Autumn eclecticism In SUNLIGHT New Jewelry Collection

The latest GOLD AUTUMN jewelry collection from SUNLIGHT was inspired by the magnificent and colorful Fall season time. The line features natural gems, saturated solid colors, as well as ladylike bows and lucid knot elements. The golden autumn appears everywhere, starting from rings to earrings and suspensions, as every item was made by sunny yellow, romantic pink and white gold. Personally, I love the use of blue and green stones.

Autumn eclecticism In SUNLIGHT New Jewelry Collection 2019

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Floral Jewellery Collection by SUNLIGHT

Flowers- that's an ideal gift, no matter if there is a reason or not. A long, long time ago this flowering plant became one of the main women's accessories. It's no secret why it's a symbol of beauty, perfection and rebirth. It still inspires many jewelers around the world and today I bring you SUNLIGHT latest collection of gorgeous jewelry with floral motifs. The following collection comes with juicy poppy plant inspired designs, delicate petals of tulips, graceful rosebuds, cornflowers and other great pieces embellished with twigs and leaves. Everything is done to emphasize the charm and beauty of its wearer. When I see or hear about flowers, then I think of romance, sentimentality and even naïveté, which give smile, warmth and feeling of care. Every design is made of high quality and luxury, precious metals combined with valuable, precious stones, like diamonds, topazes, rubies and citrines. Keep in mind, the flowers will compliment your strict or minimalist wardrobe. All these earrings, rings and necklace pendants are ideal for evening occasions, but you can always combine these gorgeous pieces with your every day styles.

Floral Jewellery Collection by SUNLIGHT 2019
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SUNLIGHT “Pearl Fantasy” Delicate Jewellery

Today I'd like to share with you brand's SUNLIGHT jewelry collection of women's rings, earrings, necklaces embellished with pearls. That's a real pearl fantasy, which suits almost every style, thanks to the gemstones delicate look. Here are shown elegant and restrained pieces, which allow you to shine and glitter at work, parties and formal events. I personally love the graceful and sleek design of each item.

SUNLIGHT "Pearl Fantasy" Delicate Jewellery 2019

"Bull" ring encrusted with stones and a pearl.

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