These Sunglasses Will Suit Your Face

Sometimes it can be quite hard to find the perfect sunglasses shape, right? Today I want to draw your attention to the following compilation, which consists of universal designs that can suit any face shape. Before we move on and see the best styles of sunnies that will match any face I want you to know 4 possible possible face shapes: heart, oval, round and square. The square shaped faces are defined by strong well defined angles in the forehead, cheeks and jawline (best sunnies that may fit you are: oval, round and cat-eye frames), while the heart-shaped feature broader forehead, narrower jawline and chin (the best models so far: oversized, cat-eye, round), the rounded faces come with soft, circle shape where width and length are almost equal (angular, wide and rectangular frames are the best for you) and the oval face comes with a balance, where a chin is slightly narrower than the forehead (you got lucky as you can try any shape, but the best ones are slight angular frames). All in all, we have put together some of the brightest designs that may ideally fit your face.

These Sunglasses Will Suit Your Face (1)

Gucci embossed model comes in black frames and grey gradient lenses. I personally love these sunnies for a chic and classic shape.

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These Sunglasses Are Perfect For Your Office Look

I want to show you my favorite top 10 sunglasses that are perfect for office outfits. I think sometimes you get bored of everyone around you, so you want to hide from all those eyes, right? The eyewear is the best solution so far, as it completes your everyday look. Thanks to the modern fashion it's not hard to find the perfect shape for your face. I've tried to find the sophisticated designs that are ideal for pairing with office attire. Here are presented coolest shades that will finish your look by adding extra elegance and beauty. The following collection includes cat-eye shapes and oversized designs.

Women's Sunglasses For Your Office Look (1)

Alexander Mcqueen and its gold white/brown gradient cat eye design.

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The Best Sunglasses To Wear At The Beach This 2015

I wear my sunglasses at...the beach! In today's post I want to draw your attention to the best sunglasses to wear at the beach this 2015. I don't know any person who doesn't want to spend all day, weekend or the whole summer relaxing in the sun and swimming in the ocean/sea. The great place for young and young-at-heart people is the beach. Here you can enjoy your life and make new friends. However, one thing is essential to know before the fun and enjoyment, and it's the protection against sun radiation, like Ultraviolet Radiation (UV rays), which are harmful to our health (skin and eyes). That's why sunglasses are an essential accessory that need to be worn during our stay at the beach side. I want to draw your attention to these fashionable sunnies that for sure will flatter your face. While the colors and styles are simply gorgeous. But before buying any of these designs I want to ask you: Do you want only protection or you want to update your look, if it's not only because of protection, then I am more than happy to show you these versatile frames that suit almost any face shape.

Sunglasses To Wear At The Beach This 2015 (1)

How about wearing this Valentino Red Camo acetate look that is ideal for wearing with flirty ensembles and one-piece swimsuits.

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Women’s Gifts For Christmas 2014

If you are looking for the best gift ideas for a very special woman in your life then let me share with you this awesome compilation of cool must-haves for this Christmas. In this compilation I tried to gather the coolest things that will make your woman happy. All the following things are ideal for a grown up woman, so let's see this year's essentials. Look through these great gifts and tell me what's your favorite. I tried to search for universal products, so you don't have to think will these pieces will suit your special lady or not...what you have to do is just buy it. As you can see, each product comes with great details, that's why these presents will suit women from 25 to 50, or even older.

wallet from Jrme Dreyfuss

Here we see an awesome continental wallet from Jrme Dreyfuss in deep grey calf hair with black spots. This animal spot will underline your woman's uniqueness and individuality. That's a very special piece for your great love.
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SABA X Onkler Sunglasses

SABA made a beautiful collection of women's sunglasses in a collaboration with Onkler eyewear brand. I personally like the timeless simplicty of these gorgeous sunnies, which come in statement designs and playful colors. The latest collection's philosophy pays homage to influential style icon personalities. The following pieces are inspired by such muses like Audrey Hepburn and Woody Allen. I personally see the mix of modern fashion aesthetic with undertones of the 1960s and 1970s influence. You are about to see cat-eye designs which feature masculine touches. Looking at these sunglasses I think of innovation and perfection of women's and men's accessories. Each piece is infused with the integrity, passion and modernity.

