Androgynous Fashion For Women

This time I want you to discover must-have styles for women who want to try on androgynous chic wardrobe. In this post, I am about to cover Tomboy chic style, as well as such essentials, as boyfriend jeans, Oxford shoes, blazers, and my favorite fedora hats. Yes, gender differentiation is now being blurred and it's okay to be open-minded and wear what you want. You have the power to choose what trend to follow, that's why you are more than welcome to find out my favorite androgynous essentials you can easily try this year.

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Tomboy Style – Best Polyvore Sets

This year we still see boy-meets-girl dressing, in other words saying it's all about Tomboy style. In today's post I want to share with you best Polyvore sets what will for sure take your style inspiration to the next level. The one and only key to make this look work is to throw in just a touch of femininity to your boyfriends look, indeed, the formula is quite simple: combining borrowed-from-the-boys fashion looks with girlish touches, like slightly pointed shoes, undone buttons on shirt, beautiful satchels with golden hardware. The following must-try tomboy looks keep your attention on menswear-inspired essentials, while the overall look might be very ladylike. Personally, I advice you to try this year some of the best advantages of boys section, as each of these polyvore styles is extremely comfortable. Scroll down to take a cue from these on-point street style examples. Keep looking for key styling tips and more.

Tomboy Style - Best Polyvore Sets 2019

We see a beautiful trench worn with ripped jeans, dark colored shirt and ladylike handbag.

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How to Dress Like a Tomboy

In today's post I want to discuss one look, which name is tomboy. The formula of dressing is quite simple, as you have to combine cool girls details and borrowed from the boys fashion garments for making that special off-duty look. Indeed, most of Tomboy look models and ladies look go for menswear-inspired essentials. If you love keeping your outfit simple, then this look is an ideal choice for you. The advantage of this style is the simple and comfortable update, which make you feel relaxed. I personally love to see girls wearing cotton plaid shirts and stylized printed tees. There are lots of girls who prefer wearing cool, comfortable pants instead of skirts. Today's fashion bands offer wide range of skinny skater trousers, distressed or boot-cut jeans. Don't forget about sporty updates, like easy and cool sneakers, sports pants, etc. All in all, I advice you to try on this update:

How to Dress Like a Tomboy 2019

Here we see ripped boyfriends with simple tank top, cable-knit loose-fit sweater, wayfarers and red accessories, including satchel and red trainers.

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Tomboy Style in Women’s Fashion

Menswear trend works perfectly for women. Today I am going to share with you some of the brightest and unique tomboy style outfits that appeared recently on internet. Sometimes girls and ladies feel a bit boyish and I think it's normal, as every human has something from the animal and women want to be strong and strict like men.

Tomboy Style in Women's Fashion 2019
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Rachel Zoe Pre-Fall Tomboyish Chic Looks

It's 1970's Glam. For the next pre-autumn collection Rachel Zoe presents tomboyish and street chic looks with a touch of 1970's glam. Love the way Rachel layers her looks, take a look at those printed chiffon maxi skirts, maxi shirts, jackets with leather sleeves and metallic tweeds, lean pantsuits, signature chiffon blouses, black leather minidresses. These looks can be easily worn as work outfits, as they look stylish and classy.

Rachel Zoe Pre-Fall Tomboyish Chic Looks 2019

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