Sunglasses by Mykita & Maison Martin Margiela

German fashion brand Mykita which is specialized in manufacturing sunglasses has collaborated with Maison Martin Margiela fashion house to create a capsule collection of beautiful sunnies, which appears to be a creative artwork. New collection will satisfy any consumer taste. You are about to see here ultra-light frames with circled lenses, as well as massive designs in cat-eye design. The collection is divided in two lines, the first one is classic and named Essential and the other one is more deconstructed, which is called Dual. The starting price is around $ 550 per piece.

Sunglasses by Mykita & Maison Martin Margiela (1)
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A-morir Eyewear For Spring-Summer 2014

Today I want to make a review of this glamor eyewear collection from A-Morir brand. Designer Kerin Rose Gold behind the brand offers a luxury artisanal frames for this Spring-Summer 2014 wear. If you are one of the trendsetters, then I highly recommend you to try on one of these glamor creations. Every collection is inspired by designer's time spent studying classical music as a child. These glasses are worn by such celebrities, like GaGa, Beyonce', Katy Perry, Grace Jones, Debbie Harry, 2NE1, and Estelle. It's no secret, that A-Morir has become one of the largest names in pop culture fashion. You are about to see exciting frame models embellished with Swarovski crystals, tiny little roses, embellished with beads, fly pieces settled on lenses, glamor ball styles and many other standout creations. I really felt in love with these specs embellished with premium materials.

A-morir Eyewear For Spring-Summer 2014 (1)
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Maison Kitsuné x Oliver Peoples Eyewear For Spring-Summer 2014

So, it's getting warmer and sun starts to shine like in the summer time, right? Well, if it's so, then let me share with you this bright, timeless, hipster collaboration between Maison Kitsuné and sunglasses company Oliver Peoples. We are about to see their eyewear collection for this Spring-Summer 2014 season. New season comes with updated specs models including Tokyo and Paris. Here are presented vintage sport styles with elegant details, golden elements, clips lenses, as well as feminine and practical. All products are made of horn acetate and come in olive, honey and marble colors.

Sunglasses For Spring-Summer 2014 (1)

A vintage cat-eye like model.

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Damir Doma x MYKITA DD1.4 Aviator Sunglasses

I'd like to share with you this impressive, modern collaboration between Paris based label Damir Doma and Mykita German eyewear brand. You are about to see an impressive DD1.4 sunglasses that come in three different colors, including limpid frames and brown gradient glass, chocolate chip frames and misty-green metallic glass and black frames with gray solid glass. New design of aviator sunglasses was inspired by the latest Damir Doma Fall collection (link).

Damir Doma x MYKITA DD1.4 Sunglasses (1)
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Claudia Schiffer in Rodenstock Eyewear 2014 Campaign

Here is a fresh 2014 campaign from Rodenstock company which reveals latest shots of its eyewear collection. German supermodel Claudia Schiffer appears as the face of this “Claudia Schiffer by Rodenstock.” The blonde appears in bright portrait images wearing different sunglasses and optical designs. I personally like those aviator sunglasses.

Claudia Schiffer in Rodenstock Eyewear 2014 Campaign (1)

These burgundy color frames will add a sophistication to your overall look. As you can see Claudia appears in a cool denim jacket.

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Kenyan artisans in Karen Walker Spring-Summer 2014 Eyewear Campaign

What I love about Karen Walker campaigns is the real surprise, as you never know what the brand is going to show you: remember the kids who advertised designer's eyewear, or the granny who donned rounded sunglasses. Today we are going to observe label's latest campaign which features Kenyan artisans. Karen Walker collaborated with Ethical Fashion Initiative organization to make the project come true. The collaboration between this organization and the label comes not only with the Kenyan artisans posing in brand's sunglasses. Kenyan artisans made special eyewear pouches, using their traditional techniques.

Karen Walker Spring-Summer 2014 Eyewear Campaign (7)
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Spring-Summer 2014 Accessories: Bulgari

You are about to see Bulgari Spring-Summer 2014 accessories line which features amazing bags, wallets, leather goods and women's gorgeous sunglasses. New collection is about luxury, quality and embellishments. Let's have a closer look at these pretty and glamor goods that have impeccable design and excellent shapes. Indeed, every collection from the famous brand comes with rich and qualitative fabrics. Here you will see eye-catching leather bags, wallets that are decorated with stones, beads, crystals, as well as Bulgari brand symbols. These luxe accessories can be worn at special events, work, night outs and other occasions.

Bulgari Spring-Summer 2014 accessories (1)
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Leith Clark x Warby Parker Glasses Collection

Let me share with you this amazing collaboration between stylist Leith Clark (the founder of Lula Magazine) and glasses fashion brand Warby Parker. So, their collaboration comes with five different eyewear styles, that are not only eye-catching but also timeless. Each of these dreamy specimens are charming and I personally have that vintage feel, which features every of the presented glasses. Leith and Warby Parker were inspired by smart-looking and smart-thinking individualists, that's why the taste and touch of colors are really outstanding and original. So, I advice you to make your every day very special and try o one of these creative pairs. What is more important is that these eyeglasses are great to almost any outfit.

Glasses For Women by Leith Clark x Warby Parker (1)
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Glam Rock Sunglasses Carrera by Jimmy Choo

Let's take a look at these pretty and glamour sunglasses that were made by Carrera. The brand was inspired by the work of the famous shoewear designer Jimmy Choo. The sunglasses Carrera 6000 are upgraded and come with playful appearance and they are really exclusive and must haves. Carrera by Jimmy Choo it's a collection of five ultra-fashionable and predator sunglasses that are exclusive and statement pieces. Here are presented "animal" print glasses, black option, golden option and beige colors. Carrera by Jimmy Choo sunglasses are superlight and durable. What I like the most about these models is that the inner part of the frame of new model designs is decorated with natural silk, which makes them not only fashionable but also very pleasant for your touch.

Glam Rock Sunglasses Carrera by Jimmy Choo (1)
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ZANZAN Women’s Sunglasses Spring-Summer 2014 Collection

Make it glamour and voguish thanks to ZANZAN eyewear spring-summer 2014 collection's campaign. ZANZAN comes with retro style sunglasses which are trendy and timeless at the same time, so it's 100% sure that each of these pretty accessory pieces will make you stand out the crowd. There is kind of retro style touch in those pretty and feminine eyewear designs. Blonde fashion model Ella Merryweather appears in studio images posing in those quirky and colorful shades. All in all, London based fashion brand gives us something new and cool.

ZANZAN Women's Sunglasses Spring-Summer 2014 Collection (2)
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