SABA X Onkler Eyewear (1)

That's an ideal design for wearing with preppy and classic looks. I imagine girl or a lady wearing a pale pink skirtsuit and these stunning sunglasses.

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Top 25 Vintage Sunglasses Styles For Women

In today's post I want to let you know why vintage sunglasses are so popular. There are three whys: they look awesome with retro wardrobe looks, they can be worn in everyday lives, they look stunning with evening attire. Today I bring you my top 25 vintage sunglasses styles for women to try on this year. The overall style is ideal to make a real statement in the streets: just imagine yourself wearing these sunnies with a retro hairstyle and red lips- that's a perfect, romantic and feminine look. This is the only accessory, which can underline your uniqueness and creativity. Talking about quality, then I can assure you, all these models are made of high quality plastics, metal and titan. If you still wondering why you need specially these styles, then choosing one of the following pieces is the ideal way to change your image style.

Retro-Vintage Sunglasses Styles For Women (1)

Spy Honey sunglasses in custom-built from high quality propionate. I love the tortoise grey green look of these must-haves. Try these oversize model with your sophisticated essentials, including work suit and a slim-fit coat.

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Top 25 Round Sunglasses for Women

The following Top 25 round sunglasses collection is dedicated for all those women who live in a sunny climate. I want to share with you the following styles to try on this year. It looks like aviators and cat-eyes are not in trend anymore, that's why we see so many round lenses offerings these months. I'd like to share with you my favorite street style statement sunnies, which for sure will make you noticed and modern looking. Well, it you still live in a cold climate country, then you should not worry about that, as these accessories will fit winter time as well. Thanks to the various fashion celebrities you can wear sunnies during days and nights. Here we see models which fit various face shapes, that's why you don't have to worry about if they suit you or not.

Round Sunglasses for Women (1)
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Top 15 Clear Frame Sunglasses

Who ever said clear frames are for geeks? There is nothing cool than keeping your lenses dark but your frames see-through with this year's top 15 clear frame sunglasses collection. The following compilation consists of the beach, pool and city street style appropriate sunnies. The great thing about this eyewear is that you can't go wrong with it wearing retro style clothes or formal lookss. I have collected these bright updates for those trendsetters who are in search for trendy accessories online. The transparent frames were in style for a long period of time. Only in recent years brands started offering its clients modern updates to try on. I personally find this accessory to be sports-inspired, that's why I advice everyone to make your look more sportier if you want to look in trend by wearing these glasses. This year is all about no color frames which feature dark and bold lenses, like black, brown, grey, blue, etc. There is something fun and funky about this eyewear product. Update your casual or every day look with these trendy and cool styles.

Clear Frame Sunglasses (1)

Here we see bold and awesome Marc By Marc Jacobs mirrored shades in crystal/blue color lenses.

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Oliver Peoples x Rodarte Spring 2015 Women’s Eyewear Collection

Let's welcome Oliver Peoples and Rodarte latest collaboration which comes with a limited edition of sunglasses. Thanks to the friendship between the Rodarte Founders and Oliver Peoples CEO, David Schulte we see such impressive and fresh accessories. The collection features high-concept designs, which includes 5 custom colors in flat base lenses with semi-matte finish and a brow bar in contrasting metallic colors. The Limited Edition is now officially available exclusively at selected Oliver Peoples boutiques.

Oliver Peoples x Rodarte Spring 2015 Women's Eyewear Collection (1)

These frames remind me of modern cat-eye glasses.

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Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE® Sunglasses 2014-2015 Collection

Italian eyewear brand Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE proves once again that it's a leader of glorious sunglasses. The latest 2014-2015 season's collection entitled Casa Nostra introduces a range of new shapes and colors, which are perfect for cold and warm season wear. I personally find the following contemporary products to be highly popular thanks to the unique looks and colorful acetate frames. The latest collection epitomizes the culture, traditions and landscapes of the remarkable country called Italy. We see elegant, yet preppy designs, which for sure will match your high street urban looks. So, the following lookbook features classic and clean silhouettes, which are timelessly elegant and edgy styles.

RETROSUPERFUTURE® Sunglasses 2014-2015 Collection (1)
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