Pastel Colors Fashion Trend

Let's welcome this year's color trend- pastels. These shades are meant not only for girly girls. This trend has spread all over other styles, starting from sports, Tomboy to minimalistic and office attire. I have looked through various Polyvore sets to make this awesome collection. These ideas will show you how to make this year's candy colors work for your wardrobe.

Pastel Colors Fashion Trend 2019

We see a striped tank top in white and light pink stripes worn with blush skort, chunky cream white sandals, light pink handbag and cool white framed rounded sunglasses.

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Girlish Sporty Everyday Wear

In modern life you can buy sportswear not only for trainings, run and gyms but also for everyday wear! In this post we are going to observe girlish sporty everyday wear essentials. I've made a stunning Polyvore sets collection, where I've included all kinds of sports trends. This year you can express your sporty mood in any forms, by styling bright or pastel colors, cool hoodies, sporty sneakers, chunky sandals or simple slip-ons with your everyday basics.

Girlish Sporty Everyday Wear 2019

Make it sweet and youthful. Go for a cropped sleeveless white top and pair it with white mini skirt in bananas print. Finish the look by adding round shaped clutch and blush sneakers.

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Skirts – Top Fashion Sets

Allow me introduce to you this year's the most beautiful and ladylike garment called - skirt. These bottoms will surely add bells and whistles to your style. There are countless outfit combinations what you can try this year. It gives you a feminine and chic look, so you better look through these Polyvore sets for your next wardrobe inspiration, as I've got great ideas for you to try. I am absolutely sure you gonna love most of the showcased looks. You can find here wide variety of fashionable skirts lengths, starting from minis to flowy, maxi, leather, denim and lacy ones. There are so many styles to choose from and this shopping and style guide will show you 2015 top fashion sets.

Skirts - Top Fashion Sets 2019

You can always keep it modern and sophisticated by choosing color-blocking A-line skirt, camel sleeveless tailored vest, retro-inspired handbag, strappy heeled sandals and rounded tortoise sunglasses.

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Chic Office Outfits Inspiration For Ladies

If you are stucked in office-look-rut, then you probably need something fresh for your inspiration, am I right? Let some of best chic office outfit sets from Polyvore inspire you. I have collected most beautiful and smartly styled wardrobe ideas for your everyday uniform. You are going to see white and pastel colored must-haves, modern cut essentials, fresh and bright details, Tomboy inspired looks, as well as good old classics for young ladies. I am pretty sure, you are going to find here everything you need for your interview, new job looks, business meeting, supper looks for meeting your partners, as well as Mondays to Fridays outfits. These ideas will give you all of the style inspiration you need.

Chic Office Outfits Inspiration For Ladies 2019

How about combining white with blush colors? We see a pale pink suit jacket worn atop white shirt paired with matching color wide pants. Love the blush sandals and floral mini clutch.

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Denim Must Haves For Women

What are denim must haves for women this year? If you ask yourself this question, then I've got an answer for you. In today's post we are going to observe my favorite Polyvore sets featuring denim garments what is in fashion right now. Here are presented patchwork jeans, ripped dresses, polka dot jeans, embroidered chambray shirts, mini skirts and overall skirt. Every single set is easy to copy, but you can always make it look more individual by adding your favorite accessories, including eye-catching jewelry and leather details. Anyway, let's have a closer look and let me know what you think of these outfits:

Denim Must Haves For Women 2019

The first look features our beloved patchwork boyfriends what can be worn with pale turquoise cropped blouse and black accessories, including heeled sandal-booties, rounded sunglasses and glossy black leather clutch.

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☺️ Emojis Fashion Trend 🐵

Every genial trend hides in simple things. In today's post we are going to observe true beauty meaning behind emojis. You all know those smiley faces you text to your friends on phone, right? These fun pictures are called emojis. I am not a judge, as there are people who think those emojis are stupid and degrading and there are those who think these little illustrations pack a world of emotion into our texts. Anyway, fashion is an industry which absorbs every area of humans activity. That's why we better look at new trends and make our own opinion regarding this or that garment. I think you all know about emoji jogging pants, as they made a great furor in fashion this year. It looks like every designer brand has something cool to offer, as we see various garments embroidered with emojis. I've got an awesome Polyvore collection which consists of numerous great clothing sets to wear in the streets and creative events.

☺️ Emojis Fashion Trend  🐵 2019

As you can see, there is a chance to try on a cool tank with a happy and crying face and wear it with your favorite skinnies, blush handbag and wedge sandals (embellished with lace).

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Women’s Everyday Hairstyle Ideas

If you are searching for women's everyday hairstyle ideas for this year, then I've got some great news for you, as I am here to share with you my favorite styles. Get ready for funny styles to choose from, starting from messy, relaxed and casual. Most of the showcased designs are easy to do and appropriate for any kind of occasions. Each one of these styles will vamp your casual and smart-casual clothes. Anyway, I would like to share with you some of the best ideas to try on this year, so please, get inspired now:

Women's Everyday Hairstyle Ideas 2019

Side part medium length is an ideal look for office workers and secretaries. I think every lady dreams of such layered and straight style.

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Top 15 Ladies Vintage Hairstyles

I think everyone likes the way people were dressed in old times, right? So why don't we have an inspiration from these top 15 ladies vintage hairstyles to try this year. Indeed, what goes around comes around. The same thing concerns haircuts and styles. All the showcased looks are great for various occasions, starting from glamour parties to weddings and prom nights. You are free to choose the appropriate look that you think will surely suit your upcoming event. I personally like more sleeker hairdos. I've collected different kinds of hairstyles for you to try this season. Just look at the feminine charm and mystique of these awesome rolls, bangs and perfectly coiled locks. It's obvious, vintage continues to conquer the catwalks and cities streets.

Top 15 Ladies Vintage Hairstyles 2019

Victory rolls are ideal for making a gorgeous look at some glamour party. Don't forget to be dressed in timeless retro style clothing, like polka dot dress or sweet shirt tucked in tea-length bright skirt.

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Top 20 Ponytail Hairstyles

In today's post I've made my personal top 20 ponytail hairstyles which can be worn this year. Every single hairdo looks creative, cute and brilliant. We see unique, everyday styles, as well as evening appropriate ideas. Of course, everything depends on the occasion. You can make any changes you want, everything depends on your creativity. We see side ones, tousled, fishtail, bouffant updos, etc. Luckily, we have chance to see them all.

Top 20 Ponytail Hairstyles 2019

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Women’s Marine Stripe Trend

In today's post I'd like to introduce to you next season women's marine stripe trend which is going to appear on clothes, starting from tops to dresses, pants, and accessories (shoes and bags). As the spring time comes, you can always count on nautical marine stripe trend, which is the best way how you can update your winter wardrobe and try on something fun and summery. The following compilation consists of beautiful work appropriate and off-duty hours essentials to try on this year. The navy and white stripes can update any look, no matter if it's only a bag or a tee. Anyway, let's see the best looks from Polyvore, which might inspire you:

Women's Marine Stripe Trend 2019

Here we see a trendy top which can be updated with pale red shorts, nautical flip-flops, navy tote with white rope handles and aviator sunglasses.

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