warm turtlenecks that are so essential for winter days. Here are presented different style of turtlenecks with long sleeves, high collars and made of cozy fabrics. These years the demand on turtlenecks grows rapidly, as this trend is both adorable and practical. You can even skip the scarf as the turtleneck's neck will warm you enough during freezy winter days. I personally like well-cut turtlenecks with contrast colors that look amazing along with basic skirts, winter one-piece dresses and pants.

Women's Turtlenecks For Winter 2018
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Men’s Turtleneck Sweaters Fall-Winter

Let me tell you couple of words about men's turtleneck sweaters for the next Autumn-Winter season. Turtlenecks have to be comfortable and underline men's masculinity and strong silhouette, that's why if you don't think that your body fits turtlenecks, then it's better to avoid wearing them.

Men’s Turtleneck Sweaters Fall-Winter 2018

New season comes with dark color turtlenecks and commonly are paired with dark trousers. Why do I like turtlenecks, well simply because they make men's silhouette taller and they suit casual and formal looks: suits, casual jackets and sports jackets as well. Here below you will find some bold styles.
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Massimo Dutti December Lookbook

Dutti in its elegance. Massimo Dutti enlists Anna de Rijk for its December lookbook. Anna sports relaxed style wear for winter season. It feels seventies touch in floppy hats, cardigan-coats, turtleneck sweaters, bell bottom jeans and lightweight jackets. I like feeling of vintage style in muted color palette.

Photographer: Gemma Edo
Makeup: Sonia

Massimo Dutti December Lookbook 2018

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