Fall Tartan & Plaid Fashion Trend 2015

Tartan, plaid, grid are on a fashion track. Today we are going to observe cool new ways to wear tartan and plaid looks this Autumn 2015 season. This year brings bright and colorful interpretations from classic to grunge adaptation with a whole new bold new styling choices.

Fall Tartan & Plaid Fashion Trend 2015 (1)

Kate Spade New York is here with a marvelous tartan hooded poncho what is worn with fur hat, long black leather gloves, pleated and cuffed ankle-length wide trousers and burgundy flat shoes. In love with tartan handbag.

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Fall Patch Pockets Trend 2015

The patch pockets are back in vogue. It looks like designers have a nostalgia regarding patch pockets trend, as I see lots of Fall 2015 fashion collections where models appear in eye-catchy outfits what are embellished with patch pockets. The trend looks nice, as I like when designers add details to their looks. I would say it's a kind of military uniform eyelet detailing. Anyway, the explosion of patch pockets is seen mostly on outerwear pieces, like jackets, coats, parkas and even on denim jumpsuits. I tell you honestly, I am in love with this military style detail. This trend makes the overall structure of the garment look strong and somewhat mannish. This winter 2015-2016 designers offering us patch pockets in various proportions, so you better check out this collection and choose the ones what you find appropriate wearing in real life. Don't forget to tell me your thoughts about patch pocket trend.

Fall Patch Pockets Trend 2015 (1)

Brand Wayne offers its clientèle a crispy blush jacket with statement pockets. Personally, I like the way it's worn atop blush sporty separates.

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Fall 2015 Biker Style Trend

Addicted To Bikers. The biker style trend is back for fall 2015. Today I bring to your attention this compilation of awesome biker details what can be found in renowned designer brands Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 season collections. The edgy and cool touch makes every single look special, as we see biker trend signature details: zips, pockets and cuts. Famous designers keep on implementing these details in their ready to wear collections. Personally, I think this trend comes with fresh combination of punk fashion and street style goth touch what makes every look edgy and so must have. Of course, once you hear words biker, you automatically imagine a leather jacket, but we see this trend made in different variations, starting from color, shapes to texture. I love the way this trend has become a main-stream standard, what can be combined with our everyday styles and mixed up with military, grunge, retro and office styles.

Fall 2015 Biker Style Trend (1)

Rebecca Taylor offers a pretty piece what looks like a denim jacket lined with fur.

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Pre-Fall 2015 Women’s Trend Spotting

Pre-fall 2015 comes with many interesting styles and ideas. Today I want to show you some of the best looks what will get you through in-between season with in-between temperatures. I am sure you are going to find here awesome fashion trends to wear from streets to work and parties. We see cute, tailored outfits updated with sneakers, relaxed tailoring, mannish touches, as well as eye-catching prints, including plaids and other geometric jacquards.

Pre-Fall 2015 Women's Trend Spotting  (1)
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What to Wear This Spring 2015

Spring is the time of fashion rebirth, that's why many designers and brands offer its clients reworked apparel styles. Today we are going to observe next spring 2015 season's possible wardrobe looks made of breezier materials and colored in bright hues. The following Polyvore sets will show you the best tricks and ideas to make your one and only look for the upcoming season. I tried to search for the looks that are inspired by the street styles of such fashion centers like New York, London, Los Angeles, Milan and Paris. We see Parisiene stripes, casual preppy basics, Victorian era touches, boho details, beach essentials, 70's throwbacks, big city office looks, retro spirit and many other interesting additions. Anyway, let's have a look at these functional ready to wear apparel and choose our favorites:

What to Wear This Spring 2015 (1)

How about wearing these sweatpants in floral print that can be teamed with black sleeveless top, chunky sandals in gold straps and statement, oversized sunnies.

