Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE® Sunglasses 2014-2015 Collection

Italian eyewear brand Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE proves once again that it's a leader of glorious sunglasses. The latest 2014-2015 season's collection entitled Casa Nostra introduces a range of new shapes and colors, which are perfect for cold and warm season wear. I personally find the following contemporary products to be highly popular thanks to the unique looks and colorful acetate frames. The latest collection epitomizes the culture, traditions and landscapes of the remarkable country called Italy. We see elegant, yet preppy designs, which for sure will match your high street urban looks. So, the following lookbook features classic and clean silhouettes, which are timelessly elegant and edgy styles.

RETROSUPERFUTURE® Sunglasses 2014-2015 Collection (1)
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Ross & Brown Eyewear Styles For Spring-Summer 2015

In today's post I want to share with you Italian brand's Ross & Brown Spring-Summer 2015 season's collection of men's and women's eyewear styles. This Milan and Shanghai based label was founded in 2013 by partners Sebastien Durelli and Mattia Cisari. The following sunglasses are available in about 150 worldwide high-end boutique stores, including Brian & Barry in Milan, Degli Esposti in Belgium and Alter in Shangai. The main inspiration comes from past classics, while all the products are made thanks to the modern technologies, offering its clients the highest quality frames and lenses. I personally love the contemporary interpretation of vintage classics. Each style is named after some iconic city and specific era, for example: Paris in the 50's, Firenze in the ’60s, St. Tropez in the 70's. That's why each pair recalls special place and moments, where memories play one of the major roles.

Ross & Brown Eyewear Styles 2015 (1)

Here we see aviators, cat-eye, circled, retro inspired and many other statement must-haves, which are ideal for work, beachwear and special events.

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Ray-Ban Wayfarer Cosmo Collection

How about wearing awesome Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses from the latest Cosmo collection. Today I'd like to share with you best styles, which are extremely versatile and are perfect for any occasion, starting from summer street and beach walks, parties and for everyday wearing. I advice you to take a closer look at this new collection, which is full of classic and timeless Wayfarer frames. Hurry up, as all the presented styles are already available in stores. Here are shown lots of must haves, including the ones with reflective lenses and colorful shimmery frames. What's your favorite model, please leave your answer in comments.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Cosmo Collection (1)
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Wood & Bamboo Sunglasses by WoodyGlass

Some days ago I was reached by Keaton Hutto, who's the CEO from Texas based brand WoodyGlass Sunglasses. Today I bring you this eco-friendly brand's collection, which consists of fashionable wood and bamboo sunglasses. I must tell you, these are really awesome sunnies made of qualitative and natural products. All the presented models are made of wood which has a real great quality. Each model is carefully designed and produced by hand. As you can see, there are amazing styles with stunning designs and durable, polarized UV 400 lenses. Looking from the showcased images I can assure you, every piece is worth every penny.

Wood & Bamboo Sunglasses by WoodyGlass  (1)

These Wayfarer like styles will for sure fit your casual wardrobe. What I love about them, then it's both suits men and women.

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Miu Miu Glitter Sunglasses Capsule Collection

I have another great news from Miu Miu and this time I want to share with you label's glitter sunglasses capsule collection. All the presented sunnies are real must-haves for summer season. Just imagine yourself leaving the office, sporting a light jacket or a coat in beige or other warm color and wearing one of these eyewear designs. Here are presented sophisticated 1940's inspired glitter frames, as well as round ones. Here are shown three shapes and various glittering colorways. Love the geometric cat eye frames.

Miu Miu Glitter Sunglasses Capsule Collection (1)
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Warby Parker Summer 2014 Eyewear

So it's summer outside and it feels like you need some cool versatile and fit for any day sunglasses. Today I bring you Warby Parker summer 2014 season's collection of beautiful sunnies. The brand has designed an effortless collection of timeless and vintage looking eyewear styles. Each frame is handcrafted using only the finest materials, including custom cellulose acetate. What I love about the presented models, then it's the contemporary and refined look, which includes nine new shapes and four new colors and patterns. So, they are classic and suitable for long walks at the beach or any other occasion.

Warby Parker Summer 2014 Eyewear (1)
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Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker Eyewear

Warby Parker reveals its new Summer collection which was made in a collaboration with American actress Karlie Kloss. So, what do we have here- bookish silhouettes, classic beach style lenses in surf-inspired hues and shack shades. With Kloss help Warby Parker has created new pairs of sunglasses, which are individual, graceful and polished, just like Karlie. Keep attention to the cat-eye frames, as they appear to be bestsellers this year.


Messy, natural long bob looks pretty on Kloss, while the sunnies make her look elegant and timelessly stylish.

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Pared Eyewear Spring-Summer 2014

If you want to accentuate your uniqueness, then I think the best way is to try some individual accessories on. Today I want to share with you Pared sunglasses collection of bold color and pop-art designs embellished with sequins, polka dots and other eye-catching prints. This season is all about individualizing yourself, that's why each pair of the showcased models will for sure compliment your individuality and make you stand out from the crowd. Here are presented 1980's inspired designs, which celebrate the outdoors and sunshine. Love the tortoise, see-through and polka dotted ones.

Pared Eyewear Spring-Summer 2014 (1)
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Sunglasses and Opticals by Scarlett of Soho

In today's post I am going to make a review of Scarlett of Soho men's sunglasses and opticals. The brand is inspired by an 18th century British eyewear craftsman. Each pair looks vintage and is made of premium aged Italian acetate. Each frame is unique and features original design and is made with finer details in mind. The prices start from just £97 a pair. What I like about this brand, then it's a special home try-ons option, which helps you to find the right glasses to match your face. It's like you choose the four designs which you might like to try on, just click the "Try them on at home for free" button to add them to the cart. So, you have five days to decide which ones are best for you. It's time to select you timelessly classic yet modern pair of smooth glasses.

Sunglasses and Opticals by Scarlett of Soho (1)

The Drummond in Jet Black are made for the ones whose actions speak volumes louder than words.

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Shanghai Tang Limited Edition Sunglasses 2014

Shanghai Tang reveals its limited edition sunglasses collection for this 2014 season. This year brand celebrates its 20th anniversary with a unique pair of sunnies which are inspired by authentic Chinese round glasses. The brand made this unique collection in a collaboration with iconic Australian label AM Eyewear. Each pair looks edgy and modern. Love the eyebrow shape. Here are presented 5 original frames in amazing color combinations. What I love about these accessories, they suit both women and men.

Shanghai Tang Limited Edition Sunglasses 2014 (1)

The circled red lenses look masculine in transparent frames.

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