Tru Trussardi Fall-Winter Women’s Accessories

As you all know, Tru Trussardi collections blend Trussardi quality and style with the practicality of clothing designed for the city. Tru Trussardi apparel and accessories are perfect for every occasion. Every single piece incorporate elegance and casual touches. It's an urban clothing concept that meets the needs of a new generation of men and women. Today I want to share with you its Autumn collection of women's accessories, what are simple, elegant and qualitative. Anyway, let's have a look through this marvelous Winter collection of women's essential accessories.

Tru Trussardi Fall-Winter Women's Accessories 2019

Cream beige shoulder bag looks classy and ideal for wearing with office style outfits.

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Tru Trussardi Fall-Winter Women’s Sophisticated Outfits Lookbook

The Winter season from Tru Trussardi is inspired by eagle prints and a hint of feathers. The new fall collection is full of high quality cover-ups made of different fabrics, including leather, wool and neoprene. The Autumn brings us sophisticated and edgy outfits, what are great for work and casual day offs. We see fashion model wearing cable knit outerwear, biker-inspired jackets, bombers, quilted pencil skirts, midi dresses, cardigans, etc. The real stand-out is the feather and eagle print. All in all, if you want to wear modern yet sophisticated outfits, then I suggest you to take a closer look at these clothes.

Tru Trussardi Fall-Winter Women’s Sophisticated Outfits Lookbook 2019

Model is wearing bird print biker jacket styled with matching mini skirt and sweater.

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Tru Trussardi Fall-Winter Men’s Modern Traveler Lookbook

The scent of the forest, earth hues and bespoke quality are the leitmotif of the latest Tru Trussardi Autumn season collection. We see modern elegance what is combined with luxe quality fabrics. Personally, I see the huge impact of details, what make every single outfit look individual and perfect. The following designs are made for modern traveler who likes to wear comfortable and versatile apparel. The color palette is neutral, consisting of green, blue, red, violet, as well as classic grey, black and camel hues. The leather is the heart and soul of Winter men's collection. The men's line comes with casual and classic textures. We see nylon jackets, double-breasted blazers, shortened bombers, biker jackets, cotton and wool suit jackets, etc. Anyway, if you are looking for functional and practical wear, then I highly recommend to try on the following offerings.

Tru Trussardi Fall-Winter Men’s Modern Traveler Lookbook 2019

We see black velvet blazer styled with sea-blue sweater, navy chinos and comfortable black kicks with white soles.

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Have Yourself Trussardi Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola marks its 100th anniversary of bottle design with a new collaboration with Trussardi. Trussardi a symbol of Italian perfection, elegance and innovation has united with Coca-Cola to make a limited design edition of legendary cans and bottles. That's a truly beautiful limited edition collection of aluminum cans and glass bottles featuring stylish and signature aesthetics of the luxury Italian fashion house.

Have Yourself Trussardi Coca-Cola 2019

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Trussardi Fall-Winter Men’s Accessories

Hey there gents! I've got awesome news for you. Fashion brand Trussardi is here with a marvelous accessories collection for the next Autumn season. It's a sleek seduction with beautiful contrasts and army references. If you do like wearing comfortable and rugged clothing, then I highly recommend to take a closer look at these offerings.

Trussardi Fall-Winter Men’s Accessories 2019

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Trussardi Fall-Winter Women’s Accessories

I was waiting for this moment for a very long time and now it has come! Please welcome Trussardi Autumn collection of women's accessories. Every single piece is pragmatic yet luxurious. You are going to find here marvelous leather bucket bags, saddlebags, pouches, patterned clutches, functional belts, rucksacks, boots, leather booties, two-tone crossbody bags, ankle-boots with tapered open front, maxi and ladylike sunglasses, leather envelope clutches

 and beautiful cuff bracelets.

Trussardi Fall-Winter Women’s Accessories 2019

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Trussardi Jeans Fall-Winter Layered Silhouettes Collection

Italian brand Trussardi presented their autumn-winter collection in their Parisian showroom. The brand has expanded their brand into three ready-to-wear lines: Trussardi, Trussardi Jeans and Tru Trussardi. In today's article we are going to observe Trussardi Jeans catwalk of men's and women's collections. Models walked down the runway in a mostly somber indigo, black and khaki color palette.

Trussardi Jeans Fall-Winter Layered Silhouettes Collection 2019

Female model walks down the runway wearing a totally blue outfit what consists of a military shaped denim jacket with statement buttons, exaggerated shawl, cuffed jeans with patches and black biker boots.

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Luxe Grunge In Trussardi Fall-Winter Menswear

Gaia Trussardi behind Trussardi kept thinking of a Kurt Cobain portrait (he is wearing an aviator cap, oversized white frame sunglasses and animal print cover-up) shot by photographer Jesse Frohman as main inspiration in her latest Autumn-Winter season menswear collection. Trussardi wanted to create a luxe version of grunge style. I personally think that Gaia Trussardi has made a perfect look where raw and rough looks are turned into something precious. My personal favorites from the lookbook are voluminous parkas, jean blousons, bouclé cardigans, functional knitwear, cargo pants. You are about to see oversized volumes, layered looks, leather essentials and expensive texture basics.

Luxe Grunge In Trussardi Fall-Winter Menswear 2019

Here we see an oversized brown glossy leather jacket worn atop burgundy V-neck cardigan and styled with cuffed grey slim-fit trousers. In love with suede grey duffle bag.

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Fall-Winter Handbags by Trussardi

Who let the dogs out in the latest Trussardi Autumn-Winter season's handbags campaign. Italian brand introduces its new women’s leather handbags, which are presented by greyhounds who appear in studio images holding a variety of new and trendy designs, like clutches, day and evening bags. The showcased images were created thanks to the cutout effects at the studio, where the greyhounds portraits were combined with cutouts of human arms. I personally love the presented surreal photos. Anyway, let's see these marvelous and fine leather accessories with with exquisite details, which are made of luxe fabrics.

Fall-Winter Handbags by Trussardi 2019
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Trussardi Spring-Summer Tailored Menswear Essentials

Mixing sports with tailored essentials. Let's see Trussardi spring-summer season's collection of menswear looks which are inspired by Jazz Age vibe. Brand's creative director Gaia Trussardi updated workwear elements, offering us cargo outerwear and denim jeans. I personally feel that sporty vibe which is combined with relaxed elegance. You are about to see zip-front cardigans, textured leather jackets and many interesting pinstripe designs. All in all, Trussardi offers a bold collection which consists of easy to wear menswear essentials.

Trussardi Spring-Summer Tailored Menswear Essentials 2019

Tailored bomber-style jacket is worn atop pinstripe waistcoat, white shirt with tie and pleated black pants.

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