Happiness Shades 2015 Rounded Sunglasses Collection

In today's post I am going to share with you something cool, youthful, modern and voguish. We have chance to see Happiness Shades 2015 collection of rounded sunglasses. First of all, I like the brand's name, it already makes me smile. Happiness is not bad at all, right? The positive feeling that is mixed with high end fashion makes sense, as each product looks unique and extremely voguish. The whole 2015 collection is full of rounded shades in various colors, prints and fabrics. Each design is simply amazing. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these stunning creations:

Happiness Shades 2015 Sunglasses Collection (1)
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“The Sartorial” by Marco Melis Eyewear

Please welcome Marco Melis eyewear collection entitled “The Sartorial.” All sunglasses are purely made in Italy. We have chance to see eight creations made in artisan shapes with fashionable lenses. Every piece comes with creative colors starting from classic to dark ones. Every single piece is like a piece of art to Marco Melis. It feels like he's putting his heart in every pair of glasses (customized shapes, signature details). The silhouettes look voguish and modern. Melis guarantees an absolute quality and innovative look of his creations.

The Sartorial by Marco Melis Eyewear (1)

The tortoise model looks elegant and modern. This is an ideal style for parties and street walks.

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Sunpocket Original Sunglasses “Tonga” Spring-Summer 2015

Sunpocket Original keeps it classy and timelessly elegant by offering its clientèle "Tonga" model that was inspired by the coastline of South Africa. This spring-summer 2015 essential provides a classic yet bold look. This shade will surely suit almost everyone, no matter if it's heart, long, oval, square, round or wide face. As you can see, Tonga comes with a nicely designed frames that are perfect for wearing with casual everyday separates and modern formal suits. Each one of these sunnies will surely make you noticed during your vacation trips.

Dark Seaweed 1
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Sunpocket Original Sunglasses “Kauai” Spring-Summer 2015

The today's post is about my favorite brand Sunpocket Original and its awesome sunglasses model named "Kauai." The following pair is an ideal design for the upcoming spring-summer 2015 season. The following model is the third addition to the range since the 1970‘s. The name was inspired by the small island of the Hawaiian coastline. You are about to see classic frames made of premium lightweight grilamid plastic that suits active lifestyle people. The lenses are 100% UV protective and made of unbreakable polycarbonate. Hope you will love these styles the same as me:

Kauai Crystal Reef 1

Here we see crystal reel colored pair that is an ideal addition to your everyday separates.

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Sunpocket Original Sunglasses “Tobago” Spring-Summer 2015

Please welcome Sunpocket Original Tobago model that is inspired by the exotic island in the Southern Carribean. The following pair features a bold brow line with thick and steady temples. Thanks to the energizing and classic style, these "Tobago" sunnies are ideal for wearing this spring-summer 2015 season at glamour parties, open-air festivals and many other creative events. I think every fashionista who is looking through these images is already dreaming of getting one of these cool sunglasses for the upcoming warm season. You are going to find awesome transparent colors, including crystal gold, ocean, pink, tortoise and shiny black hues. I personally felt in love with the lenses. My favorite ones are the crystal pink frame that features orange lenses. All in all, I think it's time to find the best ones to buy yourself for the next spring season:

Crystal Gold 1
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Sunpocket Original Sunglasses “Sunpocket II” Spring-Summer 2015

In today's post I want to share with you some of the best innovative and distinctive sunglasses to try on next spring-summer 2015 season. I am talking about Sunpocket Original brand. We have chance to see "Sunpocket II" model that comes in different color shades. The frame reminds me of aviators that are ideal for almost every face shape. These sunglasses are reflection of the modern trends for the upcoming summer parties. Each pair is a real must have for those ladies and men who want something vibrant and timelessly chic. Check out various colors to try on this year:

Black Diamond 1
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Sunpocket Original Sunglasses “Sport” Spring-Summer 2015

Those of you who wants something contemporary and trendy for the next Spring-Summer 2015, then I advice to go for these Sunpocket Original "Sport" foldable sunglasses. The Sport shades is an original model that suits active yet stylish lifestyles. The following sunnies are made of premium lightweight Grilamid plastic and has unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, providing you 100% UV-protection. The following sunglasses feature temple tips that bend slightly behind the ear making the shades to stay in place when you move. All models, excluding the black colored one, are transparent, so that every model looks strong and modern.

Crystal Mirror 1
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These Sunglasses Will Make You Glamour This 2015

We are continuing discovering some of the best 2015 sunglasses fashion trends by offering you some of coolest eyewear designs to try on at various occasions. In today's post I am going to show you my favorite glamour models to try on with your casual, smart-casual and semi-formal outfits. You are going to find here newly emerging trends, as well as timelessly chic styles that are great for attention grabbing. The 2015 is full of tasteful pairs. We see 5 angle framed designs, lime Havana brown models, cute and quirky geometric retro inspired ones, classic standbys aviators and updated quirky cat eye trend.

These Sunglasses Will Make You Glamour This 2015

My personal favorites are the avant garde inspired sunnies that are real must-haves for those ladies who want something special and trendy. We see lots of embellished and pretty cool colored shades that are wearable and gorgeous updates for any look.

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Sunpocket Original Sunglasses “Samoa” Spring-Summer 2015

If you want yourself something trendy, bright, cool and creative, then I highly recommend to try on this awesome pair of sunglasses from Sunpocket Original. The following spring-summer 2015 season's model "Samoa" is named after the Samoan islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. This eyewear features round frame that transitions naturally from the city to the beach and to the mountains. Indeed, that's a pretty versatile model which looks ideal with suits and casual outfits. This form will surely make you noticeable in the crowd and keep you individual at any cool party.

All Black  1

Here we see glossy black frames that are perfect for wearing with your favorite tuxedo look.

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These Sunglasses Will Suit Your Face

Sometimes it can be quite hard to find the perfect sunglasses shape, right? Today I want to draw your attention to the following compilation, which consists of universal designs that can suit any face shape. Before we move on and see the best styles of sunnies that will match any face I want you to know 4 possible possible face shapes: heart, oval, round and square. The square shaped faces are defined by strong well defined angles in the forehead, cheeks and jawline (best sunnies that may fit you are: oval, round and cat-eye frames), while the heart-shaped feature broader forehead, narrower jawline and chin (the best models so far: oversized, cat-eye, round), the rounded faces come with soft, circle shape where width and length are almost equal (angular, wide and rectangular frames are the best for you) and the oval face comes with a balance, where a chin is slightly narrower than the forehead (you got lucky as you can try any shape, but the best ones are slight angular frames). All in all, we have put together some of the brightest designs that may ideally fit your face.

These Sunglasses Will Suit Your Face (1)

Gucci embossed model comes in black frames and grey gradient lenses. I personally love these sunnies for a chic and classic shape.

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