Trend: Women’s Leather Jackets

Leather jacket for fall season is a basic wear for stylish and modern look. The Best Fashion Blog will help you to choose, which brand, color, silhouette and trends are going to be in fashion this season. Here below you will find plenty of eye-catching leather jacket designs.

Trend: Women's Leather Jackets 2019

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New Trend: 90’s Style comeback

Fashion world trends are like spirals, everything goes circle by circle, now that the 1980's are away, I see lots of women appear in 1990's inspired looks. Take a closer look on the catwalks, there are so many overalls, plaids, 90's skirts, high-rise jeans and shorts, grunge style (which is the best part of the 1990's imho) garments, polished looks, like socks with heels and 1990's club wear looks, that are comfortable and relaxed. Here below you will find plenty of looks which definitely will inspire you.

New Trend: 90's Style comeback 2019
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Top Fall-Winter Fashion Trends For Women

It's summer outside, yet I'd like to speak with you about Autumn-Winter fashion trends that are meant for women. In this post I will introduce to you the best and exciting trends that will hit the streets already this year. Here I've got for you the first top-5 wearable fashion trends. So what are you waiting for, let's observe and choose the best ones.

Top Fall-Winter Fashion Trends For Women 2019

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Fashion Trends: Black & White Prints

I've already mentioned that black and white outfits are so-on-trend this summer season, but today I am going to share with you some really interesting inspirational black and white outfit stylings that can be worn even at winter time. There is nothing to say, that we have seen black and white geometrical prints during the fashion shows this season and it's no secret that those looks are elegant, classy and so attention-grabbing. So, it's time to share with you some thoughts how these outfits can be styled for different occasions.

Fashion Trends: Black & White Prints 2019
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Trendy Ankle Boots Fall-Winter

It seems that ankle boots are really comfortable shoes for transitional season, when simple heels are not appropriate to wear and it's too early to wear boots - ankle boots will save your day. That's an ideal decision for those fashionistas, who know what to wear. These gorgeous ankle boots will look elegant with any outfit.

Trendy Ankle Boots Fall-Winter 2019

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Trends: Summer in Black

This season trend is black and white outfits I think all of you know it, so it's no news to anyone, yet it looks like for some fashionistas black color comes with no white, as lots of girls, women and celebs appear in all black outfits. Thanks to 1990's grunge, punk meets glamour and alternative style comeback this year it's OKAY to wear black outfits, yet keep attention to summer's temperature, as sun may kill you if it's too hot.

Trends: Summer in Black 2019

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Spring-Summer Trends: Go East

Eastern Stories. Today, I'd like to share with you one of my favorite spring-summer fashion trends, and it's Eastern inspired silhouettes. During fashion weeks, the brands like Prada, Etro and Emilio Pucci showcased new styles of kimono, cherry blossom and dragon patterns, Japanese workman pants and other modern Eastern inspired style garments.

Spring-Summer Trends: Go East 2019
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Summer Tendency: Fringes

Fringed to Fashion. The spring-summer season has proved that fringe is universal, as decorative element, that looks superb not only in Wild West style, yet on 1920's style evening dresses. Wild west touch can be seen in Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren collections and '20's can be found in Nina Ricci, Versace and Paco Rabanne shows.

Summer Tendency: Fringes 2019

Bags with fringe - Ralph Lauren and Bottega Veneta

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Men’s alternative to bags: Folios for men as an accessory trend

Fashion Never Stops! As you all know my darling fashion is like a speed of sound, it never stops and develops. Today's topic is menswear fashion evolution, that borrows fashion elements from women's and ladies wardrobe. We will talk about bags which firstly were meant for women and now many designers offer these accessories to men. Designers say that thanks to these "new" accessories many men will look sharp, polished and relevant (sound ridiculous to me).

Men's alternative to bags: Folios for men as an accessory trend 2019

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