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The 15 Best Basics to Wear This Spring 2015

Let's talk about basics. Today I want to draw your attention to this spring 2015 season's collection of women's top 15 basics to wear in your everyday life. The thing is, that in most countries, spring time isn't warm yet, that's why we tend to wear cozy apparel. The following Polyvore sets feature next year's various trends, including floral prints, color blocking accessories, mirrored sunglasses, wrap skirts, knits, various washed jeans, mesh sweaters, etc. I tried to include the most essential clothing, which can be styled during transitional weather. As you can see, every look has something eye-catching, it can be seen even in details. All in all, I want you to see all my favorite basic outfits, please comment, as I want to know what's your favorite one.

Best Women's Basics to Wear This Spring 2015 (1)

Keep your pants awesome and try on pale floral print, which has a jungle vibe. Keep it sophisticated and cool by teaming your bottoms with spaghetti strap tank top, awesome pale pink aviator sunglasses, miniature clutch bag and silver metallic pointed-toe shoes.

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How to Be a 90’s Grunge Chic

It smells like 1990's grunge chics are back. Today, I want to show you my best updated looks which have 1990's grunge teen spirit details. This style looks bold and outrageous. The modern fashion has developed this sub-culture by offering its clientèle sub-genre looks, such as grunge indie, neo-grunge as well as glam rock updates. The clothes look more girlish and sophisticated. We see great layer-worthy button downs, slip dresses, denim basics styled with mannish combat boots. If you have finally decided to get yourself an awesome 1090s look, then I'd like to show you my favorite casual trends, which are updated with contemporary details. The most important rule in this particular style is the right balance of wearing typical nineties elements by mixing them with modern fashion essentials. Anyway, I think it's better to see Polyvore combinations to understand what I mean:

How to Be a 90's Grunge Chic (1)

Keep it bold and sophisticated by teaming burgundy beanie with washed dark grey denim tank, dark blue jean jacket, flared, mini skirt in plaid print and high-sole black suede shoes.

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Women’s Denim Overalls Are In Style In 2015

In case you didn't know, then I remind you- overalls are back. This trend comes from the 1980's and 1990's. Traditionally, this wardrobe piece was designed to be worn over or under another layer of clothing to make an extra protection while wearing it. The 2015 is full of comfortable, practical and incredibly stylish models. There are awesome modern designs with slim fits which ideally accentuate wearer's body. To help you find some great style, we have rounded up 20 looks, which feature distressed options, shaded, washed, shorts styles, indigo-ones, ripped and boot-cut options. I tried to find the best fits to try on this year. Before you start exploring the following Polyvore combinations I'd like to give you some tips. Make the overalls look as modern as possible. Avoid wide neck crewnecks, baggy shirts, which will make you look like a child. It's better to go for striped tees and crispy white blouses. In today's stores we can find numerous versions and styles of this incredibly easy-to-wear onesie. The following Polyvore images will show you different individual styles, which can inspire you to achieve the same look.

Women's Denim Overalls Trend 2015 (1)

If you want to make it cool and street style inspired, then I advice you to choose the ripped overalls in light blue, which can be styled with navy polka dot white top or blue knitwear. Make it sportier by teaming them with cool white sneakers.

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Spring-Summer 2015 Clothing Inspiration For Women

As the spring-summer 2015 fashion shows have ended up I think it's the right time to see all those fabulous trends and clothing inspiration ideas. All the presented styles are easy to wear and can be worn in your everyday lives. The following collection consists of seventy one (71) looks, featuring various details, colors and prints. I have underlined and pointed out my favorite creations. The presented images feature most memorable looks with clearly stand-out trends. You are about to see drastically different options, starting from classic styles to modern, loose-fit essentials. Here we see easy to style separates, floral and tree prints, relaxed shapes and outstanding, gorgeous details. Most of these outfits are great for wearing in the streets or special occasions. So, what are you waiting for? Let's spot the best looks from the lookbooks.

Spring-Summer 2015 Clothing Inspiration For Women (1)

How about wearing Tomboy sports looks. Here we see model wearing tailored bomber, loose-fit white top and slim-fit trousers.

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