What Leather Jacket You Should Buy This Year

If you ask me: "What leather jacket you should buy this year," then I am more than happy to share with you some of the best quality designs to purchase this season. The following collection will surely make you wanna buy each of these layers. You won't regret investing your money in one of these designs. This wardrobe staple will surely suit any style, no matter if you like classics, punk, rock or boho chic outfits. There are many benefits of owning a real leather jacket, as it has a timeless appearance, it's always in style and you can wear it from summer to winter seasons by adding light blouse, floral dress or cozy knits and layering pieces underneath.

What Leather Jacket You Should Buy This Year 2019

So, this great staple can be styled with ladylike silks, layering pieces, or striped tees, skinnies, cool chambray tops, as well as with casual tops, sneakers, pumps or boots. All in all, let's get inspired by these cool cover-ups:

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Women’s Hipster Clothing Sets

In today's post I tried to include possible women's hipster clothing sets for the next year. You are about to see hipsters modern street style looks, which are easy-to-style and can easily update your wardrobe. The presented Polyvore compilation includes vintage, simple casual, totally black outfits, which are comfortable, functional and perfect for street wear. I personally like these garments for the touches of hippie, grunge and bohemian subculture. Most of the showcased looks feature skinny jeans, yet it's okay to dress boyfriends now. While, my favorite attribute of this style are ironic eyewear, which can be either oversized plastic framed glasses, Buddy Holly glasses, or authentic Wayfarers in all possible colors. Anyway, let's have a look my favorite wardrobe combinations:

Women's Hipster Clothing Sets 2019

Keep it simple and try on pale pink pullover which can be worn with cut-offs, lace-up combat boots and bright nail colors.

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Perfect Clothing Fit for Men Part 1.

We live in a time when men’s fashion becomes as important and relevant, as women’s fashion. That’s why you can simply forget all the basic rules of how to wear men’s clothing, as many brands and designers offer so much new styles and fits that are so different from each other. It’s true, when you enter the clothing store you simply don’t know what you really need. That’s why most of men try to pick the first that grabbed their attention in order to be in trend. As you already understood, that’s not the right way. If you want to look stylish and buy appropriate clothing, then this post is meant exactly for you.

Perfect Clothing Fit for Men Part 1. 2019
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Hipster Tips or How to Become a Real Hipster

Today we are going to speak about Hipster tips for the next upcoming season. I think everyone knows that this name takes its beginning from the combination of words "to be hip." It's the clothing style, which identifies wearer's inner and outer freedom. The popularity of 21 century hipsters came this year.

Hipster Tips or How to Become a Real Hipster 2019

Paul McCartney (1970)

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Cat Eye Makeup Looks

Cat Eye is definitely my favorite makeup so far, as it's easy to do and requires not so much of make up. Less makeup means less work and minimizes probability that you will be hurt by the rain attack. I think there is no secret, that lots of celebrities wear this make up as it looks voguish and elegant. Today I am going to share with you some of cat eye makeup tips.

Cat Eye Makeup Looks 2019

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How To Wear: Varsity Jackets (Letterman Jackets) For Women

Varsity Jackets - The Old New Trend. When it comes to the fashion trends, one thing is for sure, there will be nothing too new or too old, everything goes like a continuous cycle, that's why if you are planning to throw away few old items out of your closet, my advise to you: THINK TWICE, darling. You may never know when these garments will come back in fashion and you will wear fashion hit. Nowadays, everything goes around 1990's trends by reinventing some of past years trends, today's topic comeback is Varsity jacket, or so called “Letterman jacket”.

How To Wear: Varsity Jackets (Letterman Jackets) For Women 2019
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Glam Style: How To Wear A Leather Skirt

It's all about the leather. Today's topic is leather skirt, which is must have of any season, if you don't have it, buy it! Remember previous seasons, when leather skirts seamed to be too much fashion risqué, I mean nobody wanted to stand out the crowd, only the edgy and confident ones, today every designer tries to add this look in every new collection, offering different kind of shades and hues, including blue, red, burgundy, white, green and of course black.

Glam Style: How To Wear A Leather Skirt 2019
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Women’s Trends: Neon Pumps For Spring-Summer

Stay Chic and Neon. Spring-Summer season comes with different trends and glamour looks, for instance take a look at these classic pumps in neon colors. That's what I call funky design, that looks stylish and on-trend. These pumps will work well with urban outfits, like denim shorts, football sweatshirts, hipster glasses and leather backpack. I think there is no doubt about classics comeback.

Women's Trends: Neon Pumps For Spring-Summer 2019

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Women’s Looks: Leggings – How to Wear?

How to wear Leggings. Today's, mission is to observe five easy stylish ways how to wear leggings this spring-summer season. May be it's still cold outside, but the spring is already can be felt. Leggings are so trendy, that its popularity is growing everywhere so fast, that's why so many girls and women try to style them with every possible garment. I will try my best to share with you some insights on current fashion trend. Here below you will find five different outfit styles and ideas on how to wear and how to style leggings this summer.

First option. Pastel colors. This season pastel colors continue to be trendy and this trend is easy to be opted, especially with leggings. Try to use turquoise, light coral, mint, beige, light blue and lavender with each other; as you can see in this image I combined beige leggings with coral sleeveless shirt. I finished this look with striped jacket, pumps or loafers, chic clutch and bright color accessories.

Women's Looks: Leggings - How to Wear? 2019

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