Updated Trend: Boho and Hippie Looks in TEEN VOGUE

I am a huge fan of boho and hippie looks. When I saw this great 'La Boheme' story in the latest Teen Vogue‘s November issue, I told to my self: "Finally this trend has been updated!" Today I bring you this story alive. We see top model Ola Rudnicka who teams up with fashion photographer Boo George for a great shoot. Looking at these images I imagine a free spirited bohemian who loves flowers, vogue, vintage and those 1960's and 1970's decades with great travels and messy hair. The modern day fashion is all about updated versions of vintage wear, by offering fashionistas to mix and match various styles, making something unique and creative. Today's dressing doesn't means wearing vintage costumes, contrary it's about keeping the spirit of hippies, by creating a free-spirited and independent looks. Anyway, let's see the editorial and make some notes:

Updated Trend: Boho and Hippie Looks in TEEN VOGUE 2019

That's a statement hippie inspired outfit, which includes a sheepskin vest, velvet khaki jacket, white and red striped long sleeve top and casual jeans.